BU7006 Strategic Financial Management

Assignment Sample BU7006 Strategic Financial Management 

1. Introduction

Strategic financial management is an essential factor within an organization as this helps in maintaining steady cash flow within this company. Strategic financial management also develops a high rate of sustainability within the organization for achieving its effective strategic goals. In this account, the strategic financial management of Boohoo is discussed in this report. Boohoo is an online retailing organization in the UK whose headquarter is in Manchester. This company was founded by Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani in 2006 (Boohoo, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management This company primarily targets people of 16 to 30 years. This organization owns about 36,000 products and thereby this organization peaked in online sales by £856.9m in 2019 (Boohoo, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management This company has its online stores in over 200 countries among them 186 branches in Ireland and the UK. From this, this organization is increasing its performances year after year. From this, this company acquires a 41% increase in 2020 due to the lockdown and henceforth this organization has achieved profits of £124.7m this year (Boohoo, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management This study includes the financial performances of Boohoo between 2018 to 2021. This report describes the PESTLE Analysis of this company for understanding the financial and business conditions of this organization. In this account, the predicted development of this company also is included in this study. SWOT analysis of this company for determining future opportunities and threats on the basis of strengths and weaknesses of this organization.

2. Ratio Analysis of BooHoo Plc over the last four years 

An accounting ratio is a quantitative approach to determining the performance of a company by focusing on figures disclosed in financial statements. The accounting ratio is helpful for evaluating the efficiency, profitability, liquidity, and solvency position of an organization (Dyson and Franklin, 2020). http://BU7006 Strategic Financial ManagementThe financial performance of Boohoo Plc has been analyzed through a ratio calculation for the last four years.


 Investors’ ratios

D/A ratio

  • Debt/Asset
Ratios Explanation
2021:£114,108million/£775,000million=35% D/A ratio measures the worth of assets acquired by a venture through debt financing. Boohoo Plc has acquired 35% of its assets through debt financing in 2021. However, the ratio was 39% in 2020, 42% in 2019, and 39% in 2018. Hence, the D/A ratio of the current year defines the improved performance of Boohoo Plc than past years. Further, a decreased value of debt financing has been found in 2021 which is efficient for boosting the solvency position of the company.

P/E ratio

  • Share price in market/Earnings per share
Ratios Explanation
2021:£265.95/£7.43=35.79 The P/E ratio is the investors’ ratio that compares the market price of shares with earnings per share. Having higher earnings per share and market value of shares is useful for boosting the P/E ratio of firms (Bhimani et al., 2019).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Boohoo Plc has a 35.79 P/E ratio in 2021 52.99 P/E ratio in 2020 and 88.87 P/E ratio in 2019. However, the P/E ratio was 56.69 in 2018 which is higher than in 2021. A lower P/E ratio is better for a company than a higher P/E ratio. So, Boohoo has a sound performance.


D/E ratio

  • Debt/Equity
Ratios Explanation
2021:£303400million/£472500million=0.97 The D/E ratio compares the worth of debt capital and equity capital in the capital structure of the company. If a company has a higher equity balance, it has good financial performance (Nariswari and Nugraha, 2020).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management The D/E ratio of Boohoo is 1.37 in 2018, 1.22 in 2019, and 1.13 in 2020. Moreover, the company has 0.97 D/E in 2021. It means the proportion of debt capital has been reduced in Boohoo. However, the company must maintain a reasonable amount of debt for improving its credit score.

Liquidity ratios

Working capital ratio

  • Current assets/Current liabilities
Ratios Explanation
2021:£483000million/£285700million=1.69 It is a liquidity ratio used for evaluating the performance of current assets for settling current liabilities. If a company maintains a higher current asset than current liability, it has a strong liquidity position (Abuhommous, 2017).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management The current ratio of Boohoo is 1.69times in 2021. However, the ratio shows a decreased liquidity position than last year. The company was able to maintain higher current assets in past years but rapid improvement in current liabilities has harmed the position of current assets in Boohoo Plc.

Quick ratio

  • Current assets-Inventories/Current liabilities
Ratios Explanation
2021:£2483000million-£14490million/£285700million=1.64 The quick ratio of Boohoo Plc is 1.64 in 2021, 1.30 in 2020, 1.42 in 2019, and 1.60 in 2018. Through the analysis of the quick ratio for the last 4 years, a slight improvement in liquidity position has been found in 2021. The company has a 0.34 higher current ratio in 2021. A key reason behind the improvement of liquidity position is the maintenance of lower closing stock. The closing stock of Boohoo was reduced by £84617million in 2021 which defines the good financial position of Boohoo Plc.

