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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) is referred to as the official governing body of motorsports in Australia. FIA aims to ensure that all the motorsports need to be considered following maintaining the highest safety standards, social responsibility, and fairness (Cams, 2019).

This report is based upon evaluating the technical information along with the documents that are relevant to work activities. My strategies concerning technical reports will also be briefly explained in this report. Finally, at the end of the report, it will also discuss technical documentation which will be including OEM, CAMS and manual workshop which will help in completing the report successfully.

What range of technical information and documents relevant to work activities have you sourced to help prepare this technical report?

The range of documents along with technical information that I have sourced to prepare this report comprises of CAMS general principles and technical related information.

While evaluating the technical information of CAMS I came to identify that ballast is an essential technical component that completes the weight of automobiles which is fixed using tools that are used to affix seals.

The body shell is another technical component that I have identified, the body shell of motorsports comprises of the fundamental structure of the automobile (Schön, 2017). The body shell of the automobile also consists of bonnet, doors, and mudguards.

Whereas, evaluating the documents requirement I have identified that it requires international control of automobile components that regulate the FIA international championships. International sporting code in terms of encouraging and facilitating international motorsports.

Documents of national control of competition along with its rules are also important in terms of carrying out these activities. Therefore, based on all this technical and document information I have prepared the report.

What strategies have you developed to research and write technical reports?

The strategies that I have mainly used to write up the technical reports include using appropriate technical documents to meet deadlines and reach out to goals. The reason that I focus on meeting deadlines is mainly because of retaining quality along with delaying any unnecessary delays.

I have also focused on using more powerful languages to persuade readers and provide them a positive feeling. The right choice of words along with a good command in language helped me in writing down the technical reports.

I have also considered providing extra time in analyzing the sources of information that I have gathered, in terms of extracting meaningful information which I can use it to mound useful results and analysis (Gould & Taylor, 2017).

Furthermore, one of my crucial strategies while writing down my technical reports included using my communication skills to enhance the quality of writing my report and provide clear insight of work to the readers.

What questions can you ask the customer or supervisor to clarify and confirm report requirements?

Based on my report writing I will be asking the supervisor about their feedbacks which will help me to improve my technical report writing. I will be asking the customers what additional technical information or document information they would like to see in the report.

I will also ask them whether the customers would like to see a complaint system, which will enable the customers to raise their issues. Accessing feedback from the customers will help me in understanding their acceptance towards the reports and what additional information they would like to see in the report.

What workplace technology can you access to use to access technical documentation like OEM workshop manuals, CAMS regulations, professional publications information and pass test results data?

The CAD design is an influential technology that I use to access technical documentation like CAMS regulation, OEM manuals, and professional publications (Crescenti, Fredericks, & Fritsch, 2017).

With the help of CAD technology I mainly access information such as core features that are mostly used during the process of motorsports workshops, partners’ house styling requirements, support, and information on service available for the designing process and warnings and notices that are required for regulatory compliance.

I also search for OEM documents which I use to devise strategies such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), which helps me in processing all the information and driving results.


The overall report was based upon my viewpoints where I have identified the range of technical and important documents that are needed to prepare the technical report. I have also underpinned strategies that help me in writing technical reports.

During the report, I have also designed specific questions that I will be asking the customers in terms of accessing their feedback towards my report writing. Finally, at the end of the report, I have also focused on using CAD technology to access important information related to technical documentation such as OEM workshops and CAMS regulations.



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