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In this modern era of globalization, equality between males and females has been highly prioritized. In this way, with the help of women empowerment extensively, it has been able to gather positive outcomes and benefits with facilities in all related work segments altogether. That is why the core importance of women in the field of international management has been highly justified (Bullough et. al. 2017). However, there have also been facing numerous issues or challenges related to this matter to incur the best practices of international management with the help of women workers. Throughout this study, a research proposal regarding this topic has been presented. In detail, it has mainly been seen that for conducting current research proposals based on this topic, relevant elements like research aim, questions, in-depth literature review, suitable methodological aspects, with an in-detailed conclusion and timeline have been demonstrated with a clear sense of approach and direction at the same time.

Research Aim

This current study has aimed to explore and find out the key roles and responsibilities of women in the field of international management. In this way, relevant things have also been discussed. Those have consisted of challenges, key measures, or practices of international management at the same time.

Research Question

Here have been presented research questions based on current study as follows:

  • RQ1: What are the key roles and responsibilities of women in the field of international management?
  • RQ2: Which kinds of problems or challenges have been faced by women in the field of international management?
  • RQ3: What are the key practices implemented by women workers in the field of international management?
  • RQ4: How have women workers participated in the field of international management by achieving desired outcomes and benefits?

Finally, it must also be denoted that all of these key research questions must help a lot to ensure positive outcomes further.

Literature Review

By remaining ahead of sudden business changes and others, it has been seen that most women workers are capable of hitting and achieving better financial targets in the field of international management. That specifically means, by delivering female mentors and role models, it has been able to demonstrate a high level of business trust through successful creation of a positive business environment (Utami and Godjali 2020). In addition to this, such a proactive business environment has also supported a lot to encourage high levels of employee collaboration. There must also be a need for using advanced innovation and technology with the key purpose of breaking the barriers as well as sourcing innovation with the help of an open work environment internationally (Ramprabha, 2017).

On the other hand, it has also been found that women workers’ participation in the international management field has induced a set of rich business culture, social, legal, economic, and political aspects with positive outcomes. However, sometimes due to the core influence of cultural barriers, most women International Business Leaders have been facing some kinds of issues or challenges at this stage. As stated by Goyol, (2019), for inducing and encouraging high levels of women participation and collaboration in the field of international management, there must also be a need for measuring their progress with high consistency and continuity.

From another point of view, though the number of international women managers has been increasing in modern perspectives, several challenges have arisen. The most important issue or challenge has been identified as the attitude of other workers to women as employees, working mothers, in all kinds of aspects. As mentioned by Cho et. al. (2019), it has also been seen that the actual number of women employed in various managerial positions has also been increasing at this same point. As reported by Mahat et. al. (2021), most organizations have also been starting to realize that by employing a huge number of women workers in the field of international management, they have gained high profit embodied with positive business insights, fewer business risks, greater means of integration of career and family and other kinds of valued aspects in business (Sultan and Sultan 2020). These all positive sense of business might lead towards high productivity and profitability of business organization.


In this specific segment of current study, appropriate and suitable methodological aspects have been highlighted, which help to answer research questions by fulfilling key objectives with desired outcomes. Hence, as per maintaining research onion, in the sense of research philosophy, researchers will prefer positivism approach at the most. This is because; it must help a lot to induce logical and meaningful arguments at the time of answering research questions by meeting objectives. Besides, in the case of research approach, there will be the aspect of deductive, as it helps to answer research questions from existing academic literature sources with the help derived from relevant theoretical and model-based aspects (Pandey and Pandey 2021). Apart from that in the field of research design, the descriptive aspect has highly focused on successful depiction of a research study’s key occurrences with an in-detailed approach over other tactics at the same time.

On the other hand, in the contexts of data collection and analysis, researchers must prefer the approach in terms of a secondary qualitative method at the very first position. By following non-probability sampling techniques, this method must help to avail authentic data from credible academic literary sources (Snyder, 2019). Those sources have consisted of journals, articles, books, newspapers, websites, and others related to the research topic area. Followed by this approach, for analyzing gathered data or responses, the thematic approach has been highly justified. This is because; it is important to say that as this method is very much cost-effective, it has consumed less time to analyze data with high levels of accessibility and accountability thereafter (Mohajan, 2018).

Conclusion / Findings

From that upper in-detailed discussion, it has been understood that the key roles and responsibilities of women workers in the international management field have been highly justified. However, due to sudden challenges, some of its practices have been staggered in most cases. Thus, apart from these things, successful means of women workers’ collaboration or participation in the field of international management have played pivotal roles to ensure adequate levels of organizational growth and productivity. Besides, suitable research paradigm aspects along with secondary qualitative as well as thematic analysis approaches have also played active roles to induce positive research outcomes desirably.

Time-plan / Action Plan

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Literature Review
Methodology selection
Data Collection and Analysis
Submission of Research and Review


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