Change Management

Change Management: Analysis and visioning tools 

Literature Review

Change management is becoming an important aspect for every company in this frequently changing business environment.

The recent business scenario demands for adopting different approaches that fulfil the needs of the customers and clients.

According to Cameron and Green (2015), there are various tools and techniques that help the organisation to analyse that whether the implementation of change management proves to be useful or not.

It can be done through use of various techniques. Flow charting is the appropriate tool which gives an idea about the requirement of change management.

Through the flow chart, company will make the sketch of all processes and activities of company. Based on this, the company identify the area where changes need to implement.

For example, if company fails to deliver the product at right time then company determine that they are lacking in making timely available of product to customers.

Analysis and visioning tools

For that, company use the advanced technology like centralized system for timely delivery of product to the customers. This way company address the issues.

Other than that, Anderson and Anderson (2010) illustrated that force field analysis is the change management tool and it provides the view of change problems that needs to be tackled.

In regards to this tool, company needs to look at the benefits of change instead of just simply accept the changes.

Thus, both these tools help in identifying that how much the change management would prove to be useful for the company.

In a similar manner, Schroth et al. (2011) provided the visioning tools of the change management and as per that, visioning tools requires the time, skilled workforces and resources etc that helps in the implementation of change management in organisation.

In favour to this study, Markley (2012) analysed that the leaders are also an important element that execute the change management and it is a fact that without having a proper guidance, no management can bring change properly.

So, the skilled and talent leader are the requirement for implementing the change management.

Therefore, timely availability of resources, great leader and rightly time implementation etc, and these areas contribute or support towards the actual development of change in the organisation.

Likewise, if company has proper availability of resources and possess skilled people (leader) then leader guide the individual properly and make people accept the changes (Erickson et al., 2011).

Other than that, effective leader also helps in timely implementation of change management. Thus, this way company achieves its vision in the form of properly development of change management.


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