BUS7B31 HRM In Context Assignment Sample


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HRM in recent time has been found to be highly influential in recent time among businesses, where companies are taking best steps for strengthening larger productive working standards. Within recent global competitive growth scenarios, HRM is taking best steps for engaging working growth talents and generating wider optimistic growth synergies towards accurate working diversity benchmarks. Unilever is one of the widest chains of retail products found globally with a large number of retail products and services, based on a high range of mechanism with strategic innovation.BUS7B31 HRM In Context Assignment Sample

Unilever with a wide range of retail services, higher order innovation and strategic brand goodwill in the retail sector has been diversely expanding new HR policies. HRM management approaches have further opened up scope, to technically bring on best returns and upscale working mechanisms for determined growth scenarios. Company aims to adopt best HRM standards and policies for extending higher functional mechanisms, for collaborative growth standards.  The report will analyze approaches to HRM strategy, in relation to organizational strategy frameworks and analysis on how HRM practitioners respond to international factors both at operational and strategic level.

The approaches to HRM strategy in relation to the organisational strategy

Unilever aims to adopt best HRM strategies in relation to the company for long term retaining standards of workforce within the company, which enables business to engage towards fundamental diverse working benchmarks. Unilever as one of the best retailers, and a competitive brand within the sector has been evolving to reach new errands, for generating best returns and to scale up working mechanisms for untapped performance (Sivathanu and Pillai, 2019). With varied new innovation coming up in the HR mechanism, the company aims to further deliver wider edge creative standards, and generate rapid competitive growth standards. The HR approach diversely plays a crucial role, for generating diverse work domains based on strengthened new expertise and cultivating vision oriented outputs.

BUS7B31 HRM In Context Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Unilever

(Source: Unilever, 2020)

One of the most effective HRM approaches used by the Company is Scientific Management by Taylor (1911), which has enabled businesses to engage on determined priorities for engaged awareness.  HRM’s strategic approach by Taylor has enabled businesses to develop best working engagement among company employees, synergizing new extended creative diversity for larger working criteria. The approach has been found to be optimistically accurate, to deliver new changes and strengthen competitive functional growth based on determined priorities. It has enabled the workforce to be better motivated, towards wider advanced working standards and company HR to train employees scientifically with best standards (Vatousios and Happonen, 2021).

There has been competitive analysis done within the company business framework for retaining untapped working goals diversely based on extended awareness for extended determined priorities. HR standards have been found to be crucial at Unilever, for retaining extended working diversity and generating extended growth diversely among working efficacy domains. Unilever with its best HR standards and policies has been found to be determined to cater to huge competencies aspects, synergize wider edge working standards and competitively train expertise ((Talent Management Strategy – The Gateway to Great Performance, 2021). Evaluation of HR theory enables one to gain knowledge on the fact that a company aims to scientifically adopt the best vision, diversely cultivate optimistic growth scenarios and cultivate a huge functional mechanism. It can be also analysed that HRM as one of the biggest aspects to bring workforce efficacy diversely in shape, holds huge commercial scope for companies to retain business efficiency perspectives

However, with changing competitive HR business demands, Unilever aims to further connect on wider business goals and generate productive returns functionally for extended fundamental growth. Unilever, with new changing HR demands, should adapt new working aspects, which further cater to competitive innovation and leverage functional growth actively. Transforming business with new HR standards and extended mechanism development with diverse training, further paces up proactive benchmarks for retained functional vision profoundly.

BUS7B31 HRM In Context Assignment Sample

Figure 2: Scientific management theory

(Source: Taylor Scientific management theory, 2022)

Another HRM approach adopted by companies is Human Relation by Mayo (1933) of HRM, where this focuses on a profound focus on strengthening human functional policies. The approach enables company HR to keep the workforce motivated towards new policies, build an innovative working culture by respecting diversity of employees. This has enabled businesses to grow competitively, generate working returns functionally and optimise new strategic vision for profound engagement in a longer time period. Approach has enabled Unilever to retain the best talents and expertise, which further enhances competitive engagement profoundly for determined abilities. The approach aims to competently improvise company HR standards and generate optimistic growth policies, for technical growth returns diversely for building competitive working scenarios. Theory has been analysed to be one of the best competitive theories for delivering active working returns, through engaged functional growth diversely (Wiblen and Marler, 2021).

