COM745 Assignment Sample - Technological Horizon-Scanning

COM745 Assignment Sample – Technological Horizon-Scanning 2022



A database that has been used to store encrypted blocks of information further chains to generate a consecutive single-source-of-truth for the data is termed as a Block Chain. Digital assets are distributed rather than copying / transferring, creating an unchallengeable record of an asset. The de-centralized, complete real time admittance permits the transparency to public.

This transparent ledger of variations guarantees integrity of the file that makes trust on the asset. The inherent security processes and public ledger brands it as a key technology of nearly all sector [1].

COM745 Assignment Sample - Technological Horizon-Scanning

Block Chain

Block Chain Technology

Block Chain technology is a de-centralized, distributed ledger technology helpful in recording the source of a digital asset. This is an in-built design and the records on a block chain is immutable so as to make a legitimate disruptor for industries similar to payment, cyber-security and health care [2].

COM745 Assignment Sample - Technological Horizon-Scanning

Block Chain Technology


Block chain Technology clears the route for revolution, on the other hand stop people from taking gain from an immoral way.


The exclusive advantages of block chain Technology can be given as


Innovative information is getting added to the block chain ledger merely during the common of network members contribute their endorsement, subsequently getting acceptable proof on which the evidence, communicated cryptographically, is honest. The verification of facts is completed in short intermissions of period and the restructured statistics is stockpiled further exactly attached to the block chain ledger and prepared accessible to every participating setup peers.

Immutable and Transparency

Facts be able to append to preceding data as soon as entered, never be changed / mislaid, as long as a moral past record turn out to be long-lasting in the scheme. Furthermore, transparency is guaranteed during each and every change is getting reflected into the ledger and then getting audited by whichever party is play a part in the setup.

No Intermediation

The block chain database / ledger is maintained by every participating net computer spread around the globe so that 2 parties are capable of interacting without the necessity for some essential intermediate to validate transactions or authenticate that the accounts are candid.

Considerable Developments

In addition, however not all the time, block chain are resulting in considerable cost cuttings and better speed while transferring currency or additional possessions, as communications are possible round the clock /year and never need an intermediate occupied during systematic professional hours / a directive to confirm the truthfulness of the histories [3].


There are numerous challenges that limits the comprehensive usage that are mentioned as follows.


The block chain becomes immense as the volume of transactions growing day-by-day. All node need to store every dealing to authenticate to know the source of the recent transaction. But the block chain is capable of processing merely 7 transactions / sec that cannot fulfil the necessity of handling trillions of transactions in real time mode. The 2 efforts that addresses the issues are

  • Storage optimization of block chain
  • Redesigning block chain

Confidentiality Leakage

Block chain is capable of preserving only a convinced sum of confidentiality by means of a public key in addition to private key. Consumers handle with their private key plus public key devoid of some existent identity acquaintance. So the block chain is unable to guarantee the transactional confidentiality as the principles of all communications and weighing scale for every public key are openly noticeable. This anonymity might be handled by

  • Mixing Method
  • Anonymous Handling

Self-centred Mining

Block chain is vulnerable to attacks of conspiring self-centred miners. In general, the setup is defenceless though simply a minor portion of the hashing command is employed to rogue. In self-centred mining stratagem, the miners retain their quarried blocks short of broadcasting and the isolated division could be exposed to the unrestricted as long as particular necessities are fulfilled. As the remote subdivision is lengthier than the present public sequence that has been acknowledged by everything [4].

Lack of awareness

Understanding the idea behind this new tool and its functioning is becoming the greatest challenge in additional businesses than that of the financial sector. The linked difficulty is all about the authorized arrangement along with insufficient technological awareness to be the crucial barriers on the way of implementation as a key stream.

Cultural change

Blcokchain needs a cultural move from the very much familiar mode of carrying out the processes to complete a task which is responsibly a de-centralization process that needs to cope up with the existing principles to confirm with the much needed data confidentiality and protection all along towards the shared records is a  important block to be overcome.

Consume Added Energy

Block chain technology has been parallel with Bitcoin which makes use of the Proof of Work consensus procedure which is fully dependent on the miners to carry out the solid effort. The miners are incentivized to resolve multifaceted precise complications. The great energy intake that makes this is not perfect for the real time issues.

