Paint Contractor

Part 1: Project Proposal

1. Introduction

In this report, accounting information system will be designed for the business client of Vinci Painter. Under this, company is planning to develop an effective accounting system and sub-system which it will provide to client for their benefits. This part of business proposal outlines the scope and purpose of designing an accounting information system for the Vinci Painters. Further, this part also highlight on planned use of non-organization sources as well as on comprehensive plan of work activities which are required to be covered while developing a project new business plan.

1.1 Scope and purpose

The scope of this business proposal is wide as this project proposal is prepared for identifying the actual requirement of accounting information system for Vinci Painter Company. The main purpose of this project is to provide the business clients with new business services like accounting information system that will be designed along with interactive sub-systems. In other words, this paper outlines a proposal related to accounting information system and also helps in identifying the requirements for use of accounting information system for company’s clients. Further, three accounting information sub–systems will be identified which will help the company in designing an effective accounting information system i.e., inventory sub-system, payroll system and job costing/job management sub-system. These three sub-systems are identified on the basis of issue or problem like poor job scheduling, poor retention system of quality employees which painter company face in this industry. By using this AIS sub-system, it will become helpful for the business to maintain their relationship with clients as well as provide them with effective business services in order to overcome the issues which Vinci painters are facing in this competitive environment.

1.2 Planned use of non-organization sources

For this project proposal, different non-organizational sources are used in planned manner so that additional information is also used for developing an effective plan about designing an Accounting Information System (AIS). For searching more about the firm industry, the appropriate source to collect data is journal and different web sites which will provide better information about the industry. For using additional information related to designing of an effective Accounting Information System (AIS) supports us in completing our assignment and work on time efficiently. The other non-organizational sources will also include researcher projects and different IT engineers blogs which will provide the support in developing an understanding related to the accounting cycle and also help in examine ng the designed system efficiently and typically provides reliable outcome.

1.3 Comprehensive plan of work activities

Under this project proposal, it is also discussed that painter’s employees are required to develop their understanding related to the work activities which are required to be performed by the organizations in order to complete the entire project on time efficiently. Under this, comprehensive plan is developed in which each member work activities are assigned in such a manner that it encourage them to contribute towards the work efficiently and effectively. In this plan, each member of company will be well-defined with the organizational objective and aim as well as will also be provided with clear information that how they will communicate with each other while working at different areas.

For each member contribution in the work, target is set by the company, incentives are provided to the members so that they retain in the organization for long term period. A group member should not rely on the other individual’s work because this may delay the project completion on time as well as affect the project efficiency to a huge extent. Through this plan, it will become easy to redistribute the workloads in efficient manner if an individual fails to complete its work on time and in this case, group efforts will help in completing the work on time by dividing the group efforts.

At the same time, for developing effective communication system among each member for that proper and open communication process will be followed in order to deliver the information at the right time to right member. With the help of open communication, it will become easier for the member to communicate with each other at all functional level and this avoid the conflict and delay in information transfer. However, the collective efforts of the group will help in achieving the better outcomes than working individually and this result into completion of work activities on time. The group communication and coordination system should be specific and ambiguous i.e., every member are required to check their e-mail id regularly on a daily basis.

On the other hand, this comprehensive plan related to work activities also help in identifying the ways which will help the company to ensure the quality of product that is delivered throughout the project completion. This plan also states that the quality of product should be analyzed on a regular basis so that in order to improve the work activities timely (if necessary). The quality of project and on-going work will be reviewed before the due –dates of work completion. Thus, ensuring the product quality in efficient manner will help in satisfying the customers and deliver the best outcome from this project completion.

Below stated table presents the schedule time for work deliverables of part 2, 3 and 4:

S. No.Work deliverables (Parts)Schedule Work Duration Person Responsible
1Part 2System Documentation and Analysis1 monthProject manager and top executive
2Part 3Internal control analysis and documentation and recommendations5 and half monthsProject manager, top management and peer-members
3Part 4Final deliverables15 daysPeer-members and

1.4 Reflection Statement

This reflection statement reflects my learning and knowledge which I developed while working for completion of first deliverables on time. While working on this deliverables, I faced various challenges and issues which developed obstacles for developing a new business plan related to Accounting Information System (AIS). For preparing a new business proposal, all group members puts their efforts for designing an effective proposal for Vinci painters in order to overcome the issues which company is facing  in this industry. But according to me, for designing an effective accounting information system, there is high need of skill and capabilities and technical professional who can help in developing a new system which provides the benefits to business clients with its services.

