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COMP1679 Strategic IT Assignment


Amazon is an American web-based trade association with a real website administrator and stock trading insights. This association uses web development to be the cutting edge of electronic associations that benefit many through better web submissions and online correspondence.

COMP1679 Strategic IT

From its founding in 1995 until 2003, the association was driven by a long-term vision, highlighting the advancement of imaginative frameworks in the steps of invention. From that point on, the association’s net trade grew continuously until becoming a global retailer and beyond the online bookstore, the association eventually expanded its portfolio by providing multi-admin level and various things (Nicholaides,2018).

Web-based affiliates seek to achieve a central limit by creating and maintaining a single cycle to collect personal information about customers and their purchasing trends. The report essentially assesses how Amazon’s governance-based affiliate relates to structuring executives’ information as a single device to gain advantage through authoritative governance and information gathering.

The information system allows the member and its system to incorporate an efficient method to use the energy of collaboration between individual associations and information plans. The Information System (IS) works with board options at the primary and practical levels of an affiliate. Amazon’s model reflects the efficient alignment of information contours with the usual underlying goals of association.

Amazon has adjusted its electronic strategy by keeping the web systems prominent and separate from its underlying structures. The IS games have influenced the growth of the association worldwide.

Amazon has used the IS as a functional device to support management operations and at the same time ensure that users have broad regulatory authority through the IS. In the time devoted to social events and data planning with the appropriate components of an affiliate, the important work of large organizations within the highest governing body is fundamental.

The peculiarity of the ERP structure lies in its ability to facilitate external and internal information to influence the management of skills within an affiliate. Online business links are a solid starting point to integrate the internal and external cooperation of a relationship with the theoretical cooperation of the accomplices.


For a decade, Amazon has been promoting the automation of office work through a program now known as Hands off the Wheel. The goal is not to cut positions, but to computerize tasks so the organization can reassign people to build new things – to get more done with people in employees, instead for doing even with fewer people.

The system seems to have paid off: while it was possible to start new organizations faster and cheaper than ever before in recent memory, Hands off the Wheel has allowed Amazon to work ingeniously, taking it away ahead of competitors and showed that the mechanization of fire can mean rushing doors open. As organizations think about how to gradually integrate more and more powerful AI capabilities into their organization, they really think well about this model.

The invigorating idea behind Hands off the Wheel began in Amazon’s office towers in South Lake Union, where the organization began robotics work in the 2010s as Project Yoda. At the time, representatives from Amazon operations spent days sorting and progressing items and figuring out what  to stock at Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

COMP1679 Strategic IT

How much and at what price? However, with twenty years of retail savvy, Amazon’s initiative chose to use “power” (AI) to manage the equation-based processes involved in keeping stores running distribution centre. “The moment you have predictable repetitive activities, you don’t need people to do them,” Neil Ackerman, a former Amazon senior supervisor, told me.

The company got its start in 2012, when Amazon recruited Ralf Herbrich as its AI director and launched an effort to computerize one of its shipping projects.  Herbrich told that product persuasion excels at inventory management and forecasting needed for years, because his team needs to represent low-volume item arrangements as a backdrop messed up his calculations on the information-hungry AI.

By 2015, the team’s expectations for AI were enough for Amazon’s management to put them in the rep’s product tools, turning them into a sort of co-pilot for human experts. However, at the time people could substitute ideas, and many did, which hindered progress (Shanahan,2011).

Remittance framework offered to Amazon customers:

Amazon takes into account the data of your debit card or credit card information that have the ability to submit a request for an item. The Netscape Secure Commerce Server is a dynamic appliance used by Amazon with the help of a strong connection layer to store financial data. This information is not made available on the web in this way, allowing for high classification and assurance of customer information.

The organization also offers customers the choice to make one part of the installation on the web and the rest through requesting disclosure of contact information. Legal and protective arrangements are transferred to the client at this stage, thus ensuring that the trusted portion of the client is extended (Qin,2018).

Another important element of Amazon CRM is the combination of frameworks that work with customer contact details. Customers can track the delivery progress by logging in Amazon website and the entry of some special requests; this improves the certainty between customers by providing substances in administration. At any time, customers can know item status (Weber,2010).

Each of Amazon’s advertising techniques is reflected in its behaviour, with Amazon also offering an incentive program to gain customers and business on its site.

