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“Business Model Innovation”

Company profile

Unilever is considered as a consumer goods company that deals in multiple product line on UK. It includes food, beverage and Personal care products or manages also cleaning agents etc. The reason behind of selecting this company is that, Unilever has made great position in UK market and it has large customer base.

So to find the cause of its excellences, Unilever is selected in order to study its business model (Hasan, 2015). At the same time, Unilever also perceived as an excellent in its field because it always offer something new with unique quality and that assist company to achieve the competitive position.

Innovative Business model

Unilever has used the innovative business model innovation by adopting the “sustainable living plan innovation” into their operations and this model helps the company to achieved leading position in UK market.

Unilever incorporated various steps such as initiation, ideation, integration and implementation and these steps assist in achieving the competitive advantage over its competitors.

Initiation: Unilever initiated new program which is called as “sustainable living plan” in their new offering and they used the innovative business model. As per this model, Unilever offered the different brands like lifebuoy’s, Lipton and many products in order to create awareness among the customers.

For these product lines, Unilever targeted the youth and lower income group through promote hygiene among the target customers (Kaur, 2013). Thus, this sustainable business model proved to be beneficial for the Unilever in terms to enhance their sales approx. 70 billion.

Ideation: This idea is taken out by the Unilever due to increasing health issues among the society. In order to eliminate such problems, Unilever initiated the offering of sustainable healthy products.

Through the offering of lifebuoy, it makes the target customer aware about the importance of hygiene factors. That’s why Unilever take initiated to convert the idea into the actions plan through implementing the “sustainable living plan” model.

Integration: Unilever to make the “sustainable living plan” successful, it integrates with the community by observing the perception of target customers and accordingly develop the various campaigns like Unilever bright foundry in which allows the people to share their stories and at the same time,

Unilever also share their plan and invite their support for making their initiative to be implemented successfully (Amit & Zott, 2012).

Implementation: For implementing the “sustainable living plan” lifebuoy new range is launched into the market by marketing the product in unique ways. Company markets their products in village by positioning that it is necessary to use the lifebuoy before eating food, for that in chapattis they wrote the product name “lifebuoy”.

Besides that in UK market, lifebuoy developed campaigns with the cleaning hands and at the same time in UK market, they introduced the Lipton green tea for the health conscious people. Thus, such practices were used by the Unilever for successfully implementing its innovation model called “sustainable living life” (Schaltegger et al., 2012).

Thus, by applying the unique business model called “sustainable living life” Unilever able to developed such position in market and achieved high competitive advantage over its key competitors.


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