In this first part of deliverables, we selected a three sub-system which will be provided to business clients as a service by the organization in order to overcome the issues faced by the Vinci painters. When this project proposal is designed, I found that company is only focusing on using three interactive sub-systems like inventory sub-system, payroll-sub system and job costing or job management sub-system.  But according to me, I will recommend that company need to consider other sub-systems in order to design attractive AIS system for the business clients. While studying the case study, I observed that Vinci Painter Company wants to overcome the issues related to poor retention strategy for employees and poor scheduling of job projects. This above study reflected by overall learning and experience of my about working with other group members in a coordinated manner as well as about putting full efforts to complete the assign work activity.

But at the same time, I found that in today’s competitive environment, there is always uncertainty situation and for meeting that I found that there is requirement of some principles and elements which help in maintaining an effective and normal environment at the workplace. This study helped me in developing more knowledge and helped me in identifying the advantage of using new technology which helps the company to target its clients efficiently and satisfy them with their services. At last, I also learned how to reduce the workload of an individual and complete the assigned task on time.

During comprehensive planning, every member of the group has been allotted with the work and according to which I was also assigned with work related to scheduling further work deliverables. While developing a schedule for work, I learned that for completing a particular task there is high need of time and effort for which at least 1-8 months required. In this work of my, I interpreted the time which is required for completing the other work deliverables according to the duration and also determine the person responsible to supervise the work.  Overall, this study helped me in developing my knowledge and skill as it helped me in understanding the requirement of accounting information system and also supported to develop a comprehensive plan with group members related to work activities.

Part 2: System Documentation and Analysis

2.1 Organization / Industry Description

Vinci Painters is a painting service company which provides top quality painting services. It presents the wide range of services for the interior and exterior painting services both for the residential painting and commercial markets. The Vinci Painters provides the several printing services for the customer like- Dry wall contouring, full prep work, fine detailing, refinishing, Acoustical ceilings, small carpentry work, pressure washing, roof cleaning, and specialty in wall coatings. All the projects are customized according to the needs and demand of the customer (Yee, Yeung & Cheng, 2010). In addition, the price of the project is decided according to the cost of the material, profit margin, scope of the project and needed equipments.

The firm ‘Vinci Painters’ is providing the services which are related with the painting contractors industry. The painting contractors industry is growing very fast from the last decade and gaining a high amount due to the different designs. This industry only includes a few companies so there are only some competitors of the Vinci Painters. All the competitors are able earn high profit in the market by use of the contracts and marketing (Hameri, 2011). The Vinci Painters is restricted its competitors by providing quality in the painting and design to direct customer and it also has a number of contractors to increase the profit. Most of the time, Vinci Painters also acquires the other painting competitors and provide an opportunity to get the profit with the company.

(Organization Chart)

The painting by contracting market is very competitive for the new entrance. This industry has a large number of firms with the high turnover and the buyers of this industry have power to choose firm from the large number of the firms (Ellington, et al., 2010). The main challenge for the painter firm is to make loyal customers because they compete on the quality, service time and price. In current scenario, this industry is facing the challenges slow growth rate because the market economy is in downward shape. Another challenge is facing by this industry is the new regulation of the government for the service sector. This industry is highly dependent on the seasons, so most of the companies try to avoid more work at the dry seasons and highly try for new contract at the wet seasons (Ralevic, Ryans, & Cormier, 2010). Vinci Painters decided that they will improve the quality on both seasons and provide the timeliness service to sustain in the competition because the customer prefers the high quality in the painting.