Amazon involves the presentation of an engine as a customer data collection device to be used both for the association’s public activities and to be further sold to other appropriate classes for a specified fee. The customer-oriented virtual storefront is the connecting point that attracts n number of customers to Amazon’s.

Through its virtual retail front-end, Amazon has had the opportunity to upgrade existing customer retention as well as increase the drive for verbal exchanges by capturing customer dedication. Customers appreciate the importance Amazon places on them because the company is committed to taking a step toward understanding changing trends and assumptions.  Amazon reps are pleased with the work because ERP packages deliver what is widely expected of each final customer that comes in to present, transact, and organize the business cycle.

The work of robotic warehouses is significant because the user interface through which representatives communicate with customers is exemplary because of Amazon.  In the process of collaborating with customers, Amazon uses distributed computing. Organizational AWS results have become a factor as well as a device behind the successful coordination and consulting of data executives.



Amazon’s Key Vision and Goals

Presenting a dream and goal affirmation is essential to the essential alignment process. Amazon’s far-reaching vision is essentially to entice customers to “focus on the customer experience by providing customers with minimal costs, accommodation, and a wide selection of items.” Beyond that, its essential centrepiece remains customer focus: the highest number of customers in the link on Earth, where customers have a constant view of anything they might have to buy on the web and try to provide customers with the least possible cost (Ellwanger,2018).

Strategy and Methodology

To end an exhausting cycle, the simplicity of dealing with wholesalers leads to a tight spending advantage in buying media. Amazon engages customers using a Pitch Mix strategy, commonly known as the 4Ps. Part of the framework and systems, for example, offices, rooms as well as proposed materials and industries, will be taken into account in the accompanying area.

Activity and Control

Amazon started as an internet bookstore and has since expanded its business into different classes, while allowing different retailers to distribute and sell their products through the Internet through Amazon’s platform. Web development helps associations record customer purchasing behaviour, which they use to personalize their administration, communicate insights, and segment the market as indicated by patterns that customers have shown earlier during the purchase or access to items.


In today’s business world, all organisations strive for client satisfaction. One of the aspects anticipated to do this is to involve the organization’s employees in an impactful publicity process so that they may contribute to meeting client needs. The hierarchical strategy to promote the authority and leadership positions for the association’s delegates is called internal promotion.

This process incorporates construction worker boundaries, effective internal correspondence, as well as methods of engagement that help representatives understand the overall progress relationship within the association. For this procedure to be truly successful, top management should take care of it first. In-game advertising had an important impact on establishing Amazon’s customer-centric process, helping the association incentivize customer executives to adopt, retain customers, and ultimately surpass opponents.

It is recommended that Amazon’s competitors have long been obsessed with organizational arrangements and organized applications, while Amazon focuses on its customer support exercises at its best and have the best chance. This shows that understanding customer suspicions is like defining alignment goals, so all reps should embrace this standard, starting with the board (Pereira,2020). As the world’s largest online retailer with a global presence in a wide range of industries, Amazon is the fastest-growing multinational e-commerce company in the United States.

However, it is up against some formidable opponents. eBay, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart have been identified as key competitors based on their similarity in product breadth, regional market penetration, and size of operations: eBay, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart have been identified as key competitors based on their similarity in product breadth, regional market penetration, and size of operations: eBay, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart

Walmart is able to promote its products at the lowest possible price, both online and in physical stores, because it employs a cost leadership strategy that integrates low cost management across the value chain. Walmart is the world’s biggest retail firm by market capitalization.


Furthermore, since eBay is the world’s largest online auction house and focuses on delivering services rather than selling things, it has been able to achieve cost leadership via its exclusive operation of e-commerce as a middleman, which requires no inventory or physical infrastructure. As part of its unique strategy, the company not only provides a varied assortment of items, but it also provides high-quality service security and E-commerce services.

Barnes & Noble, which operates both an online and a physical retail organisation, is always in a state of rivalry with Amazon for market share in the book sector, thanks to its position as America’s biggest book retailer. This company implements an integrated targeted cost leadership/differentiation approach in order to attract price-sensitive consumers. This comprises selling books that are not commonly available or broadly accessible at a lower cost to customers.

An outline of the research carried out by the competitors is provided below.

