Case Study Research Report

Case Study Research Report

Executive Summary

Management of the project is required in every organisation for delivering the products and services to the customers. This also involves the effective contribution of leaders and managers which makes the employees work in a team for the attainment of a goal and achieving the objective.

Various factors affect the employees and their contribution to the project management which needs to be managed by project manager and leader. This leads to allocation of right work to the right personnel for meeting with the needs of the employees and enhancing their contribution.


Leaders make their effective role in making the teamwork for the welfare of the organisation. This makes them develop the project for the execution of activities in the management of leadership with the adoption of theories.

The project management has been taken in Vodafone which is the second large mobile phone company provide its services worldwide. The role of a project manager in the management of the project will be explained in the further analyses and the factors which affect the project will also be made. This makes them plan in advance for the activities that need to be undertaken for the management of the project.


Project management is required in a business to overcome the problems by having various solutions to the problem in it. This makes it develop the system of integration of services with the adequate implementation of leadership tactic which involves the great contribution of leaders and managers.

This makes organisations like Vodafone to meet with the needs of the customers with the development of services and products. The management of the Vodafone is based on providing the utmost satisfaction to the customers with the evolvement of commitment that has been made with the people.

Leadership and Project Management

Leaders play an effective role in the development of new products and services which are required by the customers. This involves the effective contribution of employees and leaders which could help in identifying the needs of the customers.

This involves the management of a team that hasa dynamic nature for identification of needs and demands so that adequate facilities could be provided to them. Leadership management in Vodafone helps in grabbing the position in the market by making the employees contribute effectively to the organisation.

This affects the management of resources in the development of leadership tactics which makes the development of team dynamics. This makes the team have better performance with the instructions and guidancethat has been provided with the leaders(Heagney, 2016).

The arousal of conflicts among the employees makes the leaders contribute in an effective manner with the initiation that could help in developing the strategies. The strategies make the management of the team to be made in such a manner that could contribute to a great extent.

The high involvement of people in the project management makes it allocate the work to the people in a respective manner. This will create an atmosphere of the effective delegation of responsibility in the organisation.

Another situation that took over in the organisation was the high level of competition that took place due to innovative strategies adopted by the competitive firms(Larson &Gray, 2017). This makes the leaders take effective steps that could help in meeting with the needs of the company by having the development of project strategies which help in sustaining in the competitive environment.

Project leadership theory

Various leadership theories are taken into consideration in the project management of Vodafone so that solutions to the problems could be made. This makes the leader take adoptive actions which could make them influence and attract the employees for delivering the best services to the customers(Kerzner&Kerzner, 2017). The following leadership theories help in the management of the project of delivering the new services with adoptive strategies are-

The transformational– transformational theory is adopted in the Vodafone for motivating the employees and making them increase their morale which could help in delivering the best services and products. It is based on four factors that are influence, motivation, situational and concern.

Adaptive– this makes the leaders meet with the challenges by mobilizing the employee in the Vodafone. This makes them provide a number of solutions to tough challenges.

Strength-based– Leaders are made to use their strength for meeting with the issues and problems that persist in the organisation.

Leaders make the adoption of the above-mentioned strategies so that they can meet with the dynamic changes that take place in the organisation due to the difference in the behaviour of the people.

This makes them take an accurate decision for betterment of employees which could make them meet with drastic changes that take place globally ((Cooper, 2017). The role of the leaders is to make the management of the project to be made and implemented in such a manner that could make it beat the competition by innovative and creative ideas given by the employees.

Leadership theories are meant to be implemented for the management of work and managing the team in the organisation.

Case Study Research Report

Team dynamics

Teamwork is essential in the company for meeting with the situations that take place in the organisation due to a difference in opinions, increasing competition and lack of support.

This makes the Vodafone have management of the project with the relevant and adequate contribution of employees in it. Project management required employees to work in a team so that its main goals and objectives could be achieved in a systematic manner. The project management involves the basic aspect to be given with priority is a human resource.

This makes the leaders and manager take corrective actions for the management of resources which could help in resolving the issues and problems that persist in Vodafone.

Project Team dynamic can impact positively and negatively in the organisation which require them to be provided with adequate instruction. This will help in making them work towards the organisation and for meeting with the goals.

Vodafone makes their project teamwork in a collaborative manner so that better results could be obtained and employees could work effectively(Heinze, 2017). Project leader in the company creates an atmosphere that is collaborative, inductive and cooperative in nature which leads to optimal contribution in the growth and team effort.