2.2 Purpose and key features of each relevant AIS sub- system

Inventory sub-system

The inventory is AIS sub system which is helpful to achieve the organizational goals. The inventory controls on the productions by providing the detail of the available balance of inventory. The balance of the supply and demand of the product in the market is also affected by the effective management of the inventory. The inventory system of the accounting information system shows the cost of the inventory to effective balance sheet. The primary function of the inventory is to maximize the profit by the use of marketing and production. The inventory control is also useful to maintain the safety stock and helps in maintaining the stock level. The inventory system plays a significant role in the AIS system as it offers various services to the company like it tracks the inventory like how much inventory is available and how much will be require. For example, company tracks the inventory level in the warehouse in order to make a decision of placing orders. So tracking the stock/ inventory by the Vinci Painters, it helps them to balance their stock level at the warehouse. The balances stock level assist in reducing the expenses of the company that may contribute towards their goals achievements. At the same time, inventory sub system also contributes towards the preventing from out-of-stock conditions. As this system give an alert to the company regarding to the shortage of inventory in the warehouse. This allows the company to place an order on time. Therefore, this sub-system proves to be effective for the company in terms to manage or control the stock in warehouse. It is also estimated that the companies which able to maintain their stock will easily achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

Production management sub-system

The production system helps in managing the quality of product with right quality of the business. It means that this system prove to be effective for the company in terms to bring quality in the product. For this, production system utilizes materials, funds, infrastructure and labor to produce the requited output in the form of goods/ products. It includes three components such as inputs, conversion process and output etc. Input consists of the raw materials, machines, man hours, parts and drawings etc. Conversion process include operations within which raw materials is converted into the finished goods. In the conversion process, there are various process are included which are supporting activities that’s involve the production planning and control, purchase of raw materials, receipt storage and issue of materials. In this step, the testing of product quality and inspection part is also carried by the organization. Lastly, output includes the finished goods and services. Therefore in each step, company tries to maintain its quality so that value product can be produced and maximum satisfaction could be providing to customers. It will result in achievement of system goals for Vinci painter.

Payroll sub system 

The payroll sub-system is also a part or element of AIS System which is used for getting beneficial outputs and inputs both. The typical input of payroll sub-system includes individual employee details and time sheets which help in collecting and recording all information about the company. At the same time, payroll sub-system also provides outputs to the organization like payroll register, gross payroll costs, list of certificates and group certificates, etc. This sub-system helps in achieving an organizational goal efficiently and for which organization objectives are to be considered as well as key objectives for implementation of control system.  The key objectives are needed to be considered while implementations of control system are validity, completeness, accuracy, safeguarding, and accountability and so on.

Using payroll sub-system will help the organization to achieve success as well as design the Accounting Information System (AIS) efficiently. This payroll management sub-system is used as essential software by the company in order to maintain the business processes, performance and also daily time consuming activities efficiently. This payroll sub-system is also known as payroll management software which is sued by the companies in order to retain the employees for longer period as well as satisfy them by providing payroll benefits. In this payroll sub-system, employees are paid correctly on time and this builds the transparency in the payroll system like accuracy in marinating and disclosing absence, collective labor benefits, expenses and adjustments. With the help of payroll sub-system, it becomes easy to develop and improve efficiency of the organization in managing and collecting the right and accurate information about the human resources and their payrolls.

However, each sub-system is used in every departments of the organization in order to improve their efficiency level as well as to helps in doing transaction efficiently.

(Organizational chart)

Moreover, it can also be stated from above organizational chart that each department of the organization will develop and build transparency in their working system which will help in avoiding the conflict to a large extent.

2.3 Main issues specific to e-commerce system

The e-commerce system in of the Vinci Painters faces several issues that affect the business. The ecommerce system always needs to regularly change the contents to more attract the customer and promote the brand by the use of new qualities and design. Most of the time, the regulation of e-commerce could change because of the security purpose, so there is a need of the system to folly the regulation. The e-commerce also faces the issue of the privacy that may show the customer data to another competitor and also use these data for cyber crime. The online payment form the customer may hake by the cyber criminals. At the same time, the competitor can research on the online feedback of the customer about our service. Some other compositors also make fake website and provide local quality service to our customer.

