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“New robot technology to fight Covid care isolation” by Kenneth Macdonald, 30 June 2020.

Role of technology in business; coping up with COVID-19 and its negative impact

Technology plays an essential role in the current world. It makes every work easier and also provides solution to every problem. Technology can be defined as applications of several scientific knowledge with the help of various tools and equipment’s. Technology is the best application of science that has the solution to every problem which is been created in this world. Every country must focus upon getting advance in the technology which not only provides a development in the region but also is the daily living of individuals (Sengupta, 2019). It directly raises the living standard of the people and also helps to tackle various problems across the world. One of the current examples can be the role of Technology in the covid-19 scenario.

It has played an important role in every segment and especially in boosting the various enterprises is of the individuals. With the implementation of the latest technologies in the business it can directly impact the overall operations of the procedures involved. It provides various advantages such as optimisation of resources coma time management coma to keep a check on financial control and also to rectify every error which comes in the part of smooth business running. Now entrepreneurs are using the latest technology from software to every piece of equipment which uses state-of-the-art technology (Kasemsap, 2018). It not only boosts up the overall performance of the business but also provides a strong Global image that creates a competitive advantage in the global market. It can be seen that there are certain witnesses of the data that has impacted the business before and after the use of the latest technology in the particular segment.

The technology helps to do wonders that’s why every entrepreneur starts grabbing the latest technology in every procedure of their business. It can be seen that there are certain reasons advantages of the technology in the business. The major advantage is the communication with the customer becomes very fast and effective. It can be seen that when there is use of latest technology in the customer relationship management it is every process which includes how a customer can put up a query how soon it reaches to the agent and the impact of providing the feedback on the same (Turuk, 2018). The major advantage of using the technology in the customer relationship management helps to build up a strong and positive image of the brand in the perception of a customer that helps to build up a strong base of customers for the business. It increases the profitability as every customer wants to connect with such a business where their queries or issues are resolved very effectively with the services of the product.

Technologies improve the working culture and the communication among the employee’s full stop it is noticed that when a business uses the latest technology in their internal working structure it makes the structure more relevant and easy. It can be seen that with the use of Technology the communication among the employees become very easy and there able to resolve the conflicts effectively (Drnevich and Croson, 2013). This decreases the tension among the team and the working culture becomes more positive. Therefore, it can be assertively stated that technology development backbone of the business for enhancing stability in the market. Technology in the internal working structure provides a common medium that is required to be adopted by every individual by keeping their background aside which is the most positive part of adopting the technology in the business. It helps to improve the technical stability and skills of the individuals associated with the business.

The most important use of Technology in the business is security. This security can be related to infrastructure or data. Both require a strong Technology for handling on a message basis. Every business has a huge data that is required to be handled efficiently. Technology provides the ability to the business for handling the data with ease. It can be e witness that data required strong security as stealing of data can be very harmful for the company and results in serial losses (Luftman It helps to provide a competitive advantage to the business as they can save their ideas safely and competitors might not be able to copy the product or services. Therefore, the idea is freshly provided by the individual.

The major advantage of the technology can be increasing the capacity of the research in pursuing the business. The business must do regular research in the industry which helps to make them stable but delivering a new vision and ideas to the customers in the market. For that, it requires a strong research department that uses the latest technology in the research which not only helps to find the inside full data but also new techniques that support the innovation in the business (Venkitachalam and Ambrosini, 2017). Every strong business has an effective research department that helps to develop the culture and maintain the relationship in the business. It will keep the business one step ahead of the competitors and helps to profitability by attracting customers with their unique product or services in the market. It has two to build a strong brand reputation which not only on a great profitability but also attracts stability for a longer-term. This ultimately fulfils the aims and objectives of the business run by any entrepreneur.

