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Business & Investment Plan

1. Summary:

Get an Idea as it name derives offers in depth strategic thinking and direction for small and medium sized organizations across United Kingdom. The prime objective of Get an Idea is to offer recruitment, selection consulting services with extensive training and mentoring programs to executives and leaders across all levels of organization. Get an Idea would be concentrating on in house training programs and external adventure programs which are capable of fostering enhanced level of confidence and human capital across employees of service organizations in UK firms.

Get an Idea would be targeting organizations that are seeking to enhance their workforce with new human capital and also those which are concerned about enhancing their state of organizational learning and development.  The business plan would offer deep insight in to the summary of the business model to be adopted by Get an Idea followed by that of sources of funding, marketing plans, resources and time lines for execution of the business plan.

As far as the recruitment services are concerned Get an Idea consulting would be engaged in executing talent search through online portals and platforms. Social media space has taken a crucial role in recruitment and Get an Idea consulting would multiply cost cutting capabilities of the firm. As a primary activity Get an Idea consulting would be able to implement change management across UK firms and add feather to the leadership pipelines with wide range of training and development programs. Emotional intelligence, coaching, mentoring, neuro linguistic programming, driving sales, enhancing customer service are  turning out to be one of the most important skill set, competencies for service organizations in United kingdom and Get an Idea consulting would be able to pioneer in these listed services.


Aaa and bbb are the two partners of Get an Idea consulting and they have been gaining considerable amount ofexperience with ample qualification in offering change management solutions for firms.  With diverse experience of 6+ in to hospitality firms as a human resource manager proposed recruitment, selection and training interventions could be offered to service organizations.

With aaa having rich experience in to human resource functions, BBB would be able to assist the rest of the company’s functions such as marketing, advertising in order to bring in more clients to the firm.  Since BBB experience has been associated with that of administrating an adventure based training organization organizing training events for Get an Idea consulting would be carried forward. Thus considerable amount of expertise by both crucial management personnel of Get an Idea consulting is an added advantage for executing the business plans.


In procuring financial resources for Get an Idea consulting both aaa and bbb have been able to invest their savings of about £90,000 of 50 – 50 proportions in to the business. Amidst these, future investors are also awaited to attain stake in Get an Idea consulting.

Mission Statement:

The above listed mission statement best reflect the day to day operations of Get an Idea consulting across service organizations which is capable of meeting the vision statement of the firm. With the riche inventory of experience from both the founders of the company executing the mission statement would be easier. Mission statement has clearly depicted the need of serving service industry of United Kingdom which is currently facing huge disparity of service quality due to lack of skilled human resources. Hence bringing about behavioral changes to the executives across service organizations would be the most key service priorities for Get an Idea consulting. Further the small and medium service organizations in United Kingdom are exposed to intense competition from the rivals which forces them to create competitive advantage based on creating unique competencies with in human resources. Get an Idea consulting would be keen on conducting both in – house training programs at the client place and in organizing adventure learning programs.  The strong projections underlying the mission statement of Get an Idea consulting is to accomplish a whooping sum of £75,000 in a span of one year from now.  Since the services has not been biased solely on recruitment and extends further to training and development the state of confidence in accomplishing the goals is high.


The proposed business plan would be laying the foundation bricks for accomplishing the mission and vision statement of Get an Idea consulting.

2. Business Overview


Get an Idea consulting would be located in United kingdom and would focus exclusively on offering recruitment, selection, training and development programs for service organizations. Get an Idea consulting would be located at the hot spot of London that would have ease of connectivity with the clients under service sector. As of now only one office would be located in London and based on the response of clients and the quantity of services offered Get an Idea consulting would be extending its service across multiple locations in United Kingdom.

Recruitment and selection:

Get an Idea consulting would focus on filling the talent gaps prevailing across the uk service industry. Recruitment process at Get an Idea consulting would be initiated post gaining requirements from the service organizations. Based on the lead generated by the marketing team Get an Idea consulting would be sending a requisition form to be filled by the concerned personnel of service organization.

This form would be offering more clarity on the job description and specification based on which Get an Idea consulting makes use of its online and offline networks for recruiting human resources. Recruitment at Get an Idea consulting would be carried over with online portals where in separate set of human resource would be held responsible for recruitment of candidates. Get an Idea consulting makes use of the social media space with extensive recruitment across Linked Inn, Facebook and other social platforms.

Unique selling proposition:

One of the most important niche that Get an Idea consulting takes in recruitment is the free of cost employee referral check that is pretty much essential to examine the validity of candidature.

Terms and conditions underlying the recruitment are yet another favourable norm of Get an Idea consulting where in only 50% of the payment is received form the client at the time of placement of candidate and rest of 50% of the payment is received post 3 months of employment. Get an Idea consulting takes in to account online evaluation tool that saves more of time for candidates and also promote quick fill of the vacancies for clients.

Training and development:

Training and development cost has always been high for small and medium survive organizations and are most likely to outsource them to the consultants. This is where services of Get an Idea consulting stand distinctive with unique training and development model that offers high priority for external training programs.

Outbound training:

Get an Idea consulting has tie up with adventure learning destinations that offer a thrilling and memorable experience to the participants. With qualified set of trainers Get an Idea consulting offers courageous outbound learning experience which promises change in behaviour across the workforce. Get an Idea consulting takes execution of leadership development programs that aims to promote the leadership pipeline through adventure learning. Rope games and trekking are two most important interventions being adopted by Get an Idea consulting with ample experience of bbb in to organizing development initiatives.

Simulation training:

Get an Idea consulting has tie up’s with simulation centres which comprise devices that are capable of offering real time (mock) environment through simulation to the participants. Simulation training are trending up across the service organizations in united kingdom especially across hospitality organizations.  Get an Idea consulting also makes use of simulation techniques to help clients on assessing competencies for recruitment and selection of candidates.

On the training context Get an Idea consulting has access to second life (virtual social media place) in order to promote the simulation training on wide range of subjects such as customer service, service quality, emotional intelligence, communications, leadership attributes. Small and medium enterprises would be able to enjoy huge amount of cost cuttings as a result of simulation training from Get an Idea consulting as it reduces the investment made in infrastructure for training and also multiplies kinaesthetic learning for the end participants.

Certifications of neuro linguistic programming and emotional intelligence:

As part of offering development solutions for workforce in service sector Get an Idea consulting would be organizing workshops on frequent basis to shed exposure on Neuro linguistic programming and Emotional intelligence.  Both these practices are turning out to be the need of the hour competencies for the managers across service organizations, and Get an Idea consulting would be making use of expertise to offer specialized workshops.

House learning programs:

Get an Idea consulting has experts who are well aware of the learning styles and its adaptation to target learners. Get an Idea consulting emphasize the importance of kinaesthetic learning and huge number of in house training interventions would be offered to the clients.

Unique selling proposition:

Get an Idea consulting offers extended training and development services to clients even after the execution of the programmes. Get an Idea consulting sticks to return on investment model that best showcases the tangible and intangible benefits that service organizations get to enjoy through services of Get an Idea consulting.  Get an Idea consulting devises  customized training framework for the clients that has been proven effective and hence effective evaluation mechanisms are capable of meeting the expectation of stakeholders of service organizations.

Marketing and promotional services:

The core functions of Get an Idea consulting being recruitment, selection and training interventions for service organizations. Adding to these Get an Idea consulting would focus on offering online marketing solutions to customers with the help of content marketing. Search engine optimization, content marketing through info- graphics, publishing contents, social media community management, ad words and storytelling are some of the sub services to be carried out. Since aaa and bbb do not carry potential experience in this regard hiring competent people in this will be crucial.

Current position:

Get an Idea consulting is a new start up venture and is projected to gain its unique space in the market through economical service charges and diversified solutions. There is more number of consultants across London and definitely they pose intense competition for Get an Idea consulting.  This is where unique selling proposition of Get an Idea consulting comes in to place Get an Idea consulting do not compete with consultants offering more insight for manufacturing firms rather it targets only service based organizations. Get an Idea consulting combines recruitment and training as two major services with content marketing as an additional stream. Since small and medium enterprises face complexities across these three major functions the probability of outsourcing is well realized by Get an Idea consulting.

Get an Idea consulting would also aid new start-up companies in overcoming challenges of employer branding by offering them more assistance on recruitment, selection and training interventions. Thus mixed portfolio of Get an Idea consulting through adventure learning and social media recruitment which has been more specialized to service based organizations act as a unique selling proposition for Get an Idea consulting to grow as successful consulting company.

Start-up Funding:

S.No Attributes Projected expenses in £
1 Advance for office premises 25,000
2 Business license 2,500
3 Website, business cards and corporate identity materials 2,500
4 In house tables, furniture and stationery for training 15,000
5 Computers and ERP 5,000
6 Cash in Hand to operations 25,000
7 Marketing expenses 5,000
8 Miscellaneous 10,000

Total fund essential to execute the start – up £ 90,000

Project Cash Flow:

The following chart offers deep insight in to the project cash flow through the sales and marketing interventions for services of Get an Idea consulting across.

As stated earlier a diversified set of services would be offered by Get an Idea consulting and hence the split up of revenues across these services are projected in chart above. Sales for the first year is expected to touch £70,000 and is all set to increase as the number of year increases.

Strategy of the business:

Core objectives:

Strategic analysis:

SWOT and Critical Success factors:



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