The cyber security of the system is very important for a business to remove the issues related with the e-commerce system. There are different initiatives that provide security to the e-commerce like- privacy, identification, authentication and authorization (Huang & Benyoucef, (2013). The cyber security of a business provides the security to the website, information, transaction and network. To secure the data, most of the companies use the anti-virus, anti-spyware, Firewall and VPNs (Virus Private Networks). All data of the company should have in the safe hand and authorize to the trusted person.

2.4 Managerial decisions supported by each of the Sub-system

The various sub-systems are inventory, payroll and Production/Job costing/Job management.

Inventory Sub-System– Inventory management helps in making better and effective business decisions. It helps you to give every minute detail of the customers, about their needs, preferences, etc. It also includes the customer-buying behavior pattern, delivery time schedules, sales data, etc, which helps in assuring that customer loyalty and demand is met. Inventory management on the other hand, also helps the business to exercise more control and transparency over the quantity of the products which are being produced by the company. It also helps to make the work simpler and efficient by automating the labor-intensive tasks. It also helps the company to save its time and reduce its costs by making reduction in the labor requirements and by having access to the real-time data and information. A well managed and well-scheduled inventory system further helps the company to identify the areas where it is facing issues and the problems in the supply chain such as, inefficiencies, theft, and other bottlenecks. Having am effective inventory management system helps the company to make optimum utilization of its resources. It helps the company to utilize its cash somewhere else rather than keeping it investing in places where it is not required. It will result in facing liquidity problems by the company especially when the sales of the company are declining. Inventory management software also helps the businesses to simplify their operations as well as centralize the work at one place. This results in saving the time and shifting the focus on more profitable activities.

Payroll Sub-System– Payroll refers to the remuneration which is provided to the employees against the services they render for the company. It is very essential to manage the payroll system effectively and efficiently as it provides data and information for making managerial decisions. It is helpful in knowing what amount should be given to the particular employee and what will be its criteria. It also helps in tracking the statutory compliance of the employees in the company. The payroll software system also allows a comprehensive data management and the possibility to generate customized reports. Payroll management is important as it provides the data and information related to the employees and other staff working in the organization. It is important for deciding the criteria according to which the employees should be remunerated, the desired level of skills and abilities etc. Payroll system also provides the data on the latest tax updates in the company. It is easy to manage the leaves taken by the employees, sick leaves, absences and overtime, etc. The comprehensive validation procedures help the company from committing possible errors and entering any wrong information. Hence it makes planning and scheduling a lot easier for the company.

Production/Job costing/Job management Sub-System

Production management refers to managing the transformation in creating the products and services. It means managing all the activities which are related to the making of new goods & services. It provides the data related to how much resources is been used by the company in making the necessary goods and services as well as how effective is the company in meeting its customer requirements. This data is helpful in taking managerial decisions such as, allocation of resources, what type of inputs are required for creating the most prominent goods and services. It becomes easy and effective to manage the implementation of the major business decisions related to the product development, product layout, product design, material required, quality management, operations strategy, production planning, inventory control, facilities planning, etc.

Each and every data which is identified helps to analyze the present circumstances and helps in identifying better solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing  and the service operations of the company.

2.5 Key features of AIS software chosen

Accounting Software is a type of software that helps in recording and processing the accounting transactions within the different functional modules like, accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll, trail balance, and general ledger. It operates as accounting information system. It helps in describing the steps which are made in the process of system analysis. It also helps in designing the system as this system is the most common used information system in any business enterprise.  This accounting software is very flexible as it can be used anywhere and at anytime as well as with any device which is connected to the internet. AIS software varies in its cost & complexity. It is therefore a structure that is used by the business to collect, acquire, store, handle, retrieve, process and report the financial data of the business.

The key feature of AIS software is as follows:

Reliable– The information which is been collected should be free from all sort of errors. It is necessary that all the information that is been inserted in the system is correct and prominent else the system is not responsible for the occurrence of any kind of mistakes.

Relevance– In this, every information which influences the decisions of the business is relevant for the business. It is very important that the information which is required should be delivered at the right time as well as it should be of significant use for the company. This information in return will help the company to make appropriate decisions related to the objectives of the company.

Easy-to-Understand -It is observed that the more complex is the functions of the accounting system, the more possibility exists for committing errors. So, it is suggested that the accounting system should be very flexible, user friendly and easy to understand and access. This will improve the chances of using the accounting system to its full capacity.

