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The research process vector logistics is developed to manage and control activities of goods and services from one location to another. The vector logistics has evolved under multiple function values associated with distinct result sources for effective and quality value. It performs different activities to interconnect from one source to another without any obligation or barrier that may lead to system activities. It may penetrate to manage and sustain to retain effectiveness in reliable factor for distinct outcome (Xei, 2021).

The development of modern logistics has evolved with a strategic perspective to reach out the defined approach of vector aspect involved. This approach has evolved to resist distinct factors of functional value necessary to sort quality outcomes propagated for vector logistics.

Project plan

The project plan of business logistics has been determined into six stages of distributive functional aspect (Nath, 2021). It leads to defining quality outsourcing factors developed according to an efficient planning approach. The business function value of vector logistics are

  • Domain based cold storage system
  • Storage system-based vector
  • Primary vector transparent system
  • Secondary principal distribution process
  • Distribution for secondary customer

Domain based cold storage system

The plant based cold storage system act as an effective source to develop a domain with effective outcomes. This sector stores finished goods and products to accomplish in an efficient manner and withstand for a long time under vector logistics.

Storage system-based vector

Storage system-based vector is a primary sector managing warehouse evolved to contribute distinct aspects. It undergoes a project plan to develop a system for bulk products storage for suppliers, customers, and other resource-based activity. This would be evident to retain stabilized services.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 1: Project plan of vector logistics

Primary vector transparent system

The primary vector transparent system is based on the transportation of goods and services undergone in the vector sector (Admau, 2021). This may improve the distinct approach of evolving activities according to resist for defining quality outsource factor.

Secondary principal distribution process

It evolves under the distribution function of the retail wholesale system to emphasize its distribution process of goods and service value.

Distribution of secondary customer

The quick-service factors were undergone towards this system activity with faster delivery of goods to store.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud solution and Implementation

The developing cloud solution is determined through an effective framework of vector logistics system function. To define effective results for vector systems are visualized through reliable and access factors of the logistics process. This includes a sophisticated resultant value of managing system function with defined value to accomplish the quality result.

The solution for cloud implementation is developed by the Azure system to maintain a power analytics solution. The reason behind the development of a solution for vector logistics by cloud is to develop an autonomous process (kumar, 2021). It proceeds with a distinct approach to managing activities that are necessary to sort a foresight value under defined solution statement value.

Requirements Gathering

The requirements for vector logistics are gathered through functional and non-functional requirements.  The functional requirements approach illustrates the functional value of vector logistics developed under autonomous factors and events.

The functions requirements include

  • Identifying availability in storage unit for logistics process
  • Handling materials (Goods) in appropriate section of warehouse
  • Ensure about sanitising area before storing products in concern place
  • Packing products or materials with labelled information to predict
  • Transport the products or materials for concern location
  • Provide information to track product approach towards destination.

The non-functional requirements are

  • Availability – Shows the availability of space for goods to be stored
  • Security – manage details of concern consumer to avoid impact occurrence
  • Performance – activities of logistics process and functions
  • Scalability – ability to with stand goods according to inventory control process

Cloud platform as Solution

The choice of selecting an appropriate platform that would be effective for regarding business challenges. The system is necessary to sort out a quality result with powered value to manage multiple platforms. The system is necessary to automate solutions for cloud model values. The powerful solution is developed for Microsoft Azure and powers a based Business intelligence solution.

It pretends to resolve conflicts that occurred in the logistics sector to develop an effective value and functional statement. The system has evolved by driving capability for self-service values. The necessity of system optimizing visibility and requirements which may deal to manage defined sector values of vector logistics. The major part of implementing the solution for cloud platforms in the logistic system is an autonomous function of defined system value with a server for efficient results.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 2: Cloud architecture for vector logistics

Data center and standards

The data center and standard approach are developed under the system function of distinct aspects. It includes an effective approach to managing standard value with defined structural and challenges to be managed.

Capability Index

This factor determines the strength factor of the distributor in logistics activity which has been accomplished to reach effective values. It penetrates to manage activities by categorization including such as,

Quantity of equipment deployed for system resultant factor with defined structural values and aspects. It may include all types of equipment developed for assessing certain events with distinct functional factors.

Market share

The third resource part indulges in certain products or sales factors with a distinct resultant approach to managing events. It may contribute to a defined sector to calculate the efficient value of distinct factors evolved. The approach relates to the same percentage of industry value according to efficient results.

Service indicators

The service indicator resembles an approach value of punctual rate and accuracy of system function with distinct time.

Price Index

The price index involves a function value of accuracy rate, competition rate, and punctuality result.

Index Factor

Index factor of logistic factor followed by cloud manufacturing unit of system with efficient result values.

Cloud System Architecture developed to solve the problem 

The cloud system architecture deals with an effective approach of propagating system function with simple design (Shougi, 2021). This approach has been evaluated to manage a multi-functional aspect of developing distinct activities evolved. It may pretend to sort quality result value for collecting, measuring, and evaluating cost factor of logistics approach.

Implementation using any cloud platform 

The implementation is developed by utilizing the MS Azure system to accomplish quality result value evolved with distinct result factors. It acts as the source by propagating a system with tangible benefit value to sort defined resultant value as accomplished. This approach may pretend to evolve the system in accordance with effective visibility, accessibility, and flexible aspect to reach out logistics value.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing

Figure 3: Implementation of cloud with vector logistics

Analysis and Reflection

The service providers undergo a research process of managing activities according with effective result. The controller or person must undergo frequent analysis to manage conflicts occurrence (Muhammad, 2021). This would be better when compared with distinct value of system function evolved to reach out quality result factors. It may pretend to resolve activities of distribution phase and other sector based eventual attributes according with sales and price index aspect. This approach would be evident to sort quality resultant value of attaining accurate result source of effective and accuracy in distribution factor and aspects.


AWS calculator is the pricing calculator thar is used for estimation of the cost that is required with the cloud architecture which is analysed as solution. The costing factor evolved to manage activities of the logistics sector with defined value to reach effective values. It includes warehouse cost factor, storage cost in a warehouse, fulfilment cost factor, shipping cost, and other cost values as evolved to determine an effective result.


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