Operating cash flow ratio 

  • Net cash flow from operating activity/Current liabilities
Ratios Explanation
2021:£17,360million/£285700million=0.06 The operational cash flow ratio of Boohoo Plc is 0.06 in 2021 and 2020. Moreover, the company has a 0.48 operational cash flow ratio in 2019 and a 0.54 operational cash flow ratio in 2018. Comparing operational cash flows of the company in the last 4 years, an improved liquidity position has been analyzed. However, the company is a rapid increment in current liabilities that has reduced the cash flow position of Boohoo Plc.


Profitability ratios

Return on capital employed

  • Earnings before interest and taxes/Capital employed (Total asset-Current liabilities)
Ratios Explanation
2021:£124100million/(£775000million-£285700million)=25% Return on capital employed of Boohoo Plc is 56% in 2018 which defines good use of capital employed for obtaining income. However, the ratio reduced to 21% in 2019 and 26% in 2020. Thus, the result indicates that the company is not using capital employed adequately for generating revenue. Comparing capital employed over the last 4 years, the company has higher capital employed in 2021. So, even when the worth of capital employed is rising, the return is in a declining trend. It declines the lower efficiency and profitability of Boohoo Plc.

Net profit margin

  • Net profit/Revenue
Ratios Explanation
2021:£93,400million/£1,745,300million=5.4% The net profit margin of Boohoo Plc is 6.2% in 2018. In 2019, a reduction of 0.7% took place in the net profit margin of the company. Moreover, the company has a 5.9% net profit margin in 2020 and a 5.4% net profit margin in 2021. Overall the results indicate the decreased performance of the company in current years. The company has increased the worth of net profit and revenue but the proportion of net profit is too lower than revenue due4 to which, lower profitability of Boohoo Plc has been found.

Return on shareholders’ wealth 

  • Net profit/Shareholders’ wealth
Ratios Explanation
2021:£93,400million/£472,500million=20% Return on shareholders’ wealth is useful for understanding how efficiently investments of shareholders’ are used in business for generating revenue (Bagina, 2020). http://BU7006 Strategic Financial ManagementAs per the financial data of Boohoo Plc, the return on shareholders’ wealth was 20% in 2021, 22% in 2020, 18% in 2019, and 17% in 2018. So, a stagnant improvement in return on shareholders’ wealth has been found. Therefore, an improved profitability ratio of Boohoo plc has been found in 2021.

Efficiency ratios 

Asset turnover ratio

  • Net sales/Total assets
Ratios Explanation
2021:£775000million/£1745300million=44% This ratio defines the deficiency of a company’s asset balance to generate revenue. If a company has a higher asset balance but lower revenue, it is less efficient performance (Jati, 2020).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Boohoo plc has a 44% asset turnover ratio in 2021 which means asset balance has a 44% contribution to sales revenue. However, the asset balance of Boohoo Plc has a 46% contribution in revenue in 2020 and a 51% contribution in sale revenue in 2019. Hence, the contribution of the asset base has declined in generating revenue in current years.

Trade receivable period

  • Trade receivables*Total days of operations (365)/Sales
Ratios Explanation
2021:£40600million*365/£1745300million=8 This ratio defines the efficiency of the company in terms of trade receivables. If a company collects dues in less time, its trade receivables period is lower and projects higher efficiency (Kumar et al., 2018).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management As per the trade receivables period, Boohoo Plc has taken 8 days to collect dues from customers. However, the ratio shows 9 days in 2020, 10 days in 2019, and 11 days in 2018. It means Boohoo plc has had a gradual improvement in trade receivable over the last 4 years.

Ending inventory period 

  • Ending inventory*Total days of operations (365)/Cost of sales
Ratios Explanation
2021:£14490million*365/£800100million=7 This ratio defines the time taken by the company for making sales. If a company has higher closing stocks, its performance is inappropriate (Rahman, 2017).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Ending inventory period of Boohoo Plc is 7 days in 2021 which signifies improved financial performance. In 2020 the company took 64 days to convert inventories into sales. Thus, a comparison of the last 4 years’ performance indicates the improved performance of Boohoo Plc in 2021 as it was able to make higher sales through an online business model.

