BUSN20019 Assignment

BUSN20019 Assignment 2020

Research field

Cross-cultural training has become very crucial in the era of globalization for enhancing the productivity and serviceability of the company. The research will be based on the impact of cross-cultural training on employees’ performance in an organization which helps in assisting the fulfillment of the business goal.

One of the important components of business management includes human resource management for executing all of the business objectives systematically. Maintaining a stable and discrimination-free workplace also add value to consumers for engaging themselves in work.

Source of secondary data

The secondary data related to cross-cultural training will be gathered from the website articles, authentic journals, and books which is published with 3 years’ time-span for making the research reliable.

The journal articles should be identified from the database of Goggle Scholar and Science Direct which is included as the public source for gathering secondary information. They are identified based on the use of key terms in the database of Google Scholar and Sciencedirect.

The importance of cross cultural training is demonstrated through https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/importance-cross-cultural-training-gracie-johnson-lopez. The process of getting competitive advantage is simplified from the source of http://www.odrnews.com/7869.php.

Research questions

The study aims to evaluate the impact of cross-cultural training for enhancing business performance. Specific RQ: What are the effectof following the cross-cultural training for improvement of the workplace and engage the staff more into the work?

Variables: sales revenue, productivity

Search terms

In order to identify the relevant article related to cross-cultural training on Google Scholar, the use of key-terms help to identify the most suitable articles. The search terms are ‘cross-cultural training’, ‘employee engagement’, ‘HRM practices’ and ‘implementation of cross-cultural training’.

Selection of secondary sources

Employee engagement is accomplished through delivering cross-cultural training where employees have worked in a collaborative manner for executing the business goal(Nadeem, et al., 2018)(Jyoti & Kour, 2015).

The cultural diversity and the assistive nature of workers help to enhance the productivity and the profit margin for the firm which is included as the advantage of cross-cultural training(Dhar, 2015).

Dhar, R., 2015. Service quality and the training of employees: The mediating role of organizational commitment. Tourism Management, 1(46), pp. 419-430.

Jyoti, J. & Kour, S., 2015. Assessing the cultural intelligence and task performance equation: Mediating role of cultural adjustment. Cross-Cultural Management, 2(22), pp. 236-258.

Nadeem, S. et al., 2018. Examining cross-cultural compatibility of high performance work practices. International Business Review, 3(27), pp. 563-583.

BUSN20019 Assignment

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