Technology played an important role in coping up with covid-19 all across the world. Technology is the only factor that cannot be avoidable even in the pandemic scenario. It helps to manage the crisis more effectively on both a professional and personal level. When there was sure uncertainty and fear in the mind-set of people the technology provided a base of the lifeline which was required to be adopted at the best (Betz 2019). Several roles were played by the technology and help every individual to cope up with the pandemic scenario. The first is the becoming backbone of education which what is very important for children to not to stop and continue their studies no matter what is the current situation is full stop according to the recent survey which was conducted around 191 countries it stated that it affected the 1.57 billion students of various schools and Universities stopped, therefore, Technology e was the only way where online classes were provided at different learning so that education for every student become unstoppable.

Technology provided a strong help to support the emotional level of every individual. Covid-19 changed the way of generating the content and for the distributed and stream accordingly. People transferred from cinema hall to online medium that helps to them and pass the time accordingly (Yeniyurt Over the Top platforms, Amazon Prime video Hotstar Netflix was among the top choice of the audience. It helps to learn various skills during this time and many individuals also discovered a new way of earning with the help of technology that improve their life.

Technology helps to develop various applications which were useful for the health sector to pass the right information to the people of the country. Various regions adopted the formulation of various applications that help to get connected with the hospitals and also directly with the doctors for helping in the time of the pandemic (Delsing, 2017). Some applications help to provide the total number of active patients which helps to take more Intensive Care steps for every individual to prevent covid-19. With the help of Technologies, individuals were able to check the proximity to any code patient in that particular area that not only helps to take care of themselves but also their near ones. Many countries used artificial intelligence in the process of sanitization help to sanitize with the help of various tools and pieces of equipment using the latest technology. Various sanitizers use the sensors that help to get the sanitizer without any e touch.

Technology also provides support to various businesses in the time of pandemic. Various side businesses turn into online mediums by building up their applications and websites to provide services to the customer at this time. Technology ensures that businesses must remain unaffected in any scenario. Technology provides the impact of new ideas and vision that also included contactless delivery in the business (ŞAHİN and Topal, 2018). Pandemic scenario hit various business segments but with the help of technology, they were able to cope up with the losses and generated their income through it.

Technology helped the companies working in the IT sector to switch from onsite medium to work from home. Technology provided various platforms where the management was able to adopt the technology for making the virtual access to the Employees. It didn’t affect the working of the company in the pandemic scenario and the business and entities were successfully working without any hindrance. It helped various people to provide opportunities for working from home and also handling their work respectively. Therefore, Technology undoubtedly supported Information Technology Sector.

There was certain negative impact of technology as there are both the side of the coin. Some of the negative impacts which work notice in individuals due to technology. This can be degradation of Mental Health which causes various kinds of mental illness. It can be seen that individuals were constantly stuck upon online media is for entertainment and learning which didn’t provide them a proper rest that was required. It affected the brain’s functioning and also the vision of the eye. The diseases such as hypertension coma depression coma brain fatigue world most common due to excessive use of Technology in the daily routine. It was noticed that the postal life of the individuals for compromise as individuals work in more than the standard time for their office which completely consumed their day in the office work only. It was seen that the normal life cycle of an individual was impacted adversely with the use of excessive Technology that not only created Havoc but also impacted their health. It made a constant source of destruction for the student that impacted their education and their academic performance respectively (Luftman The neck pain and bad posture was one of the most complaints done by the working individuals and students. Technology also impacted the financial condition of various countries as they were not completely able to afford the latest technology which was helpful for pandemic scenarios and opted for the loan to afford them from other developed countries.

It can be concluded that Technology played a very important role in every segment and every scenario. It can be witnessed that Technology has improved the business segment adversely by improving their various operations and enhancing the performance in the market. Every entrepreneur looks for adopting the latest technology in the segment for improving the internal working structure of the company. Also impacted the internal working structure of the company which made it more organised and prevented any kind of havoc. It also provided security to every business whether in terms of physical security or data security. Due to this, every business can successfully conceal its unique ideas to so in the market and make their brand reputation more recognizable. Technology also played an important role in coping up with the pandemic scenario by providing help to every individual from handling the professional life to the personal life. People were able to make Earning with the help of technology in the pandemic scenario. Technology not only helped the individuals but also help the whole information technology industry and other Industries to run on a virtual basis. It has certain negative impacts also which are directly related to the help of the individual.


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