Casestudy Healthy Ageing


The main purpose of this report is to conduct an interview with a person in order to understand his perspectives towards his life as well as ageing process. For the interview, a person selected by me is my older friend who is still my good friend.

In addition, this study will also help in identifying or discussing different aspect such as personal life, impact of ageing, ageing process, theory related to ageing. At last, this report will also provide a reflection study in which learning will be discussed and also highlight on experience that will help me in future nursing of the older person.


The appropriate person for conducting an interviewee is my older friend from my college days. The relationship with me of this person is like a best friend. He has good personality as well as he is always available for me whenever I required his support or help.

The chronological age is a concept which reflects one’s age or position in a better manner in an aging process. The functional age is combination of chronological, emotional, physiological, and mental ages. In respect to this,  the chronological age of my friend is about 25 years old and his functional age is measured or defined by him is 20 years where he was able to work on his own i.e., he was not fully independent or dependent.

From last 2 years, he is fully independent person who can makes its own decision and perform its job or family responsibility in an efficient manner.

The roles and responsibilities of my friend is not much because he is younger boy in a family and has one elder brother.

According to their perspective, the role of his is not that easy because he has also a responsibility to contribute in the family spending. He is a working person and performing it all liabilities at work in an effective way in order to achieve its desired goals and objectives.

In addition, the perspective of his towards the job role at a workplace is customer relationship manager where he has to develop more loyal relationship with customers in order to meet the organizational goals and objectives.

While interviewing, it is also identified that there is one special and most memorable moment in his life i.e., in social life, he contributed highly towards society and needed people by joining hands with NGO as well as helping the old people to work easily.

The memorable moment for his was when he joined NGO where he had visited different NGO students and spends time with them and also providing them with required materials.

This made him feel very special because the smile on children faces was very big and that also motivated him to work consistently or frequently with NGO efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the most memorable events found in his personal life is that an international trip rewarded by company.

Aging Process

Yes, during interview of the person, it is clearly determined that for my friend, health is more important for him. According to him, health is more important than anything and he believes that health is something which makes the life more happening and attractive because if person health is good then he feels more motivated rather than a person whose health is unwell.

In addition to this, the person (my friend) also stated that he is more conscious and aware about health in order to avoid the health issues or diseases as his one of family member faced one major health disease i.e., cancer.

There are different acute illness and chronic illness which people faces in their life journey. In respect to this, I also identified that my friend had already suffered from acute disease i.e., broken bone, flu, heart attack, common cold and so on. On the other hand, my friend also stated that he has no chronic illness that affects his future life for long term period till yet.

However, the acute illness that he faced is for a short term period and this illness taught or aware him more about health issues that made him realize i.e., how important health for everyone.

In addition, the physical observation that I faced in their ageing process is that my friend has problem in his eyes i.e., I observed that while talking his eye ball direction is at different side and this seems to be quite odd.

On the other side, life transition also identified in individual that helps in assessing the significant impact on self-image, future planning and life activities. The life transition for aging process is that an individual move in his life by moving or focusing on different roles or family configuration.

Impact of Aging

According to his perspective, the benefits of ageing is very high in his age group because there are more opportunities and security in comparison to old people who faces high challenges or threat in their age groups.

The benefit of ageing involves are social security, tax benefits, less accidents, less criminal victimization, Medicare and many more. In context to this, less accident is benefit of ageing because according to him, this age generation is more aware about the health and safety because of this reason the young generation are wearing helmets and driving smoothly in order to avoid the risk to life (Oluwabamide & Eghafona, 2012).

In addition to this, in today’s developing economy, tax benefits and social security are major advantages that person enjoys in this age groups because in this ageing, individual is so active that for getting tax benefits that adopt all those steps which are necessary.

On the other hand, there are different challenges which are faced by a people in the ageing group. The challenges of ageing for an individual include social isolation, ageism, lack of social capital and so on (Venkatesh, et al. 2012).

These challenges affect the human societies in efficient and effective because in human societies, there is high need to develop a social practices and mechanism in the future so that social detachment is mitigated or minimized.

The cultural factors that have influenced their ageing process are social and community environment. The cultural factor is also successful ageing factor that is considered by all people because this factor influences their decision as well as help in pursuing their own goals with age and cultural differences.

In concern to this, it is also understandable that ageing process is limited in a present situation and that is measured between dissimilar groups that have not faced in form of life-altering experiences. However, cultural factor influences or help the individual in understanding the cultural environment in a better manner.

Casestudy Healthy Ageing

Ageing Theory

The Ageing theory which suits according to his perspective is modern biological theory. The modern biological theory of ageing is defined as a theory which is also stated as one of the traditional ageing theory (Aldwin, et al. 2017). In this theory, human falls into two different categories i.e., programmed and damage theories.

In addition, programmed theories also implied that aging follows a proper biological timetable that regulates the childhood growth and development. The programmed theories are also categories in three different sub-categories i.e., endocrine theory, programmed longevity and immunological theory and so on (Blagosklonny, 2013).

At the same time, damage or error theories also defined as theory that relates to accumulation of cross-linked proteins damages (Bengtson & Settersten Jr, 2016). This theory proposes that aging is a consequence of unrepaired accumulation that occurs naturally in form of DNA damages. The DNA damage is related to abnormal structure of the body.

This modern biological theory is applied to a person efficiently because this theory defines the actual human falls and activities which affect them or influences them.


In this reflection, it can be clearly stated that my friend personal and social life is very attractive and motivating because as he is more dedicated towards achieving a desired goals as well as contributing successfully in the society.

This report study also helped me in developing more knowledge about the ageing process in which I identified and learned that different person have different types of illness and also help in analysing the person who is selected as an interviewee.

This study also help me in developing more understanding related to impact of aging in which I also learned that aging process also provides different benefits and challenges and cultural factors that influences the person ageing process.

This interview experience will influence my future nursing of the older person in a better and effective manner because this study helps or encourages me to help others mainly older people by providing them support to live their life successfully.

Moreover, this study also helped me in comparing my interview findings with the theory of ageing. Therefore, I can easily state that this study is very useful and helpful for me in developing my skill and knowledge in a better manner.


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