Incomplete Security

Block chain technology is extra secure when compared with former platforms. On the other hand, this never ever mean this is entirely protected. There are dissimilar means the block chain setup may perhaps be negotiated.

Implementation Issues

The cost of implementation is huge. Even with the Hyper ledger being an open source, they necessitate loads of venture from the society that are in need to pursue. The costs related to hiring developers, handling a team to excel at diverse features, certifying expenses and so on.


Implementation as well as management of a block chain scheme is rigid which is in the requirement of in-depth familiarity from the industry to go over and done with the entire development. They want to lease numerous specialists in the block chain arena so as to lead the problem solving. So it is being counted as the drawbacks.


The block chain technology grieves from is inter-operability. For instance, there are numerous sorts of block chain linkages that effort inversely, demanding to resolve the problem in their individual exclusive fashion that directs towards the inter-operability issues with the chains which are unable to interconnect efficiently as well as successfully. This problem also continues while considering the block chain technology [5].

Wider Social Impact of Block chain Technology

Social Effect Investment

Social Effect Investment is open to wider audience by means of private assets like wind turbines and solar farms are registered for public possession. This is similar to crowd funding having an accumulation of smart contracts which routinely and firmly disburse to stockholder profits as formed. This reduces the necessity for concentrated authorized and commercial mediators that is usually a time-consuming and costly process in impact investing. Block chain is with better data collection so as to support in perfect measurement and estimate of stock results.

Renewable Energy Conversations

Renewable energy distribution became all the time more distributed by means of restricted peer-to-peer renewable energy conversations. In recent times companies like Power Ledger, SunExchange and WePower are subsidised the ideas to build a block chain intensive solar power conversation to permit solar panel possessors to trade excess energy of neighbour / flat block where the whole energy saving might branch.

Protected Personal Data 
People of the ecosphere are gaining control of personal data. Storage of data in secured and private manner on distributed, de-centralised Apps are then, at the preference may well instantaneously gets transferred to business institutions, insurance corporations or health authorities.

Accumulating Big Data

Exponential growth increases the capacity to accumulate and practice big, at the same time keeping data privacy in mind to generate information with revolution through all sectors and businesses. Tradeable as well as tokenised motivations are shaped by health academics, pharmaceuticals firms / communal services for the enduring pool of unidentified personal information from consumers. The hurriedly growing wearable technical marketplace with the individuals with appropriate private health data may perhaps be incentivised to firmly and confidentially convey their data by means of the block chain to medicinal authorities, investigators or health instructors to offer better accurateness in recommending, receptiveness in analysis innovative plans, or rise the promptness of regaining for patients.

Direct Donation Access of Charities
On the spot transfer of moneys through borders to charitable associations and disaster support possibly permit quicker, extra directed response proportions. Lesser cost in transferring resources worldwide may perhaps mean a global upturn in the reserves directed to charities.

Global Credentials

Global, unchallengeable forms of credentials through the block chain may possibly support authentication of volunteers desiring to effort for world-wide charities. Rather than postponements in Emergency Service Administration procedure and confirm enormous numbers of helpers are safe to service in catastrophe assistance programs by immediately accessing the confirmed service history archives.

Innovative Fundraising Policies

Attributable to the extremely divisible form of crypto currencies micro donations are becoming extra practicable. Novel fundraising policies demanding small newcomer amounts from higher groups, feasibly accumulating infinitesimal partitions of coins from crypto contacts. Charities may perhaps resourcefully pair by means of smart contracts for the contributors.

Certified Supply Chain

Firms like Wallmart and IBM are implementing a shared cost prototype possibly will incorporate block chain in supply chain like tamper proof confirmation of conventionally manipulative supply chain, say tracking of  diamonds and WWF (World Wide Fund)  tracking tuna  and data gathering of supply circumstances and intervals.

Social Equality
Social equality might be strengthened in place of trust-less, extremely open voting organisms are rolled-out.

Strategies for Behaviour Change

Linking of smart contracts with the IoT (Internet of Things), establishments and administration are empowered to form incentivised or tokenised public promotion, behaviour change and drive movements.

De-centralised Computing Control

Visualize sharing the personal computers CPU power through the domain to schemes demanding supercomputing command. Assignments like Golem are occupied to form de-centralised super computers by the use of the block chain which in turn bid third world grounded capitalists the capability to lease sophisticated processing authority and participate or work universally devoid of the instant rate of excessively costly hardware.

