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Talent management is the selection and retention of the employees of an organization which is based on the workforce planning, performance management, employee’s engagement, recruiting and retention. This research will shed light on the impact of talent management and succeeding planning of Tesco.

Tesco’s overview

Tesco is the multinational company and headquarter of the multinational groceries sector is established in Welwyn Garden City in England and the founder of the merchandise retail sector is Jack Cohen in 1919. Over the years, Tesco have generated over 57,887million pounds of revenue with the aid of more than 360,000 numbers of employees who have provided better quality and standard of life for all the customers of Tesco ( 2021). According to the Tesco annual report, they have collaborated with the Booker Group, which is one of the leading food wholesaler of the UK to create a food market as well as Tesco group have also involved Tesco bank and Tesco mobile to provide banking and financially support the organization and its customers ( 2021).

Theories of talent management and its impact on organizational strategic goals

Tesco is the third largest retail sector in the world and a huge number of people worked in the retail sector, however, for the sudden attack of the Covid-19 pandemic across the whole world, the unemployment rate was drastically increased. Tesco operates their business both national and domestic way and with the help of the innovative business strategies, the British retail company expands its business in different sectors starting from foods to electronics items. Moreover, most of the employees lose their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the shutdown measures (Bauer and Weber, 2021). More specifically, the high rate of unemployment became a huge disadvantage for the market of Tesco or the devastating situation affected the business of Tesco which became a barrier to achieving the organizational goal. In order to control the devastating situation, Tesco may use some talent management strategies which helps the company to achieve the previous market craze. The strategies or theories of the talent management system are talent acquisition, talent development, and talent retention and talent deployment and by implementing these strategies an organization may easily gain the organizational goal.

The main internal recruitment process followed by Tesco is the company recruits new employees by giving responsibility to the existing employees and the internal recruiter which helps the company to gain the employees loyalty. The external recruitment process is followed by the management with the help of the E-recruitment strategies by giving the details of the vaccines in the official website. Tesco implant the Mayo theory to motivate the employees with effective communication as effective communication is an extremely important factor to motivate the employees ( 2021). Furthermore, motivated employees increase the workforce and the workforce may work harder and help to achieve good output in less time, thus, the company may easily reduce the labour cost. Tesco also adopted the talent development theory to provide proper training to the employees of the company as with the help of proper training the employees may easily develop their performance. Tesco provides motivation through different kinds of training and the development opportunities and the company also provides training to the leaders as the leadership training is extremely essential within the company.  The training of the leaders is essential to the staff training and the development of the employees as without proper training a leader may not be able to train the staff effectively (Pacheco, 2019).

The company uses the talent acquisition theory to use the employers for recruiting, tracking and taking interviews to the job candidates and also train the new employees. Moreover, different kinds of retention policies and strategies are followed by Tesco such as employer branding, specifically, the technique helps the management of the company to attract the targeted group of people. The retention policy also helps to recruit the desired targeted group of people according to their requirements which help the company to the retention of the employees of the company.

Development of the recommendation for the improvements of Tesco

The recommendations are as follows: –

  1. The company should focus on the training of the leaders of Tesco
  2. Tesco should train the employees who have responsibility for the transport of the company as sometimes the company have to deal with the transportation delay
  3. The company should develop the plan of action during the covid-19 pandemic to mitigate the unemployment issue
  4. The company should effectively create a healthy relationship with the employees to get their loyalty
  5. Tesco should arrange the induction training program for the new and existing employees to improve the performance of the employees
  6. The company should develop the employer branding as the technology may help the human resource department of Tesco
  7. Tesco should effectively keep eye on every step of the employees to decrease the internal conflicts

Training of the employees is highly beneficial to increasing their performance level, similarly, Tesco has to provide proper training to the leaders which is also extremely necessary as training of the leaders helps to increase the skills of the leaders. The company should focus on the transportation labour as without effective transportation the company will never be able to deliver the products on proper time which may become the prime reason for the decreasing of the reputation of the company. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the employees lost their jobs for the shutdown measures and therefore, unemployment became a huge disadvantage for the market. Therefore, Tesco should develop its plan of action to control the unemployment issue, specifically, Tesco should implement effective strategies for handling the situation. The company should use employer branding as the technology may help the human resource department of Tesco along with that the employer branding is a remarkable contribution for maintaining the value the employers provide to their employees. Furthermore, Tesco has to effectively create a good bond with the employees and effectively communicate with the employees as with the help of effective communication an employee may share the issues which he is facing during work. The company needs to focus on the employee’s actions or all the steps of the employees which help the management of Tesco to easily get to know the internal issues of the company which is also essential to mitigate the organizational conflicts.


Finally, it may be concluded that, for mitigation of unemployment the company needs to adopt the talent management theories or strategies as without effective strategies the company may never be able to mitigate the issue. Moreover, to increase the performance level of the employees the company has to provide effective training to the employees of the company.


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