• Environment serves as an important part of organization that supplies the natural resources to companies for carrying on business activities.
  • The current report analyses the environmental issues present within Tesco Plc, and highlights designed, and structured plans that can help to remove them.
  • However, the report also discusses how effective the plans can be to achieve the goal of having a sustainable environment.

Company overview

  • Tesco Plc is a British multinational retail company which is headquartered in Welwyn city in the UK and is considered to be the largest company.
  • The company is listed under the ‘London Stock Exchange” with the symbol of TSCO and is presently priced at 272.22 GBX (Tescoplc, 2021). The company has been facing a downfall in sales by 0.7% reflecting an annual group sales of £56.5bn (Tescoplc, 2020).
  • Tesco Plc aims at providing best quality products to the customers in the market thereby leading the supermarket within the retailing sector.

Environmental issues

  • The discussed company with the goal of providing a sustainable environment to the customers has been facing the issues of climate change, sustainable agriculture, and deforestation (Tescoplc, 2020).
  • Moreover, this has essentially affected the global business operations across the international supply chain.
  • In addition to this, it has been found that the inefficient usage of resources has drastically affected business activities and acted as a barrier to the production of sustainable food.

Structure plan by Tesco team

  • Tesco Plc for assuring the customers live in a sustainable environment has launched a “Little help Plan” addressing the long-term sustainability of the business in the global market (Tescoplc, 2020).
  • The framework undertakes four pillars of people, planet, product, and place, considering which they can improve their business performance by removing environmental issues. The plan also helps in eliminating deforestation concerning Tesco products thereby making their packaging a recycled one.

Plan of team

  • It is recommended for the company to improve the packaging system by integrating paper bags that can reduce the chances of environmental pollution thereby reducing the chances of climate change (Boz et al. 2020).
  • Moreover, the company can amend the environmental policies that include the reduction of carbon emission to net-zero that focuses on healthy climate (Davis et al. 2018)
  • This can effectively help in maintaining a sustainable environment thereby supporting the business activities of the organisation.

Justification of plan’s effectiveness

  • Paper bags are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable thereby making a sustainable packaging system that can protect the environment (Milani and Tirgarian, 2020). In this case, it can be said that if Tesco Plc incorporates the paper bag system, it can highly protect society by making sustainable packaging that can benefit the people and reduce waste.
  • Moreover, it can save energy and is considered to be an eco-friendly material that enhances the satisfaction level of customers thereby creating a healthy environment. On the other hand, net-zero carbon emission can essentially reduce climate change thereby reducing the chances of global warming. This can potentially help in managing and creating a sustainable environment.


  • The study brings to conclusion that Tesco plc, the largest retail company needs to incorporate sustainable environmental strategies such as improving packaging system and reducing carbon emission.
  • However, it can be said that the ‘Little help plan” taken up by the company can also support in producing a healthy environment thereby meeting the goals of a sustainable environment.

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