BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes


There are different literatures and researches on the talent management process, employee retention, impact of employee turnover on organisational efficiency and so on, and these have been explored in the current essay. In this essay, the case study of Infosys, an India based company on the Information Technology (IT) will be taken to base the discussion upon with critical analysis.

Company overview

Infosys is the company that specialises on the digital process with core IT facilities, developing digital solutions for international business firms and has adopted the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cover up the digital route.

On a brief scale, the company has been quite efficient in turning the revenue scale to more than $16 billion, with the total number of the employed being 3,14,000 (Infosys.com 2022). It may be that the company has made subsidiary developments and further foreign investments of Infosys for a longer period of time, with EdgeVerve Systems Ltd (Infosys.com 2022). such as in the creation of different subsidiary brands of the same company, such as Infosys Public Services Ltd. and Infosys BPM Ltd (Infosys.com 2022).

Recruitment and retention strategies of Infosys by explaining advantages and disadvantages

The recruitment process needs to be discussed as for the company of Infosys, where there has been the digital strategy adopted by the company to develop such a strategy as to facilitate the employee recruitment. In recent times, Infosys has been active to make the recruitment of different employees beneficial through the real time location tracking, and in the process of onboarding, Infosys makes a virtual identity of the employee (Infosys.com 2022).

Mostly, as the research study observes, Infosys has been able to create the employee onboarding process in a new for by the moderation of the organisational culture and taking on a new theme of operation within (Gupta, 2017). Moreover, the advantage of Infosys being the company has made the recruitment of the employees integrated with the cloud system launching the program of “Human Capital Management” that takes on recruitment to a new fashion (Infosys.com 2022).

The recruitment process of Infosys is similar to the other international companies consisting of the preliminary online interview, the step of verification of employee calibre and the Human Resource (HR) step which has the disadvantage of being too lengthy. Few of the most important steps have been modified by Infosys for a longer period on recruitment, where Infosys according to the journal article has collaborated with MeritTrac Services for better recruitment (BHANU, 2017).

The first-round screening, the verification and the other additional process have been since then operated by MeritTrac Services, which also focuses on the identification of the employee personality briefly, which involves many steps, being the disadvantage factor (Refer to Appendix 1). The employee retention strategy of Infosys includes letting the salary of the employees be increased to a latent amount, which has the advantage of propelling the employee’s career growth. Infosys has made the salary increment to a proportion of 23% which has been the basic strategy of the company to retain most of the employees within its practised work culture (Refer to Appendix 2).

Talent management and succession planning of Infosys

Infosys has made digital innovation in the process of talent management by few of the strategies such as infusing the technology to share the process, such as the case of TalentEdge. Talent management is the process that an organisation often may take in for the hiring and the recruitment of the employees that may lead to the selection of the employee deserving the position (Hongal and Kinange, 2020). Mostly, the strategy of talent management that the company follows is the acute cooperation and the constant interaction of the employees with social media, thereby focusing on direct communication (Infosys.com 2022).

Research studies have compared the talent management process of Infosys with prestigious universities, and it has been found that the company has a more efficient employee filtering process (Mahajan, 2020).

The whole talent management process of Infosys is aligned with the collaboration with Oracle, as the company has made significant contributions towards setting up the virtual cloud mechanism for Infosys.

The cloud system of storing and managing the immense employee information has been empowered by the company of Oracle, where the application of the software of “Next Generation Production System” has been the primary tool for Oracle (Oracle.com. 2022).

Succession planning refers to the system of letting the talent of an organisation be trained, plan the career and detect the existing knowledge and make a better strategy for the employee to succeed (SHRM. 2022). Succession planning in Infosys has the strategy of making the hard design to drive the company success to let others more capable occupy and operate (Refer to Appendix 3).

Impact of employee turnover on the capacity of Infosys to achieve objectives

The impact of employee turnover on the organisational capacity has specific impacts on the nominal proceedings of the organisation, such as the impact on profit and brand image, with excessive work pressure. This may be further emphasised by a strong relative analysis that the organisational maturity is dropped with the increase in workload if there are incidents of employee turnover increasing in an organisation, studied by research papers (Shaikh et al., 2020).

The case study of Infosys suggests that the employee turnover has increased to the mark of 27% whereas in the previous years the employee turnover had been lower and around 10%, which had been a strong difference (Refer to Appendix 4). This has caused the projection of a loss in the revenue of shareholding prices of Infosys as have been discussed by the company, and the projected aims of 24% may not be met in time by Infosys (Refer to Appendix 5).

Discussion on the ethical people management processes of Infosys

This innovation in managing the ethical standards of employee recruitment or talent management has been done by Infosys mostly to curtail the cost of recruitment and create a better company image.

Infosys has been ranked to be the organisation that has a higher sense of better ethical standards maintenance and according to the spheres of the talent management process, Infosys guarantees that full ethics scores are maintained (Infosys.com 2022). The company ensures the talent management process to have a great margin of success by following a strict code of attitude and empowering the strong leadership tools to ensure that the company never loses on fair talent management sourcing and people management (Infosys.com 2022).


It had been concluded that in talent management, Infosys had adopted TalentEdge to make use of the assessment of the HR periodic oscillation and compresses the cost of selection. The above discussion summises that Infosys had upheld the brand image despite employer retention and talent management challenges, by innovation and strategic analysis.





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Appendix 1



BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes


Appendix 2



BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes


Appendix 3


BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes

Appendix 4


BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes 

Appendix 5


BUS7B35 A review of Recruitment Processes


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