Cloud Computing

Descriptions and Justifications of the Solution Design

Cloud computing is a modern process, which facilitates the users in acquiring services in association with the computer processing system. It is a model that assists people in obtaining the effective solution in concerned with the storage problem. In addition, cloud computing is easily accessible by the customers to collecting information about the computer network, applications, services, servers, etc.

The data through cloud computing can be easily shared across the world and distance is not a major hurdle for accomplishing the activity on time. Nowadays, cloud computing facilitates the companies to develop their business activities by enhancing the parameters of the technological framework.

For example, cloud computing is an effective model in the educational industry such as Sikkim Manipal University to spread awareness among the students at low cost.

Description Strategies of Customer Journey

The customer journey is a sequential process, which outlines different strategies for attaining the objective on time by making effective utilization of available resources. The students are able to gather sufficient level of information about different courses and lectures with the help of cloud computing.

Sikkim Manipal University through cloud computing underlines the durations and associated cost of different courses for generating awareness among the students and professors.

In addition, cloud computing supports the university in creating the strong relationship with the students by providing superior services, within reasonable prices. It also facilitates in retaining the students for a longer period with the University and maintains standards loyally with them by providing valuable services on time.

Description and Justification of Information Architecture

Technology architecture


Work Breakdown Structure



From the above table or the timeline, it can be determined that there are different steps including system planning stage, system analysis and the requirement stage, desisting phase stage, testing , coding, implementation and the documentation stage that will be followed by the Skim Maniapal University for successful implementation of the cloud computing system and

to improve the performance of the ERP (Enterprise resources planning ) and CRM (customer relationship management )  software. In the first stage of initial planning, SMU will make the plan regarding the budget, risk, and test the feasibility of the plan as well. It will help the firm to establish an effective cloud computing and better use of the ERP and CRM.

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