BUS7B13 Significance Of Democratic Leadership In Organisational Success In The Retail Industry Of The Uk



In the modern era, there is a huge importance of democratic leadership in maintaining the success of the retail industry in the UK as democratic leadership style has the credibility to reduce the organisational challenges of the retail industry which will be briefly discussed in this report.

Research Questions             

  1. What is the main role of democratic leadership in ensuring organizational success in the retail sectors of the UK?
  2. What is the main function of democratic leadership in mitigating the organisational challenges of UK retail sectors?
  3. How to manage the business management of retail sectors in the UK through democratic leadership?

Aims of the research

One of the main aims of this research proposal is to find out the beneficial impact of democratic leadership in the retailing industry of the UK as this research process will also evaluate the implication of democratic leadership in improving the decision making process of retail organizations in the UK.

Objectives of the research

  1. To analyse the main challenges which were faced by the retail organization of the UK
  2. To evaluate the positive impact of democratic leadership in the retail organizations of the UK
  3. To identify the way which needs to be implemented by the democratic leaders of the retail organizations in achieving optimum success
  4. To analyse the impact of democratic leadership in designing an impactful decision-making process of the UK  retail sector

Reasoned Justification of the Research

It may be opined that nowadays, the retail organization of the UK are facing multiple difficulties while if the organizations may not be able to implement an effective leadership then the organizational goals and objectives may be harmed. In addition to that, the success and failure of an organization depend on the leadership styles of the organization as an improved leadership style always helps in improving the organizational performance (Khajeh, 2018). The research proposal will be immensely useful in evaluating the effectiveness of democratic leadership in resolving the severe difficulties of the retail organizations in the UK as well as it also evaluates the way to enjoy the organization’s success in the long term.

Limitations of the Research

It needs to be implied that there are multiple limitations of the research process as these limitations need to be mitigated in an effective way. The data collection method may be considered one of the limitations of the research as it is extremely difficult to find relevant research articles regarding the impact of democratic leadership in organizational success. Limitations of a particular study generally identify the weakness of the study and there are several limitations of the study such as improper research design, finding issues and other problems (Theofanidis and Fountouki, 2018).

Discussion of the relevant theme

It may be argued that there are multiple advantages of democratic leadership in ensuring the organizational success of the UK retail sectors as this leadership also encourages the employees of the organization. In the modern era, the employees of the retail organization have faced several issues which de-motivate the employees and that create a negative impact on the performance level of employees. One of the biggest advantages of democratic leadership is that it plays a vital role in motivating the employees of the retail sectors which also improves the engagement of employees. Democratic leadership styles also maintain a collective decision-making process of the organization and this leadership style also assure the freedom of the working employees which is also essential for team motivation in an organization (Rahbi et al., 2017). The retail sectors of the UK have experienced multiple problems due to multiple reasons as democratic leadership always provided an effective solution for the problems and challenges of the organization.

The working environment really matters a lot in improving the performance of the employees as democratic leadership always plays an important role in establishing a healthy and friendly working culture that enhances the productivity and performance of employees. Democratic leadership always implements the framework of contingent reward which is positively associated with the optimum performance level of the organization (Hilton et al., 2021). The job satisfaction level is one of the most important things in the retail sector as if the employees of an organization are not satisfied then it will be immensely difficult to achieve the organization’s success. On a specific note, the main approach of democratic leadership is to improve the job satisfaction level through mitigating workplace conflicts.

Types of Data Employed

In this research process, the secondary data collection method will be implemented as secondary data is extremely suitable to conduct a thematic analysis for the research process.

Analysing data Collection method

It may be implied that data collection may be considered one of the most important parts of the research process as in this research process a secondary data collection method will be executed Additionally, the secondary data will be collected through several authentic journals, trusted websites and annual reports of the retail organizations of the UK which are extremely significant for the optimum results of the research. The prime benefit of the secondary data is that it is cost-effective as the data will be collected at extremely low prices which may be useful in mitigating the financial limitations of the research process.

Preliminary Hypothesis

H 0: If democratic leadership is not executed in the retail sector of the UK then it may create a negative effect in ensuring the organizational success

H 1: If democratic leadership is not incorporated in the retail sector of the UK then it may create a positive effect in ensuring the organizational success

Direction for Further Research

The research process needs to follow ethical approaches as it is extremely essential to retrieve only relevant legal sources or else it may hamper the final outcome of the research process. Moreover, the other parts of the research need to follow the research onion model by Saunders which may be useful for the further phase of the research process.


From the above discussion, it may be concluded that there are multiple leadership styles as democratic leadership is one the most suitable leadership styles which ensures the success of retail organizations in the UK.


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