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The Cloud computing in education game is effective for improving many parts of research process and study. The digitalization of game could be attractive for learners with visualized mode of learning process. This type could be easier for learners to read, understand and memorize when compared with traditional method of education activity.

It has an ability to improve their values and motivate key skill factor to accomplish distinct resultant values. This approach could be developing an impressive action for their intellectual activities and skill process to sustain efficient result. However, the gaming activity act as effective source it requires a massive platform to emphasis distinct values.

The cloud computing platform performs effective and accuracy towards result value but faces a difficulty in assisting system function process. The research process aims to develop a consistent platform for education game development with AWS platform for efficient result.

Project Plan for Cloud in Education Game

Goal Factor of project

The goal factor of project education game is to develop an sustainable gaming factors must be developed for education process with cloud computing (Tobarra, 2021). The system deals with technical aspect of sustaining effective and quality terms to retain distinct functional factor and values.

Framework or Structure

This approach deals with Infrastructure as a Service based cloud platform to develop education game. The centralized database structure is to collect information or data resources whenever necessary with emphasis of distinct values.


The deliverables of cloud computing in education game deals with AWS as system architecture to enhance performance factor of gaming activities. This could be effective to deal with high rate of network traffic easier when compared with traditional process.

Allocating team

The process of allocating team according with capabilities by determining domain and knowledge factor (Krejia, 2020).

Budget calculation

Budget calculation is done through AWS calculator

Completion of Project

Active status of project completion process.

Cloud Architecture

Implementation of cloud solution

The implementation of solution for cloud system in education game system would be effective with reliable standard terms and value. The scalability factor is improved according to requirement of system structure value and functional approaches. It would be effective for learners to improve easy understandable factor deployed through cloud system.

The development of resource factor is sustained by regular basis to emphasis their defined sector. A framework of cloud computing-based education game would be efficient with collaboration approach of quality functional attributes (Ying, 2018). The collaboration of cloud services has high possibilities to improve the value of various attribute and functional quality statement of system result.

It acts as evident source to propagate valid accomplishment of cloud architecture with quality result. Even though learners move towards blended learning environment, the educators and developers evolve a system with effective approach through cloud environment for remote areas.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 1: Cloud Architecture for Education Game

Requirements Gathering

The requirements for research process cloud computing in education game is categorized into many sectors are presented as follows.

The Learning and teaching resources is required to conceptualize the structure of system with defined framework.  This may sustain with quality result value accomplished to evaluate and implement gamification approach as employed (Inge, 2020).

The data must be collected according to requirement of developing structure of framework to reach out quality resultant value by cloud in education sector through games. This could be vital part due to design depends on data base to conceptualize effective values.

The collecting data is sorted according to requirement of game which is deployed for education for data preprocessing activities.

Processed data value is stored for further approach of developing functional activity as sustained in development of gaming activities (Juan, 2019).

The final stage of data visualization process is evolved which may intend to retain effectiveness of project activity for student. This approach stimulates learning process through education game act as new innovation and mile stone factor.

Choosing type of cloud platform – Infrastructure as a Service 

The type of cloud platform chosen for cloud computing in education game is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) (Mirko, 2019). The reasons for selecting this cloud platform to emphasis system process by effective visual factors for developing quality outcome.

It deals high level of scalability platform which deals with defined structure to access towards any structural approach of data activities. Its function depends on hardware and networking system to conceptualize distinct system values. This approach could attract users according with their consistent system value to reach out defined factors.

The user has an ability to run towards effective operating system or defined functional structure to reach out expected values. The maintenance and running cost are low when compared with other type of cloud platform activities. This could deal with efficient result source to conceptualize system by their resource value with end statement aspect.

Choice of data Centre and standards

The data Centre deployed for education game with effective and reliable factors sustained to reach out defined value of system knowledge factor. This approach would be evident to reach insight operation value of developing game activities according with education process. This may act as effective source to reach out value defined according with quality resultant value.

The data Centre for clouding computing act as centralized system to propagate value for defining efficient outcome (Imran, 2020). This approach develops to retain quality value of managing system through centralized data base process. It distributes system function to concern dependent aspect without any intervention or delay may happen in regulating functional values.

This could be effective and propagated to reach out values of various confinements according with defined factor. The whole game is dependent on IaaS structure to emphasis deployment approach value with efficient result factors. This could be evident to retain defined value of efficient and quality outcome-based factors.

System Architecture

The system architecture deployed in cloud computing of education game deals with AWS as a system architecture. The selected system architecture is Amazon Web Services or AWS structure which evolves an efficient result.

This approach deals with high quality result and scalability process of system process (Victor, 2018). The system architecture of Amazon Web Service (AWS) handles high risk occurred in web traffic process. This could simplify risk activities taken part in network even more simple when compared with another sector.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 2: Education Game for Cloud Implementation

This could able to deal with evident source to encourage network facilitation evolved towards distinct system aspect. The architecture deals with effective outlets of guidance value, practice, recommendation and solution developed according towards desired sector.

It may act as excellent service penetrated through defining values of system architecture of Amazon Web Service (AWS) by act as excellence result in operational process, develop a security barrier or network platform aspect, efficiency towards performance system aspect and effective cost modification factor.

Analysis and Reflection 


The budget value framed doesn’t suit for real time expense for cloud system in Education – game. The expenses vary from domain to domain to reach out effective and quality resultant values.

The cloud system for education game process is $ 50 to $ 130

Development cost                                                    $ 150 to $ 650

Other expenses                                                         $50 to $150

Reflection of analytics 

Thus, the analysis has proven its value of cloud computing system and its effectiveness evolved for education system is higher when differentiated with existing system. It propagates a defined structure to manage and stimulate quality outsource value of technical aspect deal with education purpose.

The implementation resembles approach of enhancing system feature value through distinct resultant attributes. The cloud computing has shown its possibilities in developing gaming framework towards education gaming aspect of system process.

The reflection determined from this system is cloud computing in education game through Amazon Web Service act as effective platform to result with efficient outcome. It propagates system with handling web traffic as easier process and develops a tendency to retain defined structure with excellence outsource value for managing quality result.

The Infrastructure as a Service defines a quality functional factor with efficient outsource value depends on hardware and networking system.


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