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Going green may look to be the current trend, however it is also a trend of various advantages for the owners of businesses. The implementation of green in the organization makes a healthy environment for workers, reduce needless waste and identifies the role that the business play in leading the approach for the social change.

TATA Motors is one of the multinational brands within the segment of automobile. After its foundation in 1945, very slowly and steadily, it developed its growth of success (Gwynne, 2010). The prime reason behind this is mainly due to its wide range of products and varying features and colours.

Apart from this, TATA Motors became successful in manufacturing vehicles as per the economic capability of the target population and such a strategy represented as a benefit for the business. This policy helped the brand in augmenting its profit margin and sustainability within the market compared with other competitors. In contrast, to retain itself, TATA Motors now tried to opt for ‘go green’ approach.

This helped the association in improving the eco friendliness of the atmosphere to a significant extent. As a result, the position and ranking of the brand could get improved resulting in strengthening of the prosperity in regard to many other competing players (Kaur, 2014).


In this age of advanced technology, sustainability is the only desire of any association. Keeping this aspect in mind, TATA Motors also decided to implement approach of eco-friendliness within its products. This is done in order to reduce the intensity of carbon footprints to a significant extent. The prime intension behind this tactic is to save the environment from varied types harmful gases.

Sustainability of business is the practice of conducting business without harming the environment. Green business works in the interests of the local and global environment that essentially supports a healthier and healthier community and economy.

An environmentally conscious business considers more than just profit – it is thought to have an impact on society and the environment. TataMotors is sustainable as it contributes to the health of the structure and thus helps to create a successful business environment. Providing green alternatives within an organization can improve the workplace.

The supply of green cleaning machines can help workers with shortness of breath and health-related conditions due to less green products –for example nitrobenzeneand sodium hypochlorite that are involved in physical problems (Kapil, 2015). Moreover, some organizations have taken going green evena phasemore by changing excess food waste from the launch canteen into methaneto supply the structure with energy (Mishraand Sharma, 2010).

As stated by Memdani(2013), many companies find themselves in this position. Also, environmental organization is taking a stand in contrast toorganization, they believe are not considered their responsibility, ruining their image. Greenpeaceprotested by finding an agency that used illegal timber produced from protected forests.

In this way, going green improves the overall image of the concerned organization and puts its business on the other end of the spectrum. To improve the ethics and loyalty of the organization, this step will set a positive example for the employees of Tata Motor.

Tata motor will be sought outby the newer eco-friendly tech generation that favors to work with company that have gone green. Customers and companies raise awareness about their transactions with responsible organization. Thus, taking the green position can give the organization competitive edge and credibility (Saini, 2014).


The greater value of being green is associated with keeping the health of the environment in the organization. Moreover, the use of sustainable method can prevent wastage of natural resource, reducing the risk of weakening in the long run. In this case, the purpose of making this change is to conserve natural resource through sustainable means or by taking measure for reducing the amount spent.

This study has shown that Tata motors that use green technology and sell green products are observing arise in their profits with green initiative enhancing in admiration. Along with that, Tata motors has included green changes, for example recycling and composting, changing conveyance ways to save gas, dropping packing and supplying its shelves with the green products. Accordingly, Tata Motors is seeing a positive response from customers to replace green products (Sanghaviet al. 2015).

For Tata Motors, it has now acquired the most deluxe brands protected, Land Rover and Jaguar under their protective care. The organization sells several vehicles running on alternative fuels, like CNG across the national market accompanied byits petrol and dieselrunning vehicles. Tata Motors has always been informed that it benefits the public and maintaining it pollution free. In this way, Tata Motors provides a varied range of services to the market and customer based on the demands and requirements without compromising on quality.


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