The long-term aims of opponents in the next years include the pursuit of a favourable strategic position as well as the goal of becoming the market leader in both e-commerce and traditional physical commerce, among other things. Increasing profitability, gaining market share, and providing a varied range of items are some of the current aims of rivals in order to fight against Amazon. They do this via the employment of methods such as competitive pricing, cost leadership, and differentiation.

3) Predictions and underlying premises: The need for online shopping will continue to expand in the future, according to industry experts, as people seek more convenient and efficient methods to make purchases in the future.

Amazon’s 4P Marketing Match Strategy

Amazon’s advertising mission is to be “the most customer-focused organization on Earth, where customers can find and find everything they need to shop on the web and strive to provide their customers with affordable prices.” lowest potential.

The organization’s customer-focused advertising procedure that is expected to help Amazon capture and attract new parts of the Review below will be based on the understanding that the 4P mix of Promotional mixes are connected and come together to make the company’s advertising process engaging. That’s what she argues, if done right; the Hybrid Approach helps organizations achieve their advertising goals, defining the paper’s position in their target business areas and value customers.

Product Strategy

This methodology outlines the number of products a company offers to its customers. Organizations using this ad mixing technique consider its tools as scope, quality, plan, strengths, brand name, sub grouping, management, etc (Allen,2009).

Past a huge scope of objects and administrations which might be on hand within the agency`s internet-primarily based totally store, Amazon moreover proceeds with its improvement and object enhancement going from retail exertions and products, for example, Amazon new, video, internet administrations, prime, superior content material circulation, and so forth.

This helps the agencies imaginative and prescient of growing extra consumer pushed for the reason that broadening would possibly convey customer’s fulfilment, assuming that they have got several alternatives and might have a look at what they in reality want and want. It comprehends that broadening has a tendency to exhibit needs, consequently customer loyalty. The agency’s object extension has moreover been a tremendous development in its marketing and marketing blend. Furthermore, the agency moreover gives object participation which includes the transportation fee for customers who buy through their retail site.

Place strategy

As an internet retail organization, Amazon essentially uses its own online shopping website and Amazon books to reach its customers. In any case, not frozen by the overcrowding, the association also opened other physical bookstores in specific neighbourhoods allowing interested customers to evaluate their belongings before purchasing them.

In addition, despite their website and some of the certifiable domains, the association organizes outreach events, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) every year to generate leads, as a result work together and convince them to pay for their items on the web. In this respect, Amazon’s retail complex relies heavily on its affiliate company’s strong web presence to reach its target customers.

 Promotion strategy

This method focuses on advertising, personal selling, offers and promotions. Under the special combination of Amazon, this association basically uses a variety of systems to convince customers to access and pay online for its products and services. Of these frameworks, publicity is the most important for piloting developments and building announcements and for conducting live promotions.

In this sense, the association uses its derivatives program to help different website owners display advertisements for products linked to their commercial website so that foreigners can create coupon income. This approach helps the association reach a wide range of target customers, complemented by a conditional cycle in which Amazon uses special offers or cut points to generate good business.

Again, through Amazon Smile, the association provides part of its management to the blueblood relationship to improve its image and increase positive customer knowledge. These procedures are used to attract and satisfy important customer requirements, ultimately leading to future repeat exchanges.

Pricing Strategies

Amazon uses market-managed estimates as its primary pricing technique. For example, a competitor’s cost rating organization is the reason for evaluating Amazon Basics items. The advantage of this estimation procedure is that it makes the cost of goods sold appear positive, reasonable, and attractive to the target buyer. Again, cost decomposition involves identifying different costs for a similar item.

Amazon applies this rating system across its various websites. For example, organization costs for similar items vary between the US and the UK, which has its own Amazon site ( This technique is beneficial because it allows the organization to change its costs according to the public economic situation, the value of the items and the tendencies and assumptions of the buyers. In this regard, Inc. uses a value-based rating system, which includes prices based on the item’s value, taking into account the impression a buyer has of substantial value. Then, the organization’s promotion mix reflects its ability to adapt to current market costs.

4 Competitors’ capabilities include the following: Despite the fact that the items supplied by rivals are comparable to those given by Amazon, they are either offered at a cheaper price or are accompanied by more unique services than those offered by Amazon. Given that some of them have a significant global presence as well as a consistent financial performance, they are well-positioned to develop global strategic alliances in order to expand their client base globally, which is favourable.

Environmental and technical circumstances and issues that are now in effect

Amazon gathers and retains a huge quantity of information in order to enhance customer service and overall satisfaction levels with their products and services. Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage (EBS) service has been unavailable on many occasions during 2012 as a consequence of a seven-day electrical outage in the region. According to Amazon, the Amazon U.S.

East data centre in Virginia, which is both the largest and oldest data centre in the United States, is the source of the outage difficulties. Amazon has apologised for any inconvenience. In order to keep service interruptions to a minimum in the future, the company will need to make significant improvements to its data centre in the United States East. As a consequence of the server failure, clients who frequent the website may face agony and suffering as a result of the server malfunction.

The supply of various Amazon services, such as Kindle and Cloud computing, has resulted in increased spending throughout the whole organisation.

According to the firm, after the completion of the Kindle and Cloud efforts, Amazon intends to cut expenditure in both programmes the next year, according to the company. Investing in new initiatives that create more money would assist Amazon in maintaining its competitive position in the market while also improving the overall worth of the company, according to the company.

Consequently, it is difficult to estimate when the advantages of Amazon’s long-term expenditures in video content and distribution infrastructure will be realised, given that the company’s primary focus in both areas is on long-term investments.

Despite a slowdown in Amazon’s revenues in recent years, the company’s profit margin has been consistent for many years. A margin increase is necessary by the company in order to avoid the stock price from declining any lower in value in the short term.



Home Shipping and Inventory Network Operations

Among its most shocking licenses is the creation of an “air gratification place” where objects will be transported by drone from an airship. Amazon will be looking to bring innovation into external strategies (3PLs) and freight organizations, similar to how it did with Whole Foods.

Amazon is currently attacking competitors’ supply chains, assuming items are delivered in 48 hours or less. Web-based commercial providers build networks to serve the national interest.

The Amazon Go stores look like test kitchens for the upcoming merchandise stores, barely any work. There is a tremendous opportunity for innovation companions who can drive innovation in retail.

Improve the organization of posts and improve the enemies of phishing mediation

Consider everything Amazon has to offer customers with the choice of arrangement of a particular book/object based on novelty, audit and location informed by the client. Specialized issues are the most limited right to drive new enforcements, Amazon has consistently encountered issues with fraudulent requests from customers for accounting data from existing Amazon customers. This has to be backed up by the astonishing adversary of deceptive interventions that interest customers.

Integrating site tasks with social system administration:

Amazon needs to improve the collaboration that comes from coordinating data obtained from its advertising, offering, and posting services. The association’s GIS will help provide customer touch points anywhere, anytime. Between engaging in the customer relationship phase in order to promote and win more customers, Amazon should coordinate its entire phase with interpersonal websites.

By combining a customer’s shopping experience with their long-term informal communication record, the paper and governance presented by Amazon to organizations close to the end user will be enhanced. Using the assets of large companies to organize personal interaction devices will help Amazon share surveys and feedback from voluntary end customers.

Addressing the current gap between Amazon’s advertising and transactional assignments:

The fact that more is needed makes the buried relativity between existing transactions and offices a more regional intervention thanks to the standardization of GIS frameworks. ERP has boosted Amazon’s bottom line overall, but investigation into the errors and pitfalls Amazon encountered indicates that leadership insights are yet another area that needs to be incorporated into the information framework present and its background.

Redo marketing efforts

Amazon’s promotional efforts should be more responsive to customer needs. Using information from customers with facilities nearby will enable you to enhance this training there by providing newsletters that are often reworked to meet buyer network requirements. Amazon’s proposal won’t include how they might change their innovation or phase, but include ideas for linking up and making the most of the data that’s accessible.


Market assurance is not the main answer for Amazon. In the context of the use of CRM strategies in corporate asset management arrangements, greater emphasis is required on the human assets of the board of directors and the oversight of business operations. Key performance markers and key results regions characterize a company’s results.

Without a doubt, Amazon has recorded success, but advancement in IT and e-business requires making constant changes to KPIs and KRAs for employees. GIS’s work at this crossroads is all the more obvious because linking the results of each worker’s individual commitment to the company’s overall progress is an important test. Achievement simplicity in this way will be made available to employees through dashboard and transaction tracking through Amazon product services.





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