Comparability-Reports that can be compared among the various business units and periods are easy to access by the accounting system. It is generally required that the reports should relate to a period so that it makes it easy to compare.

Software-The accounting software is flexible as it provides the information as and when needed. It also helps in automatically upgrading the system removing the errors and constant purchases. The cloud software is also used as it is user friendly and flexible in providing transparency among the accounts, book-keepers, and the clients.

Accessible-For achieving efficiency and success it is suggested that the data is available at the right time and can be accessed efficiently and instantly. It further helps in making and planning for future.

Usability-It is required that the accounting system should be easy to use and understand by the employees of the company. Otherwise a complex system will hinder the productivity of the organization.

2.8 Reflection Statement

The reflective practice reflects the products and services sold by the firm. It describes the wide range of services produced by the Vinci Painters like the painting services for the residential and commercial markets. The various services are also been provided by the company for the customers such as, dry wall contouring, fine detailing, refinishing, etc. The company also has few competitors present in the market. The profit is also been affected by the competitors in the market. The main challenges faced by the firm come in the way of retaining the loyal customers in the complex environment as well as the new regulation imposed by the government for this sector. For sustaining in the dynamic environment the company has tried to improve its services and the quality.

The reflection statement further shows the issues specific to e-commerce industry that affects the business. The main issue was to attract new and potential customers and to promote the brand. There is also a need to upgrade the security system as the regulation of e-commerce has brought several new changes. There are various sub systems that help the company to provide data which is helpful in taking managerial decisions. The sub systems are inventory, production management, and payroll. Each sub-system is effective in providing data to the company which in return helps in taking managerial decisions. The purpose and scope of the assignment is reflected on the identifying the requirement of the information system of the Vinci Partner Company and it also increase the clients by providing the new services. The company also planned for the use of the non organization sources such as researcher projects, different blogs of the IT engineers. The non – organization sources will help to develop the understanding related with the accounting.

In addition, the comprehensive plan is used for the purpose of the effectiveness in the timely compilation of the work activities. In this comprehensive plan of work activities the quality of the product also analysis that it should be effective and efficient manner to satisfy the customer. The system documentation and analysis also reflected on the organizational activities and feature of the AIS sub system. The purpose of the inventory, production management and cash or account receivables also described for clearly define the key feature of the each sub- system. The e-commerce systems also face some issues that that have needed to solve the following issues such as: technology changes reflect on the product quality, security affected by the regulations, privacy issues etc. The privacy issues may highly reflect on the ecommerce because if the company does not use the security in the privacy then the organization data can be misused by the cyber crime.

In addition to this, the cyber criminal can attack on the online payment system or hake the website for the money. The different sub systems are also supported the managerial decision. The inventory management provides the cost effective inventory within the less time consumption to better support to managerial decision. The payroll sub-system provides the support to managerial decision by the use of data and information related with the remuneration. The production management sub-system reflects on the decision making that is taken by the production department related with the effective and efficient production. There are several key feature of the AIS software such as reliable, relevance, easy to understand, comparability and accessible for the operator to record and process the accounting data of the organization.

In the internal control analysis, the partial control matrix is used in which different control plans are used like quality control, process control, quality assurance plan, etc. There is also explanation of the control matrix for develop an effective AIS system, it provides the control framework to organization to achieve the effective and efficient goals. The control analysis of the different sub systems are reflected on the overall control on the system goal. The each sub system requires the managerial recommendations for effectively develop and implement the AIS. In this recommendation the payroll requires the acceptance of the new technology that will help to reduce the time of work with the high quality. The overall reflection of the report is showing the various issues and importance of the different elements to develop the organization. This assignment is highly reflecting on the design and development of the effective Accounting Information System (AIS) to provide the more services of the clients of the Vinci partners.

