Cloud Computing CN7026 Assignment sample

Introduction (Cloud Computing CN7026)

This Web application is developed to maintain the records and it is a common platform for the cloud computing service providers. The Service providers can be chosen by the people in the platform according to their ratings and wish. This Application has nearly all the major student details and it also has its name.

This platform is developed as a web application and is implemented in the cloud platform this also provides auto scaling and many features are used in this so the load to the website can be managed and many features are also added in the cloud The bucket is used in the cloud platform to store the data and MySQL is used in this for the database.

More features in cloud platform GCP is used in this many other features are also included in this. The VM is created the web application is deployed in this and the port number is secured so hackers can’t attack the website.

Project Plan

The project planning is done after the requirements are collected. The project plan consists of scope and objectives, time schedule and budget of the project. The time schedule defines the deadline for the each phase of the project. The budget defines the overall cost of the project.

This project plan helps to identify the status of the project on a particular duration. This is used to track the project completion based on the schedule as well as cost. The project plan consists of scope plan, cost plan and the time plan. This also involves the risk plan which identifies the risks involved in the project and its mitigation plan to avoid or mitigating the effects.


The key feature on this application is a backend and the database enforcing the GCP and dealing with the weight balancer and auto scaling the Cloud platform completed managing the inbound and outbound regulations of the networking inside the Cloud platform. The cloud platform enables this software greater copy and effortlessly reachable in all modes of the tool and its miles used storage and car managing moreover completed and many functions can be brought automatically if the greater load is applied to the net website online.

There are two types of requirements. They are functional and non functional requirements. The functional requirements are defined by set of functions of the project. And also the input and output of the function also should be specified. The functional requirements of this project are User account creation, adding student details, updating the student details, student report.  Each user of this system has different functions.

The non functional requirements define how the system should behave. The non functional requirements are performance, cost, security, adaptability, compatibility and so on. This requirement measure and verify the characteristics of the system.

Cloud Computing CN7026 assignment sample

HYBRID CLOUD: A corporation has to then deploy a virtualization layer, or a hypervisor, to create and aid virtual machines (VMs) and, in some cases, packing containers. Then, IT groups ought to installation a personal cloud software program layer, which includes Open Stack, on top of the hypervisor to deliver cloud abilities, including self-service, automation and orchestration, reliability and resilience, and billing and chargeback. A non-public cloud architect will commonly create a menu of neighbourhood services, consisting of compute instances or database instances, from which users can pick.

Data centre and standards:

GCP has recognized critical device additives required to preserve the availability of our device and get better service within the event of an outage. Critical tool additives are backed up during multiple, isolated places called Availability Zones. Each Availability Zone is engineered to characteristic independently with excessive reliability. Availability Zones are connected to allow you to consequences without problems architect packages that mechanically fail-over amongst Availability Zones without interruption.

Highly resilient structures, and therefore agency availability, is a feature of the device layout. Through the use of Availability Zones and statistics replication, GCP clients can gather distinctly quick restoration time and recovery component objectives, further to the highest stages of provider availability.

The well-known of the GCP is always ideal and the records also are secured and lots of capabilities are available on this platform and it could be managed automatically and any effect on this and is notified to the admin the use of email and API provider is available within the GCP for the login machine the console is greater interactive and easy to apply moreover it’s miles managed in my zone are available to boom the platform and automobile-backup facilities also are to be had to increase the Instance.

There are four types of data centre tier standards based on the number of redundant components and down time. This is categorized based on the business requirements.

Cloud System Architecture developed

Here the subsequent photo is the sample structure of the complete Application done inside the cloud platform all of the features and the path of how the procedure is done are detailly defined. Here the weight balancer is used to control the burden of the website and autoscaling organization is also implemented and the cloud is spat in 2 factors as vicinity A and Zone B the software run within the equal platform of the zone but it’s far to be had inner all vicinity the overall device displays the usage of the unique character and the following image describe the manging of the cloud platform service.

The web application where the user interface are developed and the database are created in this project.

Virtual Machine:

In this, the main server is created and the all the monitoring data like CPU utilization and Linux server is evolved present-day model and is mounted with the database to shopping the records and all of the provider are monitored below using screen g and alarm capabilities additionally regular to appearance any prone capabilities in the server are any problem its miles notified through mail.

Cloud Computing CN7026


The RDS is the database used for the web software and aura is used due to the fact it’s far greater secured and its miles carried out in that and the CPU usage is likewise monitored in this and Cluster, Performance of dashboard is also proven right here how it’s far implemented. This is the principal part of the internet software and it’s also car managing it could be extended and that is the maximum cozy than putting in MySQL in the instance.

Cloud Computing CN7026



The Kubernetesis used to control the burden for the server and it can be controlled automatically if the burden is more than a selected circumstance the new server is created to ft down the CPU usage to low and is managed by way of the unique field best.

Cloud Computing CN7026

GCP Auto scaling:


Managed example groups offer auto scaling capabilities that allow you to robotically add or delete times from a managed instance organization based totally on will increase or decreases in load. Auto scaling helps your apps gracefully take care of increases in traffic and decrease prices whilst they want for resources is lower. You define the auto scaling policy and the autoscaler plays automated scaling based on the measured load.

Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026

Implementation using any cloud platform and its costing


The net software is carried out using the GCP cloud platform IT is charitable primarily based on the provider we get admission to in that platform and it also has many features to undertaking the login functions and the burden and the internet are extra comfy dint he GCP. GCP is the pinnacle maximum cloud platform inside the global and its performance is greater less expensive.

Cloud Computing CN7026

Analysis and Reflection

As the people request there is no common platform for connecting the cloud platform and this the near to service centre this allows the user to contact the respective service provider to get the information about the cloud features, they provide and also the shows the request they use in this platform.


The web Application has high entity admit is managed in the GCP cloud platform and many features are also edited in this it is high scalable and entity. This Web utility is used to create cloud features without any reference to different recommendations. This also more secures and it is implemented within the database of cloud wherein it could be based as beneath and is more interactive use the Web utility. The Web utility is managed in the GCP cloud platform and highly scalable.


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