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The present world is moving thick and fast with the help of the internet and all the associated technological enhancements. One of the most prolific examples of technological efficiency generation in this world is cloud computing and efficiencies earned by the procedures. One of the most influential engagements associated with the present world and mobile devices is through the help of Mobile gaming or entertainment Mobile gaming applications.

In the present measure, some of the findings critically state that the experience of Mobile gaming is getting hampered with the use of mobile cloud computing (Cai, Cebollada and Cortiñas, 2022). The significant issues which are coming over the mobile device with the proper use of cloud computing are low-frequency signal processing handling the speed of operation storage facility related concerned development. With all these issues getting raised,

the most influential effect is coming over the user experience like breaking down the system transportation of crowding and lack of coverage area for the gaming application for the mobile device or the mobile device.

Project plan 

According to the statement of Nazim et al. (2019), the most influential plan developed here in this report or research is to generate or initiate a cloud computing service through the help of different characteristics of the system, which ensures smooth operation of gaming movements like allowing remote service to be enabled and play the games at a coefficient rate. Even this also generates an opportunity to stream the gaming applications or entertainment Mobile gaming processes directly to the user devices without facing any lack of features or speed.

Cloud solution and implementation 

There are two types of cloud Services or delivery models present within the gaming applications or entertainment gaming in the present circumstances. To ensure the best probable usages and evaluate all the processes in every major, the infrastructure as a service model or the IaaS model is used for better service provision. By deploying the infrastructure as a service model or solution procedure, the chance of enabling increased performance and decreasing CapEx rate gets enhanced.

Along with this, an identical rate of security enhancement for the entertainment Mobile gaming gates increases too. Coming into the implementation path, the process needs to be followed with some regular circumstances like selecting the entertainment gaming application as a clear major and then developing a strategic move that will be processed through the help of cloud solutions.

After accomplishing both of these, the opportunity to establish a governance process that will govern the whole procedure (Khatun and Islam, 2018). Then it is required to manage all the implementation and changes, observe the findings, and innovate the best procedure according to the requirements.

Functional and non-functional requirements 

The most influential and impactful functional requirements coming into the path of an entertainment cloud solution is to enhance scalability and adaptability into different entertainment mobile gaming to provide a better experience to all the users or the gamers playing the game on their mobiles.

The non-functional requirement associated with the cloud computing solution is to generate greater availability, portability, and security for the gaming application.

The key characteristics of the system 

Sanaj and Prathap (2020) opined that the key characteristics associated with the newly developed cloud solution are its automated administrative task handling operations and its dynamic scaling procedure. One of the most influential characteristics associated with the IaaS is its virtualisation technology to produce a better experience for the Internet mobile application gaming users.

Cloud platform identification 

There are multiple cloud platforms available around the world, among which there are very few cloud platforms available which have a greater amount of security interface developed in it. The Amazon Web services cloud platform is commonly used for gaming applications or platforms. With slight high charges, a rate of implementation of the Amazon Web services cloud platform is selected to complete the solution development process.

Data centre and standard selection 

For completing the whole operation, the infrastructure as a service data centre will be influentially used and make sure that all the data are saved in a proper way and make sure about the fact that the integrity of the data and not get lost within the mobile entertainment gaming (Von Leon et al., 2019). The data centre standard selected for operating the whole procedure in this cloud solution is the redundancy and uptime procedure which will be efficient in accumulating or producing better results for the mobile entertainment gaming.

System architecture 

With two identical system architectures present within the cloud platform, the service-oriented architecture is selected to provide a better solution to mobile entertainment gaming (Kotas, Naughton and Imam, 2018). By proper implementation of the service-oriented architecture, there will be possibilities coming in where problems related to lack of speed and other security purposes get resolved.

CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing


CN7026 Cloud Computing

CN7026 Cloud Computing


CN7026 Cloud Computing
CN7026 Cloud Computing



In the aforementioned figures the costing for the implementation of cloud architecture has been estimated using AWS calculator. However, after using services like, AWS IoT core, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCache, and VPC, the estimated monthly cost is 18,643.24 USD as well as the yearly cost will be 223,932.48 USD. However, the upfront cost will be 213.60 USD.

Analytical reflection 

While developing the cloud platform solution, I have been able to understand different integral parts of cloud computing associated with the architectural designs and different characteristics of systems. To produce better results and maintain the system atmosphere at a coefficient rate, it is very important and subject if two maintain a close eye over the whole procedure associated with it. With proper intervention development and characteristic based architectural design implementation,

the chance of dissolving all the issues and providing the best experience to the entertainment mobile gaming users tends to increase (Makhlouf and Yagoubi, 2019). Even probabilities are coming in where the role of cloud platform and data centre becomes a vital operation medium. With standard operation and procedure development, there will be coefficient changes coming in to provide the best services and resolve the problem at the first go.


Here the project report has critically evaluated the plan associated with the project and makes sure about the cloud solution implementation procedures. Then the report goes on to identify the functional and non-functional resources required for providing better services to the entertainment Mobile gaming uses through kick characteristic identification and deployment.

The report has also identified Amazon Azure as the cloud platform and the infrastructure as a service model to be implemented as a data centre. The standard of selection selected for the operation is redundancy and uptime procedure. At the tail end of the report, a brief overview related to identifying procurement and a self-based evaluation is developed.

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