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Subject: Recommendations to agent related to service protocol

Opening statement


The main purpose of this memo is to recommend the necessary policy changes in service protocol which are developed by global sigma services for its all agents. In other words, the motive behind writing a memo is to improve the agent services in efficient and effective manner. While studying, it is found that the problem of consistency in information arises because of agents as the services and information which they offered to clients is not sufficient and efficient.

In this case, it is determined that for providing effective services and information to clients, the company is developing new policies as a recommendation to meet the problem successfully. With the help of recommended new policies, the company will able to satisfy its potential clients with their agent services. Thus, these recommendations would help the company to provide right and accurate information to the clients in order to develop their loyalty and trust towards the company services.


In this part of the memo, the main problem observed is that company is facing problem-related to agent services which are offered to clients. After conducting a survey, the company identified that there is the problem which clients are facing due to the inconsistency of information or services which are provided by agents related to academic courses or institution and identifying accommodation for students, etc.

The problem will arise due to some factors like providing wrong or false information to clients regarding the academic norms and courses or providing accommodation to students at high rates and so on. However, this type of information affected sigma global services reputation in the market and in the views of clients.


So, in order to overcome the problems, the company decided to make the decision related to changes in the policy of the agent services by providing some recommendations for improvement to a large extent.

In concern to it, the quantitative problem is determined that the clients mostly students are provided with wrong guidance because of inaccurate information which is provided by company’s agents. Thus, this inefficient services practices develop misunderstanding and affect negatively on the company image and this result into the false in company goodwill and reputation.

Summary and Discussion

Under this part, brief discussion and understanding are developed regarding the recommendations which are provided for the problem that is faced by the company due to agent services which are provided to clients in terms of consistency in the information provided to clients.

In concern to it, there are some recommendations which are provided to the company regarding the company service policies which are developed in order to improve the knowledge of agents related to service protocol and also help in providing the right information to the client. There are some recommendations related to policy changes which are to be followed by agents:

  • While providing transportation related advice then it must include additional information related to concessions, estimated cost, and other benefits.
  • The advice related to accommodation must be accurate and relevant so that it helps in meeting the expectation and experience.
  • There is need to provide more details about the childcare cost and facility as well as about the duration of services like university holidays and breaks and also university opening hours.
  • In addition, agents are required to take approval from Sigma Global Service related to any marketing material which is prepared for marketing and advertising purpose, i.e., agent must ensure about the ethical marketing.
  • The other recommendation is that agent must ensure they are well informed about each institution and their courses which they offer to their students, and also agents are required to represent all institution in fair and equal manner.

Moreover, the main purpose of implementing these recommendations is that to support the agents in performing their duties and services efficiently. These all recommendation will support in the company and agents in developing their reputation and goodwill in the market by providing authenticated information to the clients.

Therefore, implementation of recommendation will support the Sigma Global Services to offer relevant information to its clients so that they achieve more customer satisfaction level.

Closing Statement

Overall, this memo provides a brief understanding related to the problem faced by clients due to agent services of Sigma Global Service as an agent of the company offered clients with inefficient or inaccurate information related to academic course or institutions and accommodation. This problem affected negatively on the image and reputation of the company.

kThis problem is identified by the company through a survey which is conducted in 150 countries where sigma global service has its agents to offers services to a client. Because of this survey, the company came to know about the problem related to false information which agents are providing to their clients.

In context to it, it was also identified that information which is provided to clients like students are misleading them by providing wrong information to clients. Moreover to this, a company decided to develop some recommendations which will help agents to adhere more towards the policies which are developed in order to improve the services offered to clients.

In addition to it, Sigma Global Service developed various recommendations by bringing changes in the policies which provide benefits to the company as well as to their clients in terms of loyalty and maintaining the goodwill. With the help of these recommendations, a company will able to improve its services as well as target the untapped areas successfully by providing their effective and efficient services to them.

At last, it is also recommended to a company that if they want to successfully implement the policies in their services, then they must conduct a survey on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) so that they can identify the areas of improvement and performance of agents towards offering the services to clients.


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