Part 3: Internal Control Analysis and Documentation and Recommendations

3.1 Partial Control Matrix

Under this, different control plans are determined and involves like confirm customer accounts regular basis, independent billing authorization, document designed, etc. Using existing controls plan will be examined according to the developed client’s sub-system so that key objectives and control system goals can be achieved successfully. In addition, there are different control plans such as quality control plan, quality inspection control plan, quality assurance plan, corrosion control plan, process control plan and many more. These control plans provides support to the organizations in managing their operational activities so that customers get satisfied, employee feel comfortable to work and this will lead to increase in the organization development and growth in the competitive market.

In order to identify control weaknesses and inefficiencies in designed accounting information system (AIS), for that organization is required to test the system before implementing properly because this will help in determining that where is the problem and issues employees or clients are facing while using the system. Moreover, it is also recommended to organization that they need to focus more on providing the training to employees and clients and make it easier for them to use efficiently. Thus, this recommendation will help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of AIS system.

3.2 Control Matrix Explanation

For developing an effective AIS system, control matrix is also required as it is formal security model for protecting a single digital file in the computer system. This control matrix helps in characterizing the rights of each subject in respect of other objects in the computer system. The control matrix is used as a tool by the organization in order to implement the control framework which helps in analyzing the system flowcharts by defining a control plan which helps in achieving the control and system goals efficiently and effectively. Through each control plan, it will become easier for organization to achieve the system goals because using control plan will support the organization to operate their control functions in significant manner. In like manner, the quality assurance control plan will help in satisfying the customers with the quality of product and services offered to them. In a similar manner, process control plan will also help the organization in improving the process of managing the business services so that system goals can be achieved. This control matrix plan will help in increasing the efficiency as well as helps in reducing the number of data element by using the effective resources in the operation system.

3.3 Control Analysis

The overall adequacy of control over the stated sub-system is effective as different control plan are prepared for managing the operational or information system which helps in achieving the business and system goals easily. While studying, it was also determined that expensive control plan not only help in achieving a single goal but also provide support to other system goals. The efficiency and effectiveness of controls plan is high as they provide benefit to the organization in meeting their requirements and work properly to a large extent. In my point of view, using an expensive control for one single goal is less efficient and wasteful because this control will only focus on achieving a system goal efficiently. The mix of preventive, detective and corrective controls helps in controlling the operational system of AIS as well as helps in managing the risk. From this, it can be concluded that control in quality of services and product will be fully based on the environment and users requirements.

3.4 Managerial Recommendations for each sub-system

In this, managerial recommendations are also provided for each sub-system in order to develop and implement an Accounting Information System (AIS) efficiently. The payroll sub system will support the control system as well as develop efficiency of the employees towards their system this will increase in acceptance of new technology in the organization as soon as possible. In stated sub-systems, it is found that there are some challenges which may develop obstacles while managing business client information and their order in a systematic manner. This recommendation will also help in identifying more additional control plan which are missing control.

For identifying the missing control, it is recommended to company to focus more on company’s issue and objective so that appropriate control system is developed which help in protecting the confidential data or information. It is also recommended that they should prepare a new report which addresses all the requirements as well as demonstrates the use of all sub-systems which organization is facing in this paint industry. The draft of new report should highlight all the recommended points in more efficient manner so that Accounting Information System (AIS) can be easily understood and adopted by the company’s employees and clients.

3.6 Reflection Statement

This reflection statement elaborates the overall study and findings which I identified while analyzing the system control. This study reflects the overall understanding related to the issues which are affects the system control. For this system analysis process is conducted with the help of control matrix which helps in identifying the existing and missing controls which are used by the organization. This analysis is done for main purpose i.e., to develop an effective control plan for the Accounting Information System (AIS) so that system efficiency can be developed.

Moreover, while developing an effective control plan, I also focused on key objectives of the each sub-system which are used for designing an efficient AIS system for the organization (Vinci Painters). According to me, considering the each sub-systems features and objectives helped me in designing a perfect system that also involves some major constraints. But at the same time, I also identify the weaknesses and inefficiencies which I found while analyzing the system design which I prepared for the organization. My reflective study also helped me in defining the control plan which helps in achieving system goals efficiently for the Vinci Painter. Like, quality assurance plan, process control plan, etc are some control plan that are also needed to be considered and analysis on the basis of system goals. Through, this, I was able to analysis the control plan and identify which control plan will develop obstