BSV11103 Assignment Sample – Production Management 2022

Question 1: Material Management

The construction industry has used a huge number of materials a day so it is important proper management should be present in this section. As the construction industry is very wasteful in materials, a proper structure has to be implemented.

Crushed rock is the most useful material that the construction industry has in this category. Wang et al. (2020) mentioned that Sandstone, limestones, and igneous rock are the main element of crushed rock, along with it gravel, cement, brick, steel, metal, wood, and so on are also considered construction materials.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

Every constructor has gained revenue of 1.4%-2.4% by the full feeling of individual projects so that the project managers are not at all concentrating on waste management. due to which this revenue percentage can also be hampered and decreased.

The average rate of revenue in this construction industry is around 17.18%-18.69% and in the present time, this rate also touches 25% in some cases. For that reason, if the construction manager only concentrates on not making a profit along with the wastage management, then the whole impact will be more effective.

The main way to manage the construction material and reduce wastage is to plan a proper structure before the exploration. In a proper place, the accurate materials have to be delivered and in an accurate quantity. The excessive quantity of material in a site is the main reason for being wasted.

At the first stage, it is important to identify which particular construction products are needed at that site. Then only the construction manager will make a proper list of it and according to this list, the manager will order such materials for construction. After that, the head of the construction project will plan the structure of the production. Without a proper plan, it is impossible to proceed further in the construction industry.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

According to Li et al. (2021) as all the workers of a construction company are used to the fact that a large number of materials will be delivered. And every worker can dominate individual segments of the construction industry but at that time the main management will be implemented. The construction manager will procure and motivate the workers to do individual jobs with less wastage of materials.

The most important way to reduce wastage is the process of storing the exclusive product in a safe place. If the construction manager can store the excess product in a safe place for further use then the waste can be reduced at some level. Another way to eliminate the wastage situation from the construction industry is to increase awareness about the delivery of the product.

It is important that after the delivery of the product the construction manager will check the products on the list and then if it has been found that any product has been delivered but has no use on this site then immediately return it.  For lack of this awareness 50% wastage has been observed in civil construction sites.

The main motto of construction management is to deliver the needed product at the right place at the right time. If this Moto is not accomplished by any chance, then only the wastage of materials can be observed. In addition, it can be said that if this kind of negligence will occur day by day then the resource management of construction materials will also be hampered.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

The whole discussion is concentrated on the topic of unnecessary waste in the use of materials in the construction industry. Material management is a core part of the business strategy because if this wastage can be reduced then an organization can innovatively use all the materials for the production purpose.

According to Kortabarria et al. (2018), the need for minimal wastage can change the site of every industry. For this purpose, the industry will follow the structure with the segment of identification, planning the structure, motivate the employees to do war with minimum wastage, any exercise product will be stored safely for further use, after the delivery, the managers will check the whole product list and then if any exercise product has been delivered then immediately e return it.

With this strategy, the construction industry can minimize wastage and do proper justice with all the materials used in construction production.

The proper discussion of this topic will help to identify the most important sections which need to be improved and which innovation should be implemented. The new innovation will help to make an effective strategy that is important in wastage management.

Wasting is a very common thing but the consequences arising due to these factors are to identify and mitigate.

Question 2: Human Resource Planning

The UK construction industry has faced a message problem in the construction industry is a deficiency in the skill and knowledge of the employee. The basic skill needed in the construction industry is that the employee should know the proper communication skill by which teamwork will be stronger. For the production industry, perfect communication is needed as the manufacture is not done by individual strength.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

The purpose of making proper human resource planning for the UK construction industry has to follow some stages. In the initial stage of this planning, the industry has to identify which capabilities and abilities the organization needs in individual employees. If in the initial stage the industry is able to identify the main skills and knowledge then it is easy to identify and search for people who are capable.

Fogarassy et al. (2017) mentioned that the deficiency in skill among the employees occurs due to less involvement of the construction manager in the recruitment process. The department of enlisting employees and the construction manager of workers are different.

For which the construction manager can identify which skills are required in an employee which the department of recruitment managers cannot. At the time if the construction manager can be involved in this fact, then the critical situation can be mitigated.

The human resource planning process has included different depending and forms to reduce the complexity in the construction industry. First, it is important that the particular company’s skills have to be assessed and the employees will be involved according to this assessment.

The upcoming challenges have to be tackled by the employees so that if the employees do not have that much capability and skills then it is quite impossible to cover up. For a proper cycle of human resource planning, in the construction industry, a proper review of the design will be justified. In this segment, the industries will inform the employees about the job description and the profile of individual posts.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

Every post will be set with proper effectiveness, skills, and experience and if an employer does not fit with this criterion, then the employee will be replaced. This process only decreases the skill shortage observed in the UK construction industry. Motivation is also an important factor in this case because the motivation of employees will be more encouraging and passionate. And more perfectly the result can be observed even this motivation will come from the construction managers and supervisors of the team leaders.

Making an outline of the skills of employees will be more helpful because by this process the managers can know about the particular ability. In the further process, the employees will be allocated jobs by maintaining their ability and skill. If the employees will do the particular work in which they are experienced then the effectiveness easily increases in the production process.

For that to make proper human resource planning this stage is very impactful and effective at the same point.

BSV11103 Assignment Sample - Production Management

Human resource planning is incomplete without succession planning because, in key operation periods, the industry can take care of critical activity. planning can be structured and following it construction industries of the UK can reduce the deficiency of skill in an employee.

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