The growth of the organisation relies on the contribution that has been made by the team members for managing the project in an effective manner. The contribution of employees with the relevant leader makes them have fewer conflicts in the organisation.

The leaders and managers in the Vodafone UK make the employees in the organisation act in a positive manner so that they can assure more trust. Teams make them engagement to go through four stages in the organisation such as forming, storming, norming and performing.

The safety of the team members makes them indulge in the activities which help in making them work in a team. Leaders and managers schedule the time and arrange activities for the employees so that they can make themwork together for the accomplishment of objectives.

This makes the team membershave a bond of trust with the managers and leaders which make them overcome from all the problems and situations in the organisation(Henri, et. al., 2016). Project managers and leaders take corrective actions for the management of the human resource in the Vodafone and making the employees work in a team.

The effective contribution of employees can lead to a reduction in competition and grabbing a large number of customers in the organisation.

Functions and Role of project manager

A project manager takes initiative for the development of the plan and project that could help in meeting with respective gaols. The major responsibility of the project manager is to initiate, plan, design, execute, monitor and control the project for its closure.

The project manager makes the development of a plan that could meet with respective demands by combining the skills it has for the production of products and services. The manager in the Vodafone creates assumptions that help in resolving the problems and conflicts that take place in the organisation due to lack of experience and knowledge which is carried among the team members(Glendon& Clarke, 2015).

The project manager makes the development of those skills which helps in detecting the assumptions and solution which could easily help in resolving the issues and problems.

In Vodafone, the manager creates an atmosphere which makes them observe the changes that take place in the organisation with the development of such aspects which can meet with certain needs and demands. This makes the manger to motivate the employees and plan in advance so that the execution of activities could be made in such a manner that could meet with the competition.

This makes the manager define the scope of the project with the estimation of cost, time, budget and risks that could help in meeting with objectives that are set by the organisation. This makes the manager integrate and develop activities which makes the employees in Vodafone mitigate the risks and earn high profits.

The manager makes the planning and execution of programs which could help in assisting the employees for meeting with objectives(Almeida, et. al., 2017). This makes the organisation sustain in the market by developing the skills for mitigating with the risks with the adoption of potential strategies.

This makes the manager have effective leadership in the organisation with the involvement of team members and earning high profits. This makes the leaders work in collaboration for reducing the impact that took over in the Vodafone because of the establishment of new firms and high competition.

Critical success factors

Various factors are undertaken in the Vodafone that affects the project management of leadership and management in the organisation. The factors that impact project management are-

Deadline- Project manager makes the development of the project that creates an impression on the other team members. This makes the development of a project that needs to be completed on time and meet with the deadline. This makes the execution of the project to be made with the embracement of precautionary actions that would meet with the risks that take place before and after the implementation of the project(Fleming, 2019).

Budget- Another factor that needs to be examined while implementing and developing the project is the development of a budget plan. This makes the focus on the allocation of cost to those activities which could make it to the effective completion of the project.

Stakeholders-stakeholders in Vodafone needs to be kept happy so that they can involve in the organisation for completion of the project. This makes them create an atmosphere where the demands of the stakeholder are made so that achievement of goals could take place.

Demand and supply- Other factors that affect the project and its execution as this make the management to make its efforts for the effective production of products which could be supplied to the customers.

Project members-The role of team members and employees in the Vodafone makes their effort for meeting with the needs of the project. Team members are essential in the project management for the execution of activities and completion of the project (De Araújo, et. al., 2017).

Price-This needs to be set in the organisation with the analysis of the market so that it could be effective in nature with the involvement of people. This makes the organisation grab the position in the market and lead to satisfying the customers.


The following recommendations that need to be taken into consideration and provided to Vodafone for the management of the project are as follows-

  • The team members in the organisation need to be motivated by the leaders and manager so that they can give an active contribution to solving the problems.
  • The analysis of market needs to be made with the project management so that the risks that would take place in it could be managed.
  • Leaders need to give more effort for the development and execution of the project which makes it grab the position in the market while meeting with completion.
  • The project manager needs to plan in advance which could make the organisation meet with risks that could arise in future.


From the above analysis, it is concluded that leaders and managers have an evident role in project management. This makes them consider various factors which affect the project management of leadership and management.

The theories of leadership are also explained in the above part which makes the leaders participate in the activities which help in managing the project in an effective manner. The functions of the project manager have been explained which helps in managing and executing the project with the adaptive planning process.


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