CMS 1008 Assessment

Task 1

Answer 1

During this semester, my prior expectation was different and high as I thought to develop my skills and knowledge to next level by developing my learning as well as by developing strategies which will help me in understanding and get prepare for the challenges and activities.

During this semester starting, my learning strength was limited, but on the other hand, my weakness was my learning capability and power to learn the things quickly. Before this semester, I already experienced and used different skills such as interpersonal skill and communication skill at the time of conducting activities or giving an interview.

During this semester, I experienced something different which I already experienced in past semester. The learning and skills which I developed from this semester, I will use it very effectively in my nursing practice as learning and knowledge will help in managing people and their problem efficiently.

Answer 2

During this semester, I changed my learning skills and strategies according to the activities and knowledge which I developed by participating and contributing to different activities like survey and interview which are conducted or organized to develop understanding and skills of us in order to manage different activities efficiently (Martyn, et al., 2014).

This semester, planned different activities for developing skill and learning by giving weekly activities like live projects for 7 days or 15 days. This weekly activities helps in changing my learning skills and strategies which I adopt to complete those weekly projects on time.

Task 2

Answer 1

The quality of nursing care for all people is one of my ANMC nursing codes of conduct.

Answer 2

The nursing profession is unique and complex for which nursing staff is required to follow the some proper code of conduct or ethics which maintains the professionalism in the nursing practice. From ANMC nursing code of ethics, one of a code of ethics is that nurses are required to develop valuable nursing care for all people (Johnstone, 2016).

This code of ethics, i.e., valuing quality nursing care in which nurses are trained as well as make understood about their responsibility and accountability for the standard of nursing care they provide to all people. This learning and knowledge will develop their work experience to an extreme level.

But, these ethics are required to be followed and studied by us in this semester in order to understand the actual responsibility of nurse while questioning or reporting what they consider and also helps in learning how to overcome the unethical behavior and treatment (Baghany, et al., 2013).

Using this code of ethics in personal life helped me in changing my behavior towards people as well as encouraged me to work for people who are in need. In simple words, this code of ethics helped me in my personal development as well as helped me in understanding the value of nurse by ensuring that nurses support me and my colleagues in developing study about the unethical and illegal practices (Pitt, et al., 2013).

Task 3

Answer 1

Lifelong learning is selected from USQ graduate qualities.

Answer 2

I developed lifelong learning skill which I developed in this semester. This semester provided and encouraged me to learn new skills and knowledge which will help me in for my life long time learning. The USQ graduate qualities, i.e., skills and knowledge which I developed during this semester helped me in developing my personality as well as will provide support in my work life in future.

The learning in nursing practice will help in understanding and use the right strategy on right time which will helps me in developing new experience and learn new skills. During my nursing job, I will use and adopt my learning skill in best efficient manner and follow all the code of ethics which will lead me in my long time work experience (Fletcher, 2016).

For example, when there is no doctor in a hospital then I will use my learning and knowledge and treat the patient till the doctor comes, this is a how my learning will support me in work life experience. The lifelong learning is one of the best USQ graduate quality which helps in getting familiar with my skills and knowledge which I pose to undertake my work (Coffey, et al., 2016).

In nursing practice, there is huge requirement to develop and understand the work and responsibility and according to which skills are developed in order to achieve the satisfaction as well as learn things which help in meeting future requirements. However, this semester helped me in using my skills and knowledge practically for achieving longtime experiences and skills.


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