Strategic development in BooHoo Plc

Boohoo Plc was started in 2006 by Karol Kane and Mahmud Kamani. It is a UK-based online fashion retailer which specializes in its own fashion brands with over 36000 products (Boohooplc, 2021). http://BU7006 Strategic Financial ManagementThe company has faced stagnant growth from 2006 to 2017. The company was operating as a medium-sized fashion retailer in the UK. However, development in performance has been found due to acquiring more brands and adding to the product portfolios. The company has Boohoo and BoohooMan as its key brands in 2017. Since then, the company acquired PrettyLittleThings and Nasty Gal (Boohooplc, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management The company addresses 2017 as a “year of growth and diversification” as the strategic acquisition approach has provided significant growth to the company. The growth revenue of Boohoo was £294.6million along with £294.6million adjusted EBIT. In 2018, the company had group revenue of £579.8million, £306.4million gross profit, and £56.9million adjusted EBIT. Due to maintaining product diversity, the company got significant development in 2018.

In 2019, Boohoo purchased MissPap and provided significant attention to digital marketing strategies. Therefore, the company has a group revenue of £856.9million, adjusted EBIT of £84.5million, and profit before tax of £59.9million (Boohooplc, 2021). http://BU7006 Strategic Financial ManagementDespite of significant development, the company faced issues as it alleged modern slavery in factories. It was reported by employees that one of its suppliers, Boohoo Plc, was providing considerably lower wages than the minimum pay rate in the UK (Bbc.co.uk, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Due to such allegations, the company decided to implement a fast-forward initiative of supply chain management and reporting for improving reputation. Moreover, it acquired Keren Millen and Coast, Oasis, and Warehouse brands in 2020. A growth of 44% took place in the revenue position of Boohoo plc and the global customer base reached to 14million (Boohooplc, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management In 2021, the company acquired Wallies, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, and Burton which had aided the financial development and growth of Boohoo Plc. In the current year, the company received a 32% growth in revenue (Bbc.co.uk, 2021).  http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management

3. PESTLE Analysis of this organization

PESTLE Analysis

Factors Impact
Political Factor ●      Political stability of the UK has a high rate of positive impact on this company as the supply chain of this company does not face any political turmoil and hurdles for getting disruptions in delivery.

●      Corruption level in the UK is low; henceforth this organization is able to smooth the work conduction within the workplace.

●      Effective legal frameworks, intellectual property protection, Trade regulations, and tax rates of the UK have developed a high rate of sustainability within this company. The tax rate of the UK is 20% (GOV.UK, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management

Economic Factor ●      GDP growth of the UK was -9.8% in 2020 (World Bank, 2020).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management From this, investment value has decreased within this country. In spite of having these complications, this organization had a high rate of sales at this time. This organization has acquired 1745.3 m revenue growth in 2020-21 due to its online selling and only essential products like comfort wares, shoes, and night wares selling strategies (Finder, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management

●      Inflation growth rate of the UK was 0.85% in 2020 (Statista, 2020).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management, In this case, the average household income of this company has decreased in this country for COVID-19. Despite these, Boohoo has found a high rate of customer base who were struggling to buy daily necessary products due to the lockdown impositions in COVID-19.

Socio-cultural Factor ●      From the socio-cultural factors, in the last four years, Boohoo has been able to engage a majority of customers. This company has achieved 6.4 m customers in 2018, in 2019 it has become 7 m and in 2020, it was 8.9 m, and so on in 2021 (Finder, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management From this circumstance, this company has developed a wide range of customer base within this organization.

●      Population of the UK was 68,331,387 as per the calculation to date (Wordometer, 2021). http://BU7006 Strategic Financial ManagementThis high population in the UK helps this organization in expanding its business within the UK.

Technological factor ● the UK is a technology-oriented and technology-based company. In this account, this organization utilizes proper advanced technologies for providing a better customer experience to its customers. Online payments, shopping carts, and automotive customer assistance are the most beneficial technological functions within this company. Artificial intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud computing are required by this company.

●      As this organization has invented a high rate of innovative fashion products consequently, Governmental Support is required within this organization for research and development departments. UK Government spends £38.5 billion on research and development which has a huge amount of benefits for this organization.

Legal Factor ●      Sufficient legislation in the UK is assisting this organization in developing proper business expeditions. “Trade Act 2021 (c.10)”, “Business and Planning Act 2020 (c.16)”, “Employment Rights Act 1996 (c.18)” as well as “Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 (c. 18)” guides this organization in sustaining the workplace, maintaining smooth international dealing and developing proper business strategies within this country. On the other hand, this legal framework also aids this company in gaining distortionless dealing options even during the time of COVID-19.
Environmental Factor ●      Different environmental threats within the UK such as Air pollution, climate change, soil contamination, and waste. From these situations, this organization observes the contaminated raw materials due to the waste storage in this country.

●      Transports often are the major reasons for air pollution and in the case of the retailing industry; transport is the main delivery system. In this account, this organization increases the environmental threats within this country.

Table 1: PESTLE Analysis

(Source: As influenced by Statista, 2020)


 Development within Boohoo and the wide retail sector

From the PESTLE Analysis, it is found that Boohoo has several types of current trends such as online selling and the development of eco-friendly fashion apparel. In the opinion of Kaur (2017), online selling is becoming a very common trend within the retail industry as this triggers customers who do not have enough time to conduct shopping by going to physical stores. In this account, as nowadays people are very busy with their work operations, online shopping is going with the recent trends among the customers. Furthermore, in the time of COVID-19, people had to stay home for prohibiting the spread of COVID-19, from this, this organization has been able to improve its sales and revenue growth in that time by sustaining its online selling options and providing the preferences to the customers by launching only the essential cloths. On the other hand, this organization also develops eco-friendly fashion apparel as nowadays people majorly like products that are environmentally sustainable. In this account, this organization develops a high rate of customer satisfaction within this organization. On the other side, this organization also can have the trends of developing diversified products on a rapid basis. For example, this company often tries to develop new cheap but comfortable clothes for providing a better experience to the customers. For this, customer retention happens within this company for these last four years for its high amount of innovativeness. Other than this, this organization often communicates with its customers henceforth customers cannot lack their interest in this organization. Besides that, this organization rapidly posts surveys on social media for determining the preferences of customers and often provides diversified fashion clothing for matching the preferences of customers. Apart from that, this organization involves proper supply chain management for that customers can gain their products at the proper time. Loyalty, integrity, and brand fame have increased within this organization within the last four years due to this effective supply chain management.

In the case of the wide retail sector, in recent times, UK retailers have initiated gender-neutral to unisex clothes for the local consumers as the most common trend in fashion retailing. In this account, consumer value, and consumer behavior has been successfully developed within the wide retail industry, especially in UK retail sector.

4. SWOT Analysis of this organization

SWOT analysis


One of the significant strengths of Boohoo is its financial performance amidst Covid19 owing to its focus on eCommerce and online retailing. In the opinion of Finder (2021), the company has generated a profit of $241.4 million in 2020 as compared to 126.6 million pounds in 2019.http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management

The second strength is that it enjoys a positive attitude and behavior from the end of consumers owing to its focus on fashion for all approaches. It targets a wide range of customers.

The product range of this company is diverse along with a strong global presence, thereby ensuring to have a high market share.


The major weakness of Boohoo is controversies faced by this company that is also hindering its brand reputation and growth. As studied by Haddon (2018), the lack of well-being and safety of workers involved in the supply chain of any company is a major hindrance to the growth and profitability of a company. Moreover, the dearth of diversity in the body positivity movement is also a major weakness of this company.


An excellent opportunity available to this company is merging or collaborating with known personalities or celebrities that would help in increasing the visibility of this brand.

As influenced by Fairlie and Fossen (2021), a company should also focus on extensive e-commerce and online retailing as that would entail maximum sales and profitability for this company amidst Covid19. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of social distancing norms during pandemics. Thus, as online retail, it shall enjoy the privilege.

According to Kristensson et al.(2017), in the current era, the concept of green consumerism is associated with opting for sustainable products that are environmentally friendly. Thus, this entails an excellent opportunity for this concerned company to initiate sustainability in its production and supply chain procedure. It should outsource products that are ethically sourced and also ensure to integrate ethical norms in the supply chain. Moreover, the materials for clothing production should be sourced from deprived populations which would help in social and economic sustainability. Additionally, a sustainable supply chain should also include ensuring the safety and good health of employees involved with the supply chain.


The major threat faced by Boohoo is the exit of the UK from European Union that is likely to increase the expenses and cost of business operation of this company. As inspired by Habu(2017), a company needs to pay a higher amount of tax while conducting business outside of its country and shall also face difficulties while appointing workers from other countries.

The fast-changing demands and preferences of customers in the fashion industry are also a major threat. It is important for Boohoo to constantly pace with changing needs and demands of customers in order to earn their confidence.

The increasing competition in the global field as well as in the UK is a major threat. Boohoo targets customers from all income groups. However, consumers in the upper-income group are more likely to incline toward highly fashion-oriented brands such as Marks and Spencer, Primark, and Zara. In this account, Boohoo lags behind in the context of the design of products. This creates a risk of a shift in consumer demand from Boohoo to other brands.


 Challenges and opportunities for the foreseeable future

Impact of the high rate of customers growth in this organization

From the SWOT analysis, this study has found that Boohoo has a high amount of competitive advantages in developing the most effective customer growth. This organization develops a 55.01% of increase every year in the UK (Finders, 2021).http://BU7006 Strategic Financial Management For this, it is clarified that in the future, this organization can develop its business properly by getting support from its customers. On the other hand, this organization also can increase its global position in terms of global retailing sales. From the effective customer retention and involvement of new customers, these organizations can develop a high level of brand equity within this organization and can be able to expand their business in the majority of countries worldwide.

Impact of producing diversified products within this organization

From the SWOT analysis of Boohoo, it is also found that diversified product launching is one of the major USPs of this organization. For this capability, it is acknowledged that this organization would develop sustainable sales and business not only in the UK but also the other countries. Furthermore, this organization can develop a high amount of customer value and customer satisfaction rate within the company as customers cannot face a deficiency of attraction from this company. By observing the rapidly growing sales growth of Boohoo, it is discovered that this company can acquire a peak position in fashion retailing within the global market as per the basis of market share. Taking these into account, this organization can gain a high rate of competitive advantages over the global retailing industry within a very short period of time.


 Impact of several controversies of this organization

From the weaknesses of this organization, it is found that there are several controversies within Boohoo. Firstly, this organization is approaching that its supply chain operations have improved so that customers can gain a better delivery experience but this actually is not improved. On the other hand, this company also suffers from election controversies as the co-founder of this organization, Carol Kanel, has been accused of re-blocking the elections. From this understanding, it is evaluated that this organization can face major legal actions and a lack of trustworthiness related to acquisitions against them. On the other hand, it also is revealed that this company further can suffer from a reduction in customers for this reason.

Impact of deficiency of health and well-being within the organization

Boohoo also has the weaknesses of deficiency of health and well-being measurements within this organization. For this, in the future, this organization can suffer from major job dissatisfaction among the employees. Apart from that, this organization can face legal actions for not being able to maintain the safety measures within the workplace which are maintained by the Government. Furthermore, this company cannot establish proper and healthy relationships with the employees. For that, workplace culture cannot be maintained within this organisation. Employee turnover within this organization cannot be sustained as employee retention cannot occur within this organisation. Taking these into account, this organisation can have the probability of facing a lack of efficiency and productivity within this company and followed by a reduction in sales and revenue growth in this organisation in the future.

5. Conclusion

From these discussions, this study can conclude that from the PESTLE analysis, this organization can have a positive impact on the political and socio-cultural impact of the UK. From this understanding, this country had the worst condition in the economy due to COVID-19 but this could not have any bad impact on this company as this organization conducts online selling and diversified product launching this organization has a crucial contribution in developing high customer growth. On the other hand, the eco-friendly fashion apparel launching of Boohoo has a major positive impact on this company by engaging a high number of customers to enhance sales growth. Apart from that, from the SWOT analysis, it is acknowledged that this organization has the strength of having the scope of developing a wide customer base, and proper behavior and attitude towards having customers are also observed as the effective strength of this company. However, this company also has some weaknesses as this company has some controversies regarding its quality of clothes, supply chain management, and political involvement. Other than this, this organisation also has a weakness for its deficiency of measurements in the health and safety of employees. In this account, it is found that on one hand, due to several strengths this company can gain a high rate of financial growth in the future, on the other hand, because of these weaknesses this organization can suffer from complicated legal actions and reduction of employee turnover in the workplace in future.

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