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The cloud provides the service to the IT industries at low cost. There are different types of cloud providers are there. It avoids the carrying of data in pocket by all humans. When the data is stored in cloud it can be accessed only if there is an internet connection. It frees many organizations from maintaining the software. The organization can pay only service charge for utilizing the resources of cloud. The organization can get services like data storage, hardware’s, software’s, data centers, servers etc.

It makes the organization to swift from Information technology department to concentrate on developing the business growth. The main benefits of cloud computing are it is very easy, fast, reliable and flexible etc.

The cloud is mainly used for e-business development where lot of information need to be saved in cloud. The organization can pay only the service charge for using the cloud. The cloud computing is very much necessary because in an organization the data need to be transmitted from one location to another. It is very difficult to send data through mail or other sources. So there is one solution that data can be stored centrally. So the needed people can download from cloud and they can perform their operations.

In this way the cloud supports in the e-business environment. There is a flow of information in an organization. The cloud is very essential in all business environments. There are different cloud providers. In this paper we will see about the analysis and architecture for providing the cloud.

Project Plan

The Publisher Management System planning phase analysis the problems and risks of the providing cloud service to the user whether they are satisfying with the cloud service or not and to analysis the customers satisfaction in storing the customers data completely and securely. The business requirements, data privacy and security requirement, budget requirement, data backup, training, types of cloud, data export requirement, cloud access requirement, and analysing the problems of client while using cloud.

These are the basic requirement in which it should be considered while providing services to the customers. The key factors in cloud providing is high service quality, customer satisfaction, business architecture development, client satisfaction etc. These are the basic requirements that should be considered in providing services to the customers.

The maximum level of security should be given to the customers. The organization should try to satisfy the customer requirements and proper business architecture should be provided. The organization should provide the high quality of service from the cheaper price. The customer expectations should be carefully analysed and planning is done accordingly.

All types of services should be provided to the users. There may be some risks in developing the project. The risk should be identified in the earlier and necessary steps should be planned to take action before its attendance. Various types of risks should be found and it should be categorized as low, high and moderate. The likelihood of the risk should be planned accordingly. In this modern era the cloud is the essential one to attain success.

Cloud Architecture Solution and Implementation

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Fig 1 Cloud Architecture

The architecture should be completely designed to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction. In this cloud should be designed to support all business needs of customers. The consumer can consume different types of services. The services are three types. They are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. The cloud should provide the portability and interoperability. The cloud should satisfy the customers in all ways. They should provide enough security.

The three main considerations in the cloud are data portability, application portability and platform portability. The cloud provides the portability that the customers are not in need to bring their data with themselves. The cloud provides the needed data at any time anywhere with proper internet facility. There are different types of cloud providers.


It also provides other services like Information technology department, needed software and hardware to the customers. There are major considerations while designing the architecture in the Publisher Management System.

Requirements gathering

The requirements of client should be documented clearly. Based on the requirements the project should be planned correctly to satisfy these requirements. The needs of client should give importance by the organization.

Choice of type of cloud

There are different types of cloud. They are private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Based on the needs of the customers the cloud services are provided.

Choice of Data center and Standards

The data center is the one which helps to store the user data. The classification of data centers is viewed as different types of levels. There are different levels of data centers. There are two types of certification. They are approved status and activated status. There are different types of standards in cloud providers.

Cloud System Architecture developed to solve the problem

The cloud architecture is developed to solve the problem of many customers of data storage. The customers are provided with the IT department by the cloud so the customers can efficiently concentrate on the business development. There are different levels of services are there.

Cloud Pricing

As this project requires real time publishing of the contents, it requires live resources for running this application. Following is the pricing of the Azure cloud services.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing



Implementation of Publisher Management System using  cloud platform

There are different types of services are provided to the customers. There are different cloud providers. They are Azure, google and apple etc. The service provider should be choosed correctly.  Based on the selected provider the services are provided to the customers.

The user can request any type of services. There are different types of deployment services and different types of models. The diagram shows the numberof customers who are consuming the services provided by the cloud.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Fig 2: Different types of users

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing


Fig 3: Users Usage of services

The utilization of customer’s usage can be viewed according to the number of customers. There are different types of utilization.


CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Fig 4: Cloud Service provider

This diagram shows the cloud provider who serves as the cloud provider. There are different types of service providers. The organization can select according to the needs of customers.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Fig 5: Database of the customers

The above diagram shows the database of the customers. The data of customers are stored in the databases.  The needs of customers are gathered during the planning phase itself. According to the needs the services are provided. There are different types of deployment services. The customer can select any service. The cloud provider should provide maximum security. Proper security measures should be taken to store the data in to databases. The security is the main concern where the entire user will need.



Fig 6: Login Page

This is the login page of the cloud provider. If the customer request services the provider will provide the services. The customer will require different types of services. The provider will provide the service in which the customer will develop their business. In business data processing is very important. The cloud supports to develop the e-business by providing the services.


Publisher Management Systemis the technology which reduces the maintenance cost of the IT department by the customers. The cloud supports to develop the e business. New trends in cloud will help the people to develop the business. The business can be developed quickly to increase its growth. Cloud offers different types of services. The customers can utilise the services.

The main services of cloud are it provides the software, hardware, servers, data centers etc. These services are the main needs of the customers. The customer can fully concentrate on the business growth rather than thinking of IT department. The cloud can also provide different types of services to the users.

Nowadays all the business environments are done with the help of cloud. The cloud provides that much of advantage. The cloud services the user with providing the reliability, flexibility and offering services at cheaper price. These are the main advantage of using cloud. There are some problems in using cloud. The load should be balanced in cloud due to peak hours.

The load balancing algorithms can be implemented to manage the load. The important area that cloud should concentrate is security. It is the important one that should be considered. Many security algorithms can be implemented to provide maximum level of security.



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