Sharing Markets

Sharing of markets to progress / disrupt in the subsequent form of Airbnb kind businesses incorporate smart contracts so as to combine peer-to-peer sharing through unchallengeable conditions agreed by the proprietor like speed bounds on lent power-driven wagons, or time restrictions fixed distantly for right of entry to sign up outing homes.

Artists Reclaim Scheme

Music and arts business are evolving to a scattered music scheme for loading and marketing IP (Intellectual Property) direct to consumers by means of incomes going straight to the performer.

Perseverance of Welfare
Counter measures to joblessness like the UBFs (Universal Benefit Fund) may perhaps take account of smart contracts and encouragements to bring about optimistic social impact and rise accuracy in the observing of every welfare funding [6].

Future Development of Block chain Technology

Block chain is a novel technology that has presented its prospective in industry and academia whereas it needs to overcome numerous problems in advance to its complete advantages to be exploited.

Block Chain testing

Recently diverse categories of block chain gave their impression. On the other hand, particular developers influence falsification of the block chain show to fascinate investors motivated by the enormous turnover. In addition to which the users need to syndicate this keen on business. This necessitates the block chain testing contrivance to be in room to test poles apart block chains to find the one fit into their circumstances.

Block chain testing may perhaps be parted into two stages. They are standardization as well as testing stage. Standardization stage holds each and every criterion to be prepared and approved during the birth of the same. Further it needs to be tested with the settled criteria to in force if the mechanisms acceptable as creator’s title.

In for testing stage, block chain is getting tested for the performance by means of different criteria. Such as, an operator in charge for on-line trade business regarding the throughput so as to examine the requirements to test the typical time from a handler lead a transaction to the deal is filled into the block chain, volume of block.

Break the trend of centralization

Block chain is intended as a de-centralized system having a trend in which the miners are centralized into the mining group. In general rational miners are paying attention towards the self-centred pool and as a final point the group might easily top the entire control. By means of the block chain is not proposed to function on uncommon establishments, thus specific approaches need to be recommended to resolve this difficult.

Big Data Management /Analytics

Block chain goes very much fine along with big data. There are in general 2 combinations of big data work good. They are namely

  • data management
  • data analytics

 As for as the data management is concerned, block chain may perhaps be taken into account to pile significant data by means of the fact that the distribution as well as security is mandatory. Block chain possibly will moreover make sure the data stored is novel.

Such as, patient’s health info that possibly will not be tampered and it is tough to steal those secretive facts. But when it derives to data analytics, communications on block chain may perhaps be employed such as handler trading designs could be pulled out. Handlers can guess their possible partners’ interchange deeds with the exploration [7].

Novel Applications

At present maximum of the block chains are exercised in the commercial province, extra and other applications for unlike arenas are seeming. Out-dated industries may perhaps consider the new technology and apply the same into their grounds to heighten their system values [8].

  • Anti-money filtering tracking coordination
  • Banking system
  • Block chain and Artificial Intelligence
  • Consensus system
  • Composition payments tracking
  • Cross border outflows
  • Crypto-currency interchange
  • Digital marketing
  • Open market place
  • Private identity safety
  • Promotion perceptions
  • Real estate dealing policy
  • Real time IoT- OS operating system
  • Secured distribution of medicinal records
  • Smart Contract
  • Supply chain / logistics checking
  • Unique content formation
  • Voting contrivance

The above listed are the most important innovative applications to be promising in the near future.


Block chain Technology is with the capability for renovating traditional engineering with its important characteristics termed as de-centralization, persistency, unrecognizability and auditability. This is to bring about an on-growing angle of blocks / records.

In which every block encompasses time facts and a connection to the earlier block and is immutable from some further person while the data is being documented. So as to device the revelation of the future a study need to be carried out to seize openings in what manner to value from it and connect it to elevate the services, further not to pause for other associations towards fineness and improvement.

This report discussed the concept of block chain technology. Analysis has been carried out with its advantages and the challenges involved in implementing the novel mechanism. Further wider social impacts as well as future developments are dealt in detail with a summary.

The objective of the commerce arena is to explore the concepts to the core and also to the whole. It is   sure that the business sphere will realize the immense potential of block chain technology with a driving fresh wave at the earliest.


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