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The workplace flexibility is the freedom that helps the employees or the workforce team to manage their work within the time. The employees are the assets for the company and labours are the main money-maker for the factory, therefore, it is extremely essential for the market and for the company to set the benchmarked for the labour and for the employees to work in a certain time limit. The workplace flexibility is the name of change and availing the flexible work timing, and change in a particular or specific manner.

Adaption the changes are extremely essential for the company or for the factory to adapt and apply to their existing workforce team for bringing the betterment in the work process. This paper deals with the workforce demand and their flexible time of working and critically evaluates the British and the French market that has changed from the last two decades due to the change in the work time and workplace flexibility. The productivity of the company or the market has been improved for this changes and it gives the market or the company a new business dimension

Labour market

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment

The above mentioned image has shown the segmentation and the principles of the labour market, the labour market is depend on the declining manufacturing job, raise in the part time jobs, growth of the female participation,  declining trade house, migration, raise in the self-employment, ageing the population (Kossek and Lautsch, 2018). The labour market is referred as the relationship or balanced relationship between the demand and the supply chain in the labour market or within the labour market. In the market, there is always a balance between the demands and the supply within the market.

The market is based on the supply, the demands chain, and the relationship between the customers and the makers or markets. These two relationships rule the market. As per the inverse proportion of the market it is stated that of there is incensement of demands then the supply or the production chain goes downwards direction and the reverse (Kossek and Lautsch, 2018). The labour market is depend on the inversely proportion of the demand and the supply chain. The labour productivity and the unemployment rate are the two most essential parts of the economic gauges.

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment Figure 2

From the above-mentioned diagram, it is stated that the de industrialization is the main cause for the unemployment in the market. There is certain effect of the above-mentioned diagram that the effect of the de-industrialization within the market is it shows much lesser job related to manufacturing industry, declining the trade unions, structural unemployment and declining the manufacturing concentrated.

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment Figure Total Labout Force

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment Figure 3

The above-mentioned figure demonstrated the data collection from the authentic source, namely, ILOSTAT that the data collection method and the analysis stated that the labour force globally is generated from the office, administrative source, establishment survey, and national account, and the method that follows the automated process, questioners, and micro data process (ILOSTAT, 2021).

From the labour force, survey (LFS) that helps to show the unemployment rate and the migrant workers rate by the scan data or information.  The total number of worked hours is has increased, however, the rate of the last year and the last year or quarter has fallen.

The labour market of France has been down or depreciated as per the population age group between of 55 to 64 (Tregenna, 2020).   

Workplace flexibility practices to benefit British labour market

Workplace flexibility is extremely essentials for the employees to work with happiness. As the employees are the assets of the company, therefore it is stated that the labour and the employees needs the proper take care and attention for the workforce or the workplace set up. Workforce or the time flexibility is extremely essential for the labour or for the employees to maintain the right amount of the time and the force system. If the labour and the employees are getting good or plenty of time for the work and they have the plenty of time to choose do another things then it can benefit the company for the long term (Damman and Henkens, 2020). In British, the workforce or the work time flexibility is extremely free and they have put to use the flexible working force or the time management. The UK government is offering their employees or the labour force to choose a stipulated time limit for working.  

It is the right for the employees that are ought to choose the freedom and the stipulated time for working.  If they are free to choose the time and the opportunities, it is good for them and it is good for the company or for the factory that they are attaining a good set of work and good set of earnings (Imre, 2021). A flexible workforce gives a large number of growing and developing earning revenue. In order to attain the market success it is extremely essential for the company to study the market well and develop a good idea for the employee so that they can choose the free time of working, different types of opportunities and lastly, the duration of the working hours for the labours.

Workplace flexibility practices to benefit French labour markets

The workforce flexibility is refers to the free time of working and the duration of the work time. The workforce attracting the higher revenue, skills in the business, job satisfaction, happily working and high rate of earning and productivity (Kanji, 2018). Recruitment of employee, cost reduction, job satisfaction, favourable employment force, restricted working hours. In the French labour market, they have developed certain working hours and time for the labour and for the employees. The employees and the labour force are free to work from Monday to Friday and from morning to evening. However, the Tiffin break that they offer for the employees and for the labour market is the Tiffin break a huge gap (Williams et al. 2017).

