CN7026 Cloud Computing Assignment Sample


Many organizations are using the cloud services for their development of the organization. The organization can use the cloud on the basis of demand and pay basis. The cloud provides many advantages to the organization. The smart metering helps the organization in supporting the bill generation for the services of the cloud.

The cloud can be accessed only through the internet and the cloud generates the bill to the customers using the smart metering process. This will help the customer whether they need to continue the services or not.

The cloud services are provided to the individual based on the load conditions. In this smart metering the consumer can adjust their levels of utilizing the cloud according to their convenience.

These are the main benefit of utilizing this smart metering system. In this paper we will discuss about the cloud architecture, cost, cloud platform, data centre and the standards etc. The smart metering is the most used tool to calculate the cloud utilization by the consumers and it undergoes changes. The bill will not be constant and the amount will be varied according to the load conditions.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Project Plan

  • Project objectives– to develop the smart metering vertical Sector for the real time monitoring
  • Work break down structure

The work is divided and the responsibility is also assigned. The team members are allocated for the project.

  • Project schedule

The date starting and the ending of the project should be assigned and the project should be completed within time.

  • Quality Control

The development of the smart metered should be checked periodically.

  • HR

There should be good communication with the low level to high level management.

Cloud Architecture

This advanced metering system helps in managing the efficient power utilization among the consumers. Many machine learning algorithms are used in smart metering system for the cloud architecture. The better management of the electric power between the demand and the supply is very much necessary. The parameters like current, power factor active and reactive should be considered and based this the smart metering in the cloud system is essential.

Cloud Solution and Implementation

The cloud is the very useful environment and it is used by many users in the world. Almost all peoples are using the cloud for their work. The smart metering is the very much essential system for monitoring the power utilization.

Cost estimation

The smart meter to record the power utilization.

Better Utilization of resources

There is the need for the gateway to store the data locally in case if any faults occur due to power off problems.

Good Interface

It contains monitoring of nine electrical parameters. It provides good interface with the user.

Application and visualization component

It is used to view the reports of the cloud by monitoring.

Requirements gathering

To create smart metering there are some requirements which will be used to monitor the consumption of the cloud resources.

  • Data acquisition for recording the electric parameters
  • System communication
  • Data set
  • Monitoring system
  • Data storage

Choice of type of cloud platform

There are different types cloud platforms. They are public cloud, private cloud and the hybrid cloud. The public cloud is used for the general purposes. All the users can utilise the public cloud. The public cloud allows to store the data of many users in which more sensitive information cannot be stored. It also offers many services in the machine learning, internet of things etc.

It is also used in the machine learning techniques. The private cloud is the one which offers more security and the control. In public cloud the security and the control will not be there.  It is mainly used for the common purpose. The private cloud is used in the control environment and it is mainly used for the security and control.

It is used for the organization because the organization requires the privacy in storing the information and it also needs to store the sensitive information. The cost involved in private cost is higher than the public cloud. The services provided in the public cloud is very less cost when compared to the private cloud.

The hybrid cloud is the combination of both private and the public cloud. In hybrid cloud both features can eb applied. The organization can choose the platform based on their needs. For this smart metering system hybrid cloud is used. It is very flexible.

Choice of data centre and Standards

The choosing of data centres is the very important task for the organization because the information is the biggest asset for the company. The are some characteristics that should be considered in choosing the data centre. The first one is the location that the data centre should be in the near location to the company.

Because if the company is far from the location then the copper wire will lose tits speed. This can be overcome with the near by location and it should be situated in a safe location with unaffected by the natural disaster. The next ne is the reliability there should be proper cooling and the temperature should be very less in the data centre.

The next one is the security which should be considered because there is frequent to occur the data breaches. The security can be provided by using the strong encryption and the decryption algorithm. The next one is network characteristics consideration. The reliability, speed and the security are the major concern. The flexibility and the scalability are the major concern for the data centres it should be very easy to use.

The next one is the emergency back-up. It can set up to back up the data during the emergency. The reputation is the one which should be considered in choosing the data centre. There are some standards that should be considered in choosing the data centre.

Cloud System Architecture developed to solve the problem

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

This is cloud architecture which is developed to solve the problem. It contains four layers. In the fist layer the application and the visualization process are done and in the second layer the cloud platform should be choosed whether it is public cloud, private cloud or the hybrid cloud. according to the need the cloud option is choosed.

In the layer 2 the gate way is fixed and in the layer one the organization is there. in this way the cloud architecture is choosed for the development of the company.

Implementation using any cloud platform (i.e AWS, MS Azure or Google)

There are many cloud providers in the cloud. They are amazon web services and the Microsoft azure are the few providers which helps to provide the cloud platform. The services provided by the amazon web services are very flexible. It provides enough storage facilities and the good interface for using the resources to utilize the cloud platform in a secured way.

Many cloud providers are there and they also offered different services to the cloud users and based on that the users will select the cloud providers. The Microsoft azure is one of the cloud providers which is very flexible for the users to use that site. The chosen cloud platform for this smart metering is the amazon web services. It provides good interface and it secured and reliable.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing


Data visualization $ 12000 to 22000

Smart grid metering $5000 to 10000

Cloud platform service $50

Data Centre $40

WiFi connectivity $15

Analysis and Reflection

This smart metering system will help the cloud users to know the utilized resources. it creates the very flexible environment and it will be used by almost all the users in the cloud. The cloud providers will provide the services which is very efficient and it will be very cost effective.

The customer can know the utilization of resources of the cloud. based on that they can continue using the cloud services or they can stop using the cloud services. The cloud will provide best services to the user. The cloud user can feel the real environment. These are the main advantage of using the cloud. The cloud is the very famous technology which is used by many people. It provides good flexibility and the reliability to the consumers.



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