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Business research is a systematic approach that helps in finding the business issues to search for a proper solution to resolve those issues. This assignment has shed its light on some business research case study to reflect different research approaches, designs, methods used and many more aspects.


In this assignment, several case studies have been incorporated, of which some have highlighted “national cultures and its different management styles”. In contrast, some have illustrated “different international management decision-making processes”. In the module, different cases studies have been provided that have shown some research skills of different people. For example, in the case study of 5C, Elin has performed research on International marketing issues as she has a major interest in this topic. According to Mataniariet al. (2020), therefore, from this perspective, it is clear to me that we are also required to focus on the research subject on which I have the most interest.

7BUS2002- Business Research Methods

In this case, study, Elin has discussed this topic with her mentor and has noted all type minute requirements that can be further utilized in her research work. This is also an important part of the research; where listening, observing, searching, interpreting and finally understanding play a major key role in making the paper more accurate. According to Wilmore and Willison (2016), in terms of searching more proper, Elin has relied on standardized business articles and academic journal papers, rather than any random site material. This trend has been observed in other case studies as well, such in the case study of 3b. Similarly, Petro has not only relied on a single source but has searched for multiple ones to make the research paper more authentic. This has helped me to generate an idea that only a single source is not enough to conduct entire research, or it might lower the quality of work.

In the case study 8d, Chris was researching to examine the views of the western corporate managers and the eastern managers of the European countries. According to Gyuris (2018), also suggesting that it was difficult to recognize the entire European countries, Chris must consider three countries from either direction, which will help to enrich the project. The supervisor also added that to focus the data on western Germany, Chris has made more research also obeys the works according to their needs.

In the case study of 12e, it can be observed that Rebecca has followed an ethical method to conduct the primary research. As commented by Bandaranaike (2018), the primary data collection process is most reliable but also controversial to conduct any research work. Here, it can be observed that Rebecca has contacted some regional shops and has noted down all the necessary information about those shops. She has mailed each of them to participate in the research and has designed a proper questionnaire. Here the questions have been designed simply and have focused on the key topic, which has provided the idea of how important the questionnaire is in our research work.


The reflection concludes that the entire project was prepared on the provided case studies regarding business research and simply maintaining the business research. The reflection about the case study was provided in such a way that the researcher understood it easily. In the last step, the reflection was provided about what about my understanding and how it will improve my skills for conducting any project.

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