Labour or the employee freedom is extremely essential for the labour or for the employee to develop their happy working system. A happy working system is always gives productivity and good revenue system for the company (Bertolini et al. 2019). The company is there to make a huge and good business for the market. It is extremely essential for the team or the workforce member to make more free time in life. The French workforce or the flexible working structure is extremely good for the employees or the labours. It is seen from the statistics or the analysis it is visible that their productivity and the earned revenue has been increased. It is for the long term benefit of the employees and the labour force of the nation. As the employees and the labour are the moneymaker and the main assets for the company, therefore their working pattern and the methods are essential for the company to decide or let the employees decide for the working styles and attain the profitability (Imre, 2021).

Gift exchange theory

  • The gift exchange theory aims to explain the labor relationship in the market
  • According to the theory, there are two players in the gift exchange game – the employer and the employee.
  • The primary view of this theory is that for high salary, employees need to put extra effort.

The gift exchange theory is known as the ceremonial exchanges between the employee and the authority. It is an exchange of gifts and the social behavior of the gifts and the product or service as a social behavior. The social behavior is the main foundation of the corporate and the business relationship. Marcle Mauss, the French economist coined the notion of the gift exchange theory that is good for the economic system and for the balanced in the business and for the economic system boosting (Hoxha and Kleinknecht, 2020). The central idea of the notion is to boosting up the relationship within the society and within the business relationship.

The, monophony is going to hire the workforce as per the demand for the equal labour can be the marginal cost. The marginal cost that is paying the wage wins (Greenlaw and Shapiro, 2021). The features of the labour market that needs proper and right usage of the advanced techniques to explain. Aspect for the key factor or components the market and the labour analysis are required for the better explanations. According to Koval et al. (2018), it is stated that the labour market that it falls and the up as per the market structure and the competiveness. As the competiveness has increased then the labour market may down. The market ruled by the human capital, competence and labour force.

The physical labour market

The physical labour is related with who are known for their physical labour or factory-based work then came the skilled and the unskilled labour that related with the experience and non-experienced. The option came is the productive and the unproductive labour that are related to the production that relates to the capital orientation and the exchange of the surplus value (Pettinger, 2021).

Labour or the workforce team is the main moneymaker for the company or for the factory; however the worker or the labour many also affect the company, due to the market structure, labour force, wages and their remuneration. The physical or the metal labour is related with the physical force and the metal ability. Those who put their physical strength for the work get down known the physical labour and those who uses their metal ability and intelligence known as the mental labour (Economics Discussion, 2021). The skilled labour is related with the special knowledge, training, and learning and on the contrary, the unskilled labour is not related with the industry of learning and the training.

Labour market model

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment Figure 4

From the overhead figure, it is found that the neoclassical model of the labour and the competitive market is basically determined by the consumer goods. The demand and the supply chain of the market are depending on the customer’s preferences, needs and choices. As the market and the customers are always changing their preferences, needs and the choices, therefore it is extremely essential to manage their choices and the needs for the betterment in the recruitment process. The company y or the factory is always depending on the labour quality, work force team quality, market rate and the customer demands and the needs (Streeter et al. 2017). As the market structure is completely depend on the customer goods, choices, needs and the labour wages therefore it is fixed for the marketers that they should looking for the market structure, demands, supply before making any further steps of hiring.

As per the authentic resources, the investment from the capital is much more valuable and it based on the investment t on labour. The capital investment is much more valuables than the labour investment. = ℎ [7] is the same vein, the factor or the components of the investment, land and the natural resources, factory, labour, machineries, building, and the raw materials.

In order to make a huge growth in the market it is extremely essential for the markets and the company owners to invest in the human capital and then it generates the output by the sale or by self-consumption (O’Connor and Cech, 2018).  

Workplace flexibility

BU4101 International Labour Markets Assignment Figure 5

The overhead image has shown the workforce flexibility and the entire set of its principles. The workforce flexibility is the choice to make the business owners and the marketers for better earned revenue from the market. It is extremely essential for the marketers and the busies owners to employ the workforce flexibility and make the working hours and the organizational culture better and smoother for better work in progress (Doyle and Streeter, 2017).

