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1. Introduction

Communication is an important component for any organisation in order to build a good relationship with stakeholders and customers. Besides, integrated communication is strategic and conceptual communication management that builds strong relationships with stakeholders through coordination with stakeholders and considers all-important requirements of stakeholders. Therefore sales promotion, public relationship and advertisement are significant components of the marketing mix. An organisation must be focused on these elements to promote the marketing mix. Moreover, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are important components of brand management. It is necessary for an organisation to consider these factors while wanting to promote a brand in markets.

2. Background of company

Sainsbury is a retail industry that deals in qualitative food in UK. The company also focuses on delivering a qualitative product to its customers to improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. The sales growth of the organisation is 7.3% in the year 2020-21(, 2021). Besides, the profit of the organisation before tax is £356milion (, 2021). Therefore companies continuously focus to promote their marketing mix and improving performance of brand management. Besides the company has an effective brand that is developed through attractive customers base and good catchment of stores. The company delivers good value to their stakeholders through effective components such as “Customers Colleagues Communities and Suppliers Shareholders”. Sainsbury has a well-loved brand and a trusted company that delivers high-quality food to their customers for over 150 years. The company declared a 7.4p dividend for stakeholders (, 2021). This rate is not too high, nevertheless, it is acceptable. The organisation must focus to increase their profitability to engage stakeholders in organisation.

2.1 Organisation’s Approach

The company’s first approach is to reduce the cost of production to provide food to customers at an affordable price. Besides, the organization’s second approach is sustainability for their suppliers and customers. These are main elements that help organisations to develop integrated management. Here the main focus of the organization is to deliver a good value to stakeholders that are possible through high profitability and a trusted organisation in market. So the company is continuously taking action to reduce non-generating revenue’s costs. That company has generated too much cost in Covid pandemic. At that moment the organisation has not generated revenue from those costs. Besides the statutory loss of organisation is £(261)million (, 2021). This is not in favour of organisation due to this company can fail to deliver a good value to stakeholders.

2.2 Identify components to develop integrated communication

Sainsbury has used the latest technology and tools to improve transparency and effective communication. The company has focused on regular and transparent communication to develop integrated communication management. Organisation has given first priority to use advanced technology to increase the effectiveness of communication for improving customer satisfaction. As opined by Duralia, (2018) technology and mode of communication are significant components of effective and transparent communication. Besides, communication is an important factor to increase customer engagement and good deals with stakeholders. It is important for an organisation that uses the most reliable technology and tools in the communication process.

3. Components of marketing communication

Marketing refers to the practice of different business organisations in order to generate profit. It is commonplace where different types of organisations either manufacturing or marketing, perform their business activities (Majerova et al. 2020). There are some effective components that affect marketing mix too much.


Figure 1: Integrated Marketing Communication

(Source: Majerova et al. 2020)

3.1 Advertisement

Advertisement is an indirect and paid mode to inform customers about services and goods of organisation. Most probably digital media and television are used by organisations in this method to promote goods and services in the market. Sainsbury is using social media as an advertisement tool to promote their goods.

3.2 Sales promotion

It is a strategy to promote goods in the market such as an incentive and gift with purchase of product. This technique not only increased engagement of existing customers nevertheless also attracted new customers.

3.4 Direct marketing

Any organisation directly contacts customers in the market through this technique with the interface of any third party. This technique is also helpful for customers and they can get further information about the product of the organisation.

4. Components of brand management  

Brand is a symbol and special logo which is used by customers to identify one product among the population of the product. As argued by Xiong et al. (2018), a popular company has several benefits of a trusted and popular brand. Organisation can promote their new product through trusted brands. There are some important components of brand management.

4.1 Customers loyalty

Customer’s loyalty has an important role to develop a trusted and popular brand in the market. Organisations must focus to understand the needs of customers and satisfy their basic needs to increase customer’s loyalty. Here the organisation uses effective communication to improve customer’s loyalty.

4.2 Digital media

Nowadays different types of organisations use digital media in order to promote their goods and services. Digital media is an effective mode to advertise products to build an effective brand in the market. Sainsbury is focused on Face book and Instagram as digital media tools to improve awareness about products in the market.

4.3 Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important factor for an attractive brand. Sainsbury’s is focused on understanding the basic needs of customers which is an important factor to satisfy the needs of customers. The company produces products at an affordable price which play a significant role to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Evaluation of marketing communication

The company has used different types of components to promote goods in the market which is discussed in the above paragraph. The company focuses these components to promote customer engagement as well as sales in the market. Moreover, the main component of organisation is use of latest and advanced technology in order to improve effective communication management. As opined by Krizanova et al. (2019), organisation has also used their previous method also and merged technology to improve performance of communication. Sainsbury is also a multinational company continuously updating its communication management with the latest technology.

6. Design an integrated marketing communication

Integrated marketing refers to a strategy to deliver gather information about goods and services to customers through increased performance of communication. The company is already focused to improving the performance of communication of organisations. Sainsbury is using the latest and advanced technology to develop effective communication management. The company can use digital gadgets in the communication process and also give training about the use of the latest advanced technology to their employees to improve the effectiveness and transparency of communication (Ngamsutti and Jhundra, 2018).

7. Resource to build a cross-functional relationship

Cross-functional relationships (CFR) occur when some employee of an organisation is performing their jobs in the same project. Those relationships are important for an organisation to reduce cost of projects and complete projects at a reasonable time. Sainsbury is also building CFR to perform activities of different departing employees in a specific project. The organisation uses effective communication as a CFR which is too important to develop an effective CFR. As opined by Jang et al. (2018), “marketing, customer engagement and sales promotion” is the main resource of a CFR. The company also focuses to improve customer’s engagement through sales promotion in order to build an effective CFR. Covid pandemics also affected different organisations’ methods of performing business activities such as CFR. At that movement, different types of organisations use digital modes in communication to avoid barriers of communication in pandemic situations. The company also focuses to develop an effective communication management through use of advanced software such as Google meet.

8. Identify technique to build functional relationship

An organisation must follow some techniques such as communicating effectively and Demonstrating mutual cooperation between employees to build an effective CFR. These techniques help an organisation to build effective CFR. As argued by Yang and Arnold, (2019), Sainsbury is also focused on effective communication to develop a mutual understanding between employees to build CRF. The organisation already has some projects for which to develop a cross-functional relationship. There are communications important for both techniques and also well communicated with other members of the project. Both techniques are too much helpful for organisations as well as employees of organisations.

9. Role of communication to delivering value to stockholders

Communication is also important for being well connected with customers as well as stakeholders of the organisation. Communication plays a significant role to deliver good value to stakeholders. As opined by AbouDargham et al. (2019), an organization is needed to develop an effective communication in order to provide gather information about organisation different steps which may affect the plan and strategy of stakeholders. Sainsbury also communicates with stakeholders through use of advanced gadgets and tools.


It summarizes and concludes that communication plays a significant role in developing an integrated communication management. Moreover, Sainsbury’s also focus on components of marketing management and brand management to develop an effective CFR. The company also uses the latest technology to connect with customers to understand their needs of customers. The company uses techniques to build a strong CFR and improve the performance of the organisation. The company is also delivering value to their stakeholders through develop an effective communication management.



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