BU7401 Leadership in Action

 Assignment Sample BU7401 Leadership in Action


Managers have various responsibilities to manage and control every function within the organization. It may include organizing, planning, and controlling many activities which are done inside and outside the organization.

This project consists of a brief description of the manager and the functions done them. It also includes the theory of management with personal experience and practice. It is essential to gain knowledge from experience, and personal and professional reflection is also included in this project.

Content and Analysis

Managers are termed as one of the significant parts of an organization. All the activities done within the organization are adequately accomplished by the managers. They make sure to achieve the target goal through or with the help of employees and staff working under them. Per the fact, there are four primary functions that a manager is responsible for.

These may include organizing, controlling, planning, and leading the activities within the organization. There is a vast difference between a leader and a manager. The target of goals is usually set by the managers, whereas the leader leads people to achieve it (Wang, 2017).http://BU7401 Leadership in Action A leader motivates the employees as the work done by them highlights the efforts of the leader.

Though the manager only sees the achieved goal, and the target to be achieved in the future. There are some levels assigned by the manager; the high-level manager takes care of the company’s legal policies and external legal matters. The middle-level manager focuses on the activities done within the company or organization.

As per the fact, the high-level managers are not included in any conversation with lower staff or the employee. Middle-level managers are responsible for conducting the voice of high-level management. The work done is appropriately examined and represented by the middle-level manager to the upper one (Ishii, 2019).http://BU7401 Leadership in Action Each level of manager has a special responsibility in which they don’t interfere.

High-level management helps in exaggerating external information such as the client’s reviews and many other media talks to protect the reputation of the company (Oztimurlenk, 2020).http://BU7401 Leadership in Action Whereas, any incident happening within the company is adequately analyzed by the middle-level management in which the high level is not involved. Many of the practical decisions are taken by the managers to enhance the business and profit for an organization.

Theory of management

There are several theories of management introduced by different researchers. Each of them has its effectiveness and importance. Some of the significant theories may include scientific management theory, human relation theory of management, system management theory, and others (Andersson and Mutlu, 2020). http://BU7401 Leadership in Action

These theories help the manager to establish a practical approach for enhancing the business and profit for the company. Yet, most of the theories focus on the increment in productivity. It is one of the essential aspects for increasing the profit and value of the organization.

Human relation theory depicts building personal relationships or caring for the employee’s effort and comfort. It states that the employee needs sufficient time to recover from the tension and stress within the organization. Hard work doesn’t lead an employee to be effective. The work done by an employee with a fresh mind is more effective as compared to the pressurized one.

Personal experience

The human relation theory is instrumental in increasing the productivity of employees (Tabesh and Vera, 2020).http://BU7401 Leadership in Action As per my experience of internship last year, I acknowledge the importance of human relation theory. I was interning in one of the reputed MNCs offering software programs.

However, my internship was related to the marketing field. I noticed that the auditors examined the daily performance of employees. Every week on Saturday, there was 2 hours of activities organized by the manager for entertaining the employee and encouraging their effort. The work performance of the employee on Saturday was significantly higher than on other days, even working 2 hours short over systems.

One of my seniors introduced me to this concept of the human relation theory of management. I analyzed and noticed each aspect of this management theory. It was a great experience as the knowledge gained was essential and useful for my career.

Reflective analysis

Earlier assumptions regarding management are changed by experiencing the management processes and fundamentals in my internship. I thought the management process only included setting goals and targets for the employee. Now, it has been clear that management involves many responsibilities and functions which play an influential role in the success of an organization (Barnes, 2020).http://BU7401 Leadership in Action

Human relation theory helped me to understand the effectiveness of building relations and comforting employees. The high quality of equipment and skills help in increasing productivity as per many researchers. Though, if employees will not be adequately engaged in their work, then what will be the use of this equipment? The creativity and engagement of employees directly impact productivity.

I see myself being an effective manager in the future. The theories of management and their practices in organizations helped me to analyze the qualities and skills needed for being a successful manager. Leaders help in motivating employees; the only purpose of a leader is to lead the team in the right direction.

Managers have to focus on many functions concerning leading the staff and middle-level management (Fodness, 2017). http://BU7401 Leadership in ActionAs per my critical analysis, I understand the importance of caring for an employee’s efforts and comfort rather than pressuring them. The employees must feel valuable within the organization,

it helps in enhancing their engagement and motivation for building a better working environment. Therefore, a manager should be more responsible for creating a healthy working environment rather than pressurizing and implementing modern technology.


All the activities done inside the association are appropriately cultivated by the managers. They make a point to accomplish the objective through or with the assistance of workers and staff working under them. According to reality, there are four significant capacities that a manager is liable for.

These may incorporate getting organized, controlling, arranging, and leading activities inside the association. Initial suspicions concerning the managers are changed by encountering the management process and essentials during my internship.

The management process just included defining objectives and focusing on the employees. Presently, it has been cleared that administration includes numerous obligations and capacities which assume a viable part in the enhancing business of an organization.



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