As the employee or the labour are the most intrinsic and the most essential part of the company and they needs the most time limit for the production and good culture for working so it needs to maintain by the marketers or the factory owners to make the working hours flexible and manageable. The working forces are bringing the revenue and capital from the market by putting their effort ain the most efficient way or working. The overhead image has set a millstone for the markets and good the labour force to working in a more efficient way.

By applying the strategic management, virtual work training, is making the work time flexible, ongoing research and managing the measure the result from the market Doyle and Streeter, 2017).

Application of workplace flexibility

The flexibility of the workplace is actualizing the employees and the labours for the company or for the factory. It is helping the wor5kforce or the labour factor to work in a profound way and maintain their work in harmony within the working culture (Fair Work Ombudsman, 2021). It is extremely essential for the company or factory to implement the met6hoid of efficient and effective workforce or adapting tar workforce culture and the flexibility in the working force is extremely essential for the harmony and the peaceful production. There are two other ways that are extremely useful and the effective way for adapting the working force within the organization culture to balance the employee relationship and maintain the organizational climate (Fasani et al. 2018). The way arte- individual flexibility arrangement and the other on is flexible working arrangement. The flexible working arrangement is related with the certain amount of employees who can make the working culture as per their choices and need. Moreover, the other option laid to the negotiation that is fixed by the employees to the employees (Fair Work Ombudsman, 2021). The relationship and the balance between the both the employees are extremely essential to manages.

Notion of fordism and non fordism 

The concept fordism genets to the manufacturing and technology part of the company. It serves the basic and the advanced way of maintain the social and the economic system of the company. The notion deals to maintain the standard of the mass consumption. The notion is coined by Henry Ford.

On the contrary, the non fordism is the notion that relates to the development and the transformation that relates to the economic world and the management of the company (Koval et al. 2018). The company is hiring the staffs for their benefit, now it is the company’s responsibility to maintain the workforce balance and add the flexibility of the company and to its employees and to the labour force to work better and smarter.

Critical journey to the British market

The British market structure is extremely strong as it leads to the competition and good management skill of the marketers. The companies and the factories are growing high in the business work of British or UK. They have applied the tight market policy and have applied the flexible working hours for the employee or for the labour two are working behind the company or the organization. The labour force and adding the flexible working hours is adding a good revenue, productivity, capital, labour force and good and balanced working culture and climate for the workers. The labour and the employees are the main strength who brings the new dimensions for the company and for the organization. The organization also has certain responsibility to develop and adapt the new culture of the workforce team and the flexibility within the organization for bringing the harmony and balanced relationship (Nordbäck et al. 2017).

They have used the advertising and the plan for the business in advanced and applied or implemented the business methods for making the maximum benefit out of the market (Campus et al. 2021). They have used the great method overcoming the labour and the working culture issue. If the company or the factory is generating profound working hours and hold the goof marketing structure (Statista, 2021).

Critical journey to the French market

Considering the GDP rate, political situation, market condition, and the labour policy of the nation is comparing with the US is far better, in terms of business. The GDP growth of the nation is $2.8 trillion, in 2018, in means the growth rate of the nation is approximately + ‎1.7percentage, France is the world’s fifth largest nation economically and they have maintained the balances in terms of the business, and economy (Export.gov, 2021). The economical structure of the nation is extremely high. They have maintained and developed their policies regarding the employee and the labour and their workforce time.

The nations, British and France has developed their organizational climate and employee relationship by adapting the light and comfortable workplace flexibility, and they have also earned good labour culture by adaption the policy. As the employees and the labour are the strength of the company, therefore it is extremely essential for the company to limit the working hours and free them with choice of hours (Export.gov, 2021).


From the above evaluation, it is found that the British and the French market are the growing for then in their business and the labour relationship policy. The labour or the employees of the company are the main assets. They are making a huge profit from the revenue and the capital. As the market is growing in both the nation, therefore it is extremely essential for the marketer and the labour to maintain the balanced relationship for a better production. A better production is always generates by the good productivity and the revenue from the market. The labour and the workforce team are the strength for the organization. Therefore, it is extremely essential for the team or for the management to manages the whole team profoundly and adapts the good and flexible time slot for working for the whole team.

It is extremely essential for the company or for the factory to develop the good and comfortable working hour for bringing the betterment in the company or inside the company.

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