Communication style in management

Communication style in management

Defining skills:

Skills form an essential aspect in carrying out a task efficiently and effectively and to achieve desired results. Thus, it is an ability of an individual to perform specific task to get firm results in a required timeframe.  The outcomes may depend on the level of skill and on possession of general and specific skills for making the complex task smoother in execution.

Everyone has different level and type of skills. However, I think one of the most relevant skills of all times is communication skills which is important for both leading role and managerial role in organizational context. This assignment is based on communication skills and style of communication for coaching.

Also, to achieve effectiveness in communication skills, one needs to have a proper understanding of the different communication style for management. I place top priority to develop communication skills and acquire new skills which helps in polishing my communication skills and assertive style in coaching.

Practice Setting:

My family business operates in the hospitality sector which has given me exposure to apply my communication skill to the coach the staff members. The family business is of a restaurant.

My business was facing difficult due to non-adherence of the restaurant employee towards organization policy and procedure at the time of rush. It was found that many of the staff members were not following and ignoring the safe cooking practices and other working process like wearing designated uniform, gloves, caps, etc. and maintaining cooking stations and effective resources utilization.

There were new machines being set up and technology was implemented in the business to improve the speed and operational efficiency of the restaurant operations. However, the situation remained the same with the staff members.  I got an opportunity to intervene in the restaurant management to try to find some solution to it.

My first goals were to communicate my father about the benefit of coaching to encourage the staff members to take responsibility of their work and for following safe procedures, working rule and policy and also to identify the capable employees and low performers and identify their training and development opportunities.

I tried to address the issue by making use of assertive style of communication so that I can express my views and opinion and at the same time do not show disrespectful to others and respect their personal value and belief system.

Communication style in management

Behavioral Skills Checklist and Linkage:

Introducing self to staff remembers and purpose:   I have communicated myself to the staff members and my purpose of visiting them and meeting.  I have also communicated the need and purpose of training for the entire restaurant team to perform their job effectively.

Reviewing the restaurant procedures and training:  I carried out an informal meeting with the restaurant manager and staff members separately to review the restaurant policies and procedures and I found the need of routine checks and skills training.

Using assertive communication style, I clearly communicated the benefit of following the procedures and risk of not following them and also asked open-ended questions to understand their viewpoint and concerns.

I also suggested few staff members to undertake a formal restaurant training program for their professional growth and development in the hotel industry and to prepare them to take a managerial position role in the restaurant.

I have prepared them a small instructional and exercise session which includes video demonstration on how the other restaurant staff work and expected to behave in rush hours and carried out role playing. In this session, I was able to analyses the strengths of few staff members.

Setting smart goals: In coaching them, I used the tool of SMART goals to provide structure to the restaurant goals set by my father and also to bring tractability for the set goals. I along with my father and restaurant manager has set training course for each staff members towards achieving the specific restaurant goals/objectives with clear milestones and time frame to achieve the goal.

Empower staff members: I have asked my father to provide empower staff members so that they can make decisions and take responsibility for their decision, actions and outcome to make them more responsible towards their work and job role.

Feedback:  I have convey the feedback of the meeting and review and ended the decision taken for their training on a positive note  to keep the staff member encourage for improving their skills and to keep their confidence high during peak hours.


In this experience, I have effectively used assertive communication style for coaching and have given instructions and reviewed policy with each member in a manner that has facilitated two way communications.  I have expressed effectively during coaching as a natural conversationalist.

In addition, I have given feedback on the coaching conversations by making my viewpoint clear and which has allowed me to communicate in a positive and effective manner to coach the restaurant staff.  I could improve my aspect of showing empathy towards others as I faced difficulty in connecting with the staff members in initial

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