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The term conflict of loyalty can be well defined as the particular type of conflict of interest in which trustee’s loyalty or the duty of the trustee towards another person or the organization could well prevent the trustee from making any kind of proper decision only in the best interest of the charity.

The conflicts of loyalty generally arise due to several factors they are as follows: When there is a potential benefit to the trustee in context of financial or measurable or due to the trustee’s duty towards the charity that may compete with the duty boundness or the loyalty towards other organization or the person,

Secondly if there is a presence of personal or any kind of social awareness, if there is any kind of psychological wound in the past of a particular individual and also if there is lack of knowledge on the basics of communication skills .

The term conflict of interest can be well classified under three sub-headings they are: Direct financial interest, Indirect financial interest and the Non- financial ort the personal conflicts.

Direct financial interest is the type of conflict that can be well recognized and it arises due to the fact when the administering body, committee or the CCG staff gets directly financial benefit.

In order to explain this matter in more vivid manner one can provide certain examples they are: The award of the contract with which a member is involved or associated and secondly the sale of the goods and services at below the market value.

Indirect financial interest is a type of interest which generally arise due to the fact that the close associate of a governing body member, committee member or the concerned GP associate practice the benefits from the decisions of the CCG.

This type of people generally gets benefitted in an indirect manner especially if their financial aspects are linked with the ones where the husband-wife, partner and the dependent child of the particular individual is directly associated with some way or the other.

In order to explain this matter in a much clearer way one can provide a very evident instance that is: a particular person who is well associated with the decision in giving award of contract to the organization where the member’s wife is the director.

Non-financial or personal conflicts is a type of conflict of loyalty where there is no financial benefit as such but there is presence of some external factors for instance: Firstly, the advantage of having good reputation in their personal relation or the professional relation and secondly the giving of contract to the friends.

There are several ways by which the loyalty conflict can be effectively resolved they are as follows: Firstly to adopt a broad mindset or a long-range viewpoint, effectively analyze the relationship issues and try to resolve those by means of two way communication,

try to develop more knowledge about the effective means of communication at least the basic skills and by means of convincing the other family member including the elder member to understand the relationship triangles, loyalty conflicts and the proper way of separating them from each other.


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