Leadership in Action BU7401

Leadership in Action BU7401

 Leadership in Action (Leadership in Action BU7401)

Leadership in Action BU7401

Analyse the evolution and nature of contemporary management and leadership and the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings. Write a critically reflective account of your personal understanding of what it means to be a manager. Your account should draw on both relevant academic theory and examples of your own experience and practice.

Management is actually the way to gather people together in a company to reach to a desired goals and objectives through the help of the available resources in an efficient and in an effective manner. This includes proper planning, organizing, good staffing, eligible leadership qualities, coordination and an effective controlling of an organization or a group of one or more people or a group in order to accomplish a goal of a company.

Leaders’ formation and analysis based on the environmental events of a company are not the only influences on their development (Mumford et al.2000).

It is important to understand the management will be done through people and the importance of the human factor in the area of management cannot be disregarded and a manager’s main duty is to get things done with the support and cooperation of his/her followers and this is a human factor that will help to give the management its unique feature.

This is not a solely individual work but it is a collective activity which is done in the collaboration of any group.  By the usage of the efforts of a group in order to gain the objectives of a company. It is the duty of the managers to manage the groups and to coordinate the work of groups functioning in a company.

An active manager will help to add a great value to a company through proper selection and timing(Chen, Gao, Zhang & Zhu, 2018).

This paper will discuss about the self evaluation of being a good manager along with experience with reference to certain theory of leadership which is relevant to the skills of the manager and also about the paper will discuss about the experience being in the position of a manager.

Being  a manager is huge task and it takes a lot of effort and stress to handle various situations which are uncertain. Manager’s job  is  very complex and  challenging  in  today’s  current

organizational atmosphere which includes  restructuring, and also  globalization,  and a  full attention  on  short-term  results,  and  the advancement  of various  technologies which  have  led to the rise the needs and  demands  on the  managers  and  this led  to a long  work  hours  for  many also(Graves, et al 2012).A manager has to face various uncertainties like sudden conflict among the groups while managing any work.

Besides, the manager has to face a major issue of communication which is a major issue since different people interacts in their own way which is different and that can cause conflict among the group.

This indicates that if a manager isn’t trying to communicate well with their team members about the business activities or the individual progress, and this not only can be negative impact on the manager-employee relationship, also this will lead to a work related stress as well.

This refers to the human relation theory and here this theory focuses mainly on the person’s requirements and the behaviors of a person and group and here takes an interpersonal approach to managing human beings. It presents the organization is based on the formal and informal factors as well.

Also, Performance problems is a major issue which can cause a stress to this job and it is important to today’s business scenario, if the team members are not performing well according  to a high standard, and this can give the competitor a chance and they will take the business.

Being a leader, it is important to find out the root of any problems and this is a very complicated job in order to find out the results but without damaging any relationships with the team members while working. Being a strict manager was a big mistake since the trust with other members of the team was getting into risk.

This is one of the major mistakes which was conducted since the situation was out of control on the other hand the relation got worse. This event was a realization where the idea of management was not only a job but it is an art to do something in a proper manner and patience is required in this activity which was an eye-opener.

In this case the situational theory, though the idea was not followed but here the main mistake was the decision was made which was against a complex situation. This kind of a leadership is right now wants to have more modern and effective theory because the world is changing, so the people are also changing and different scenario will appear (Cîrstea, and Constantinescu, 2012).

Also, the behavioral theory can be refer and in this case this also proved that a leader is not born but made and here this is applicable. This theory has an enormous influence on a firm and a person and an organizational theory as well (Gavette et al.2012).

Another factor that became an eye opener and that is the trait or the Great Man theory and this made realize that it requires traits or characteristics which helps to form a good and best leader and it includes- self-confidence, and courage are all traits that could potentially be connected to the great leaders. This theory then progress from rule that leaders are born or are blessed  by a  nature  as  a leader for a time (Nawaz, and Khan 2016).

Managers are  responsible  for  giving responsibilities to each of the departments of the company for gaining profits and to function effectively and the position of a manager is really difficult one since it is important to understand that it is very responsible job  to manage innovation as an since this is an important process of activity and to make a crate and to  be successful as a manager a person needs certain qualities like: planning, having common sense,  perfect skills of communication  and  to  be cool and stable when the manager is under  pressure (Wolniak, 2019).

The procedure of working through various new challenges which led many young leaders at the other side helped fundamentally to change the way of thinking they gain from experience about and this helps to get a practiced leadership, which helps to transform from an individual contributor to and experienced leader (Benjamin, and O’reilly, 2011).

Thus after a lot of experience both good and bad.  The job is an innovative thing which includes    dynamic and innovative techniques and it is important to adjust as per the demands of  certain situations and the manager needs to remember that do not repeat the decisions of any task and also a manager has to change decisions according to the needs of different situations in order to overcome any problems.

Another thing was clear that this role this job doesn’t mean that the manager is an owner but the main purpose is to manage the business on behalf of the company’s owner. There is a huge contrast of ownership and a manager which is considered to be a special factor  of a  modem  business company.

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