Invitation Assignment

Business Invitation Assignment

Business Mail to Ms. Alice

To:  Ms. Alice

Subject: Confirmation of the booking of MacDonald’s for dinner and dance

Greeting of the day Sir, You booking for Dinner and Dance has confirmed. The Grand Hotel got a booking request by MacDonald’s as the company is giving the Dinner and Dance party to its staff.

In this party, 500 people will come and party is next Saturday (15 April 2018) in our hotel. All requirements of the booking have completed accurately. This is confirmation mail that your booking has done for the same day. Your team can visit in The Grand Hotel according the scheduled time.

Thanks & Regards

F&B Supervisor

Personal Mail to friend for decoration

To: Sam

Subject: Event Decoration Information   

Hello Dear Sam, I hope you are well. I am writing this mail to you because your hotel confirmed an event for net Saturday (15 April 2018). The event will be start from 6.00PM in The Grand Hotel. In organising this event, you are selected for the decoration with the some special flowers. The below are information that are will be used in decoration:

Nam of flower Quantity
Rose 50 Pounds
Tulip 20 Pounds
Calla Lily 10 Pounds
Lily of the Valley 10 Pounds
Hydrangeas 5 Pounds
Peony 7 Pounds
Ranunculus 7 Pounds


As you are a responsible person for this, your management team selected you for this. I hope you will complete your responsibility effectively. Some advance of the work will be credited in your bank account soon. Hence, your should plan for the decoration of event and so we can provide a best experience to visitors.

Thanks & Regards

F&B Supervisor

Memo for All departments

To, HR department

From: F&B department

Cc; Financial department, Maintenance Department, Engineering Department, Front Office Department, Security department, Food and Beverage Department

Subject: Information for responsibilities in event

In our hotel, Next Saturday is a party in which approx 500 guests will come. This mail informs the various departments for their responsibilities in the organisation of the event.

HR department – This department will be responsible for managing the extra staff

Financial department – This will be responsible for recording all financial activities

Maintenance Department – The responsibility of the maintenance in hotel will look by this department

Engineering Department – This department complete all the work related to technology and electivity in the event

Front Office Department – This department will prepare the list of the guest

Security department – The responsibility of the security will be completed by security department

Food and Beverage Department – In the event, management of the food and beverage will seek by this department

Thanks and Regard

The Grand Hotel

Notice to Notify all hotel Guest of the Event

To: All staff members of MacDonald’s

From: The Grand Hotel

Subject: Invitation for Annual staff dinner and dance event

Greeting of the day, The Grand Hotel invites all the staff member of MacDonald’s on 15 April, 2018 (Saturday) on the annul party. This event will start from 6.00 PM that will run by midnight. In this, occasion all the staff of MacDonald’s are invited.

Thanks and Regard

The Grand Hotel

Invitation Assignment

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