Human relations enhances further practical functional engagement to be developed to technically productively retain best business standards for building motivated competitive abilities. Unilever, with its best HR policies and extended working vision has been able to competitively build wider creative business practices. This approach opens up scope for companies to extensively bring new standards and HR vision to collaborate on new extended working mechanisms. The brand has been witnessing huge cultural growth, in terms of retaining the best scope and determined improved capabilities for extensive mechanisms based on competitive wider domain growth standards.

Approach further competitively opens up scope for technical vision growth; synergize new extended policies for generating functional diversify best working outputs on company grounds. HR leaders and business engagement stakeholders at Unilever hold specific focus on brainstorming employees to cultivate new productive culture and extensively build up motivation (Pagan-Castaño, 2021). However, it can be also analysed that a company extensively requires productive vision to bring change in working standards and generate positive returns, functionally for strengthening wider end outputs.

There is a higher demand to cultivate the best vision diversely, generate an optimistic attitude and competently cultivate exposure on wider determined parameters based on functional mechanisms. Unilever, as one of the best brands, aims to cultivate best HR policies for retained functional diversity and generate wider new technical efficacy. HRM approaches need to be further refined with strategic growth expertise, higher order mechanism and cultural diversity enhancement for untapped profound returns (Wiblen and Marler, 2021) Both the approaches enable to shed authentic light on factors such as developing keen fundamental growth results, developing accurate technical growth paradigms and generate functional

Unilever aims to further bring on strategic change in working parameters, based on determined growth scenarios for engaged awareness. The brand has been found to be strategically growing towards bringing best HR policies and structure policies, for evolving towards competent working vision growth standards. I have also been able to further leverage rapid edge benchmarks by shaping up new competent engagement aspects among stakeholders, which functionally holds a huge vision. The company further paces growth towards determined edge benchmarks, in HR motivation scenarios, for extensive specific aspects towards determined motivation goals diversely (Talent Management Strategy – The Gateway to Great Performance, 2021).

Analysis of HRM practitioners respond to national and/or international factors at both an operational

HRM practitioners in recent time at Unilever have been taking best national and international factors for operational growth factors, for strengthening its extended improved international and national factors. HRM operations at Unilever have been found to be expanding into new critical domains, based on synergizing rapidly, improvising wider technical abilities actively. Hrm international standards and policies, enhances functional productive vision to be engaged on diversely based on diverse mechanism to be retained on for untapped growth abilities.  It also cultivates strengthened rise towards productive ideologies, based on developed mechanism for untapped profound criteria enhancement. HRM practitioners, have been found to be diversely crucial for delivering best growth returns functionally and derive wider end functional mechanism (Pagan-Castaño, 2021).

HRM practitioners respond to national and international factors at Unilever by extending new priorities further, generating competitive growth. International factors at both operational and strategic levels play a crucial role in determining best strategies for shaping untapped productive scenarios for larger technical growth standards. HRM practitioners respond actively to national and international factors, based on technical standards for improved vision growth based on technical growth scenarios.

Unilever, as one of the fastest growing companies in the retail sector, has been widely growing towards engaging best HRM policies and new strategies for retaining stringent competencies based on larger determined improved abilities (Rogers, 2021). HRM practitioners further aim to critically improvise wider end targets based on scale-up targets for strengthening wide errands based on multi-channel mechanisms.

HRM practices followed by Unilever, for international working enhancement growth strategies are as follows:

  • Succession planning: HR managers at Unilever, head on profound focus on succession planning and restoring best expertise for extended improvement in working standards within the workforce (Mayo, 2018). Through succession planning the company has been able to further retain the best talents and generate new empowered international training mechanisms. Unilever, under succession planning, aims to cultivate best exposure and generate higher end competitive engagement based on extended technical growth parameters. Succession planning has enabled businesses to develop best strategic growth competencies and generate an optimistic vision for technical growth returns.
  • Retail services training is being delivered to the workforce, for strategic growth synergies and connecting towards optimistic functional outputs. Through succession planning, the company is able to build strategic growth returns diversely and expand competitive engagement based on functional scenarios for determined growth active synergies (Kwon and Jang, 2021). It further enables companies to redefine new exposure criteria and evolve on new fundamental growth returns, based on a structured vision for larger technical abilities.
  • Talent management:  The role of talent management at Unilever has been found to be stringently accurate for determining competent engagement and stringent creative diversity, which adds functional value growth to business standards. Unilever, as one of the most successful brands, aims to expand talent growth in the company, and optimistically retain extended working exposure. With virtual training sessions, brainstorming activities and retained functional diversity Unilever has been able to strengthen its talent management competitively on new working errands, for untapped business performance widely (Khoreva and Vaiman, 2021). The role of talent management strategy opens up scope for performance management enhancement based on working competencies towards new edge standards and generates technical growth vision.

Unilever, as one of the best brands in the retail sector, is widely pooling in best investment for talent exposure growth competencies, based on determined huge functional goals. Brand aims to cultivate exposure and huge developed working goals, for technical vision growth based on determined competencies for wider edge efficacy aspects. Talent management, enables business practices to be diversified up for extended business engagement aspects and critically improvise determined goals on wider edge benchmarks (Talent Management Strategy – The Gateway To Great Performance, 2021).

BUS7B31 HRM In Context Assignment Sample

Figure 2: HR strategy

(Source: HR strategy, 2021)

  • Performance management: The role of performance management, HRM strategy has enabled companies to leverage best performance growth scenarios and add untapped productive vision diversely (Jooss al. 2021). Unilever as one of the best companies has been able to retain best performance management related services actively, and generate positive competitive diversity growth standards accurately. With regular monitoring sessions, performance management has actively built up enhanced growth working avenues for competitive exposure on new working grounds for larger determined learning competencies. Strategy of performance management has enabled Unilever to build up strategic working exposure on untapped competitive working grounds rapidly and generate optimistic growth.

This has engaged a workforce with diverse accuracy, best skills engagement and untapped productive competencies to be evolved for larger technical growth benchmarks. Unilever, with its best performance management strategies aim to retain company best talents and build diverse motivation scenarios for untapped competitive growth competencies (Gurusinghe et. al. 2021).

  • Career performance: Unilever aims to expand focus on career performance widely, by developing trained working efficacy and generating higher order career growth standards functionally on wider group performance scenarios. The role of career management strategy is pertaining to specific adherence to growth standards for technical productive vision growth. It aims to cultivate an active working mechanism, for retaining best determined scope and strengthening rapid goodwill within business engagement.

Furthermore, with international standards growing, Unilever aims to further expand best training sessions among employees and strategically build up exposure for profound growth diversity benchmarks (Claus, 2019). Career performance enables companies to retain best talent on board, by training and brainstorming their capabilities towards untapped performance growth scenarios towards leveraging new scale enhanced growth potencies profoundly. Through career performance, management at Unilever aims to competently bring on wider edge standards and generate rapid functional growth synergies towards technical growth.

  • Compensation management: The company HR managers and leaders are practically working with huge compensation management scenarios to adhere to extended motivation and primitively bringing best working synergies. It has been found to be profoundly essential, to adhere to diverse goals practically based on functional working criteria for determined business standards. It develops financial motivation, extensively implements wider edge goals and vision to develop long-term retaining competencies within the workforce.

Through compensation management, HR professionals aim to adhere to wider business criteria determined to improvise new standards and vision towards determined improved abilities. Incentives, promotions and new performance based rewards are some of the major aspects which shape profound working retaining surge. Unilever, with best compensation management and HR vision, is able to determine long-term growth in HR policies and strategically shape up profound working growth diversely (Ansar and Baloch, 2021).

From above all analysed aspects within HR business strategies followed by international management fundamentals, it has been summarised that Unilever has been found to be diversely competently growing towards new technical growth synergies. HR performance management and retention on wider edge benchmarks, enhances functional vision towards improved abilities, functionally improvises new technical criteria. Company has been functionally growing on varied working errands, technical working pathways and strategic growth competencies for untapped commercial productivity.


The research from above factors analysis has shed in depth light on HR business management and policies for developing best workforce culture, where Unilever as one of the fastest growing businesses in the retail sector has wide functional growth competencies. Report from above analysis has summarized essential factors, pertaining towards HR approaches such as Taylor scientific management and human relations theory. Company has been fundamentally investing towards strategic HR approaches and strategies, for retaining an extended vision. Unilever, with the best HR strategies, has been able to determine new growth determinants and generate wider end functional mechanisms for larger diverse horizons.

Report on diverse aspects has summarized essential importance related to international HR strategies, for strengthening competitive growth strategies and advancing work domains diversely. Unilever at HR aims to adhere to succession planning, talent management, a career performance strategy which enables business to determine extended growth results functionally on wider domains.  Study has recently shed light on authentic factors such as HR competitive policies, strengthened functional output for engaging towards determined growth results on wider growth paradigms.


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