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Cloud computing is the emerging technology that increases the flexibility, scalability and other IT infrastructure that is addressed with the healthcare industry. Cloud service provider is used to develop the cloud based e-description with the software, application and platform that are offered with the cloud computing to provide the cloud based infrastructure solution (Kholoud Alqattan, 2018).

Cloud computing is adopted with the integrated solution that is established as framework for cloud based e-prescription system. Amazon web services are the best cloud platform that is used to adopt the cloud based system in healthcare applications. The various characteristics were distinguished with the traditional computing that requests the service providers without human interaction.

Project Plan

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 1: Project Plan

Project plan includes the various stages that are used with the development of the project in the field of medical industry (KIENAPPLE, 2021). The cloud platform needs to be identified with the basic requirement that is assessed over the cloud service provider in medical field.

The project plan includes the different stages like system requirement analysis; identify the project roles and milestone to complete the project. Then the functional and non functional requirements were analyzed with healthcare e-prescription and roadmap is developed to complete the project.

Requirement Gathering

There are various requirement specified with the health application like pharmacy related system that includes the various process. This includes both functional requirements and non functional requirements.

Functional Requirements

  • The registration of the patient, doctor and other person related with the healthcare is required to develop the application.
  • This enables the patient to utilize the record sheet that is utilized over the various processes with report generation.
  • Record may be maintained and this may be deleted with the record that is available with the dataset (Sanjana, 2019).
  • Database is maintained with the pharmacy to provide the medicine to the patient that is added or updated every time.
  • Report is generated in pharmacy that is described with the prescription to generate various information.

Non Functional Requirements

  • Patient identification is required with the recognition of the system over username and password to update the records.
  • Modification includes the insert, update and delete that are synchronized with the secured system in healthcare system.
  • Security need to be maintained with the patient information that is supported with the healthcare that is supported with the user interface.
  • Maintainability is offered with the data backup that is tracked with the available with the system (Mykola, 2020).
  • Reliability and scalability is guided with the efficient accessibility that is required with the features that is accessible over the user interface.


Managing the prescription – This is difficult to read, write that is prescription that is sourced and analyzed with the pharmacy that is tracked with the prescription and dispense the medication that is stored with the system.

Alert and SMS – This is received with the notification and information that is analyzed with the software that is required with the drug soon is pharmacy management system. SMS is provided over the purchase that is client information and the consumer is replied message.

Reporting – Reporting is the essential components that are addressed with data analysis that includes decision making revenue like sales receipt and doctor and patients (Pharma, 2021). This document is managed with the ERP that includes the statutory audit and monitoring.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 2: Framework

Expiry Management – Expiry management is the important component with the expired product with the pharmacies that is purchased with the MRP rate. This is required with the difficulty in tracking the pharmacy products.

Re order Management – This order is replenished with the stock that is performed with the inventory system that is unavailable with the expiry management. This setting is reordered to redefine the various stock level points.

Cloud Platform 

Amazon web services is the best service that is used with the evolution of the cloud computing platform that is provided with the Amazon that includes the infrastructure as a service and other service offerings. This is provided with the on demand cloud computing platform that is analyzed with the pharmacy (Gillis, 2020). This cloud platform is used with the various individuals that are related with the pharmaceuticals.

This is separated with the different services that are analyzed with the configuration option that is served with the AWS services.  AWS used to focus on patients that are analyzed with the cloud server that is adopted with the cloud platform that is reliable and secured. This AWS is the trusted technology that is used with the adoption of the information worldwide that is adopted with pharmacy related healthcare application.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 3: Cloud integration platform

Data Center and Standard

There are different cloud data centers analyzed with the model that is offered with the storage and accession towards resources. The best cloud model is chosen to provide the various benefits like cost efficiency, benefits and other features that are analyzed with the system model (Seaglass, 2020). NIST standards were used with the cloud based application that is obtained with the various aspects that is served with the deployed strategies. This is provided with the cloud computing that is analyzed with the pharmacy services with healthcare application.

System Architecture

Cloud based architecture is developed with the integration of multiple sources that is destined with the various technologies that is required over the smart and connected data that is developed with the pharmacy and drugs that controls the data center.

Cloud Architecture

Architecture describes the various cloud integration process that is processed end to end level. This is owned with the various details that are applied with the pharmacy application that is developed with the web application.

This data is stored with the pharmacy application that is connected with the cloud integration over the cloud platform that is processed with the multiple sources that send the data from the medical record to data center (Rakesh Podaralla, 2017). The medicine is bought and sales order is provided with the pharmacy owner that includes the batch number, drug name and purchase date that is served with the FTP server accessed with the cloud based applications.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 4: AWS in cloud based pharmacy


This process scenario is developed with the different interaction that is analyzed with end to end flow that is selected with the action and connection to determine the drug control administration.

This action is updated with the interface connector that consists of get, create, query, delete and update etc. In this design process, the data is connected with the database device driver that is retrieved and accessed with the database name and port name (Vladimir Stantchev, 2014).

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 5: Implementation of pharmacy developed system

This component explorer is used with the creation of the various components like operation, profile and map function that is created with the security permission that is mapped with source to destination.

This map function is allowed with the various functions and standard that is suggested with the adopted value over source tracking that is combined and processed with destination profile.

Analysis and Reflection

The cloud based solution is analyzed with the AWs calculator and other reflective action that is accessed with the different and added services.

AWS Calculator

This AWS calculator is used with the customer to estimate the monthly AWS bill that is very efficient and explored with the AWS services. The different features with AWS calculator includes the transparent pricing, shares the estimates and hierarchical estimates that is serviced with the various system architecture (AWS, 2021).

This describes the depreciation date that is delayed with the various features that is requested with the customer that is available over the AWS pricing calculator. This service is added with the AWS pricing services that are guaranteed over parity based on simple monthly calculator.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 6: AWS Calculator

Analytical Reflection

Amazon web service is the platform that offers the flexible solution that is scalable and provided with the cost effective solution that is used with the cloud based platform. This platform is used with the development of the integration over platform as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.

This service offers the various business processes that are analyzed with the cloud based products that include storage, database, mobile development tools and enterprise application with the data analytics based on AWS pricing model.


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