CN7026 Cloud Computing Assignment Sample


Introduction (CN7026 Cloud Computing Assignment Sample)

With the evolution of internet, there are various privacy risk factors also get attached such as malware virus and ramsone etc. These viruses are used by hackers to get the details of individual firms. in that case, the innovation of cloud-computing is considered as vital one in regards to fulfill on-demand availability of computer system resource especially data storage and computing power without requirement of activeness of user at all the time (Hurwitz and Kirsch, 2020). The technology of cloud-computing is offered various deliveries to different service through use of internet.

It include tools and applications like data storage, servers databases, networking and software which supports to store wide range of data into the system.

In respect to this study, the right cloud platform will be selected for project and support them with relevant costing so that project manager could achieve feasible outcome.

Plan of project 

This project outlines about cloud-computing and its impact on airline industry. This is because it is true that after introduction of cloud-computing technology, it become easy for technicians or organization to store large data on its own cloud even without hiring or renting hardware or software which previously required (Palos-Sanchez et al., 2017). Cloud-computing helps many organizations to work efficiently even by reducing cost of investment in terms to buy different kind of software or get trained to its employees for the dealing with new software. In-spite of this,

the cloud support in budget saving and increase workforce productivity. This study can be justified with the survey of Rackspace which is an American based cloud-computing firm and its survey result revealed that approx. 1,300 companies found that 88% of cloud users experienced cost savings and 56% reported of an increase in profits (Yu et al., 2013).

Cloud Architecture 

The cloud computing is considered as an important technology for every business whether small or large. This is because it helps to store information with the use of various components such as database, software capabilities & application to leverage the power of cloud resources to solve business problems. However, cloud architecture provides components as well as relationship between them (Owuonda, 2016). There are also various algorithms are used in cloud computing system for providing best services to individual and industry from airline to financial.

Cloud solution and execution

In context to airline industry, Cimato et al. (2020) identified that cloud-computing technology has proven effective for continuing flow of information and maintain right communication network. Previously, the airline firms use plants to collect the facts and disseminate to different users. This takes large time for airline industry to analyze the data and develop response.

After the innovation of cloud, it becomes easy for airline to get the solution of fast implementation of different responses. This becomes an area which resulted into reduction of accidents in airways industry. That’s why, cloud solution is considered as a worthy aspect for the airline sector.

CN7026 Cloud Computing

CN7026 Cloud Computing

Gathering of Requirements

It is true that cloud-computing is effective process to bring continue flow of information through store or disseminate them. But it is also known that post-implementation, there are various steps or practices that need to follow for the right execution of cloud strategy (Younis et al., 2014). Likewise, the deep research about the practices to adapt the cloud-computing components such as database, software etc. afterwards, the second step is to select right software that support the firm cloud to store the data through internet. Lastly, the recruitment of right workforces along with timely training to them are the aspects that adapt by the industry to plan out the activities for cloud-computing technology.

Select type of cloud platform

the technology of cloud-computing has been utilized by the four ways such as private, public, hybrid and community cloud etc. in context to airline, the industry always been getting benefit with cloud as from flight booking to provide additional service to passengers the cloud technology role is proven efficient. It is identified that AWS cloud has been selected by airline industry.

In this, AWS helps the airline organizations to create of application and software for different departments and support to manage remotely (Garg et al., 2013). It’s also significant in terms to deal with huge amount of facts and data that airline require for carrying out the operations. Due to presences of such benefits in cloud, the big airways such as GOL, Qantas and LOT polish have shifted towards AWS cloud.

This supports these airlines to manage wide data of passengers. The efficiency of cloud can be justified with the instance of Qantas where it is found that airline is planned to start new flight route in between Sydney to Dallas. In that case, they are facing problem to deal with the required compute. The existing system of airline is not feasible to support them about flight possibility to fly it (Tong et al., 2016). Then the Qantas moved the information to AWS cloud where they able to calculate the data within few hours only.

Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026

                                     (Sources: Vold, 2020)

Execution using any cloud platform

The cloud platform is efficient for storage of data to perform the airline services such as booking to reservation process to carry forward. At the same time, the data of industry is being stored at cloud and many people can get access the information at their website. But inspite of this,

the major reason behind to use of cloud platform by airline industry is to implement the power computing. Likewise, the calculation of speed, time and feasibility to fly etc such kind of aspects are cleared with the cloud platform (Alamri et al., 2013). That’s why; the airline is relied on the cloud computing servers such as Amazon web services, Google and Azure etc.


The cost investment in cloud-computing is large as investment is done over the purchasing of software to support the cloud, hiring of technicians to deal with the technology. It is estimated that good server need for an average costing of $ 10,000 to $15,000. The setting up of cloud server would take amount of approx $70,000 to $1,00,000.

Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026
Cloud Computing CN7026

Analysis & Reflection 

On the basis of project outcome, it can be stated that cloud-computing technology is considered as a vital for the organization success especially for storing and disseminating of facts at timely manner (Yu et al., 2013). However, the airline industry properly utilize of cloud platform for reducing the accidents which usually occurred due to poor communication network. But the cloud platform supports them to improve the computing system and allows passengers to get the right services without any delays. Thus, this project has proved that cloud technology is proven worthy for airline industry.


The study on airline industry has given major learning that success of organization is always dependent upon the proper flow of information. Likewise, airline industry example has proved that the introduction of cloud platform they have been reducing the accident cased and able to provide right kind of customer services to passengers. The project on cloud also revealed best cloud platform i.e. AWS and provide knowledge that it is deployed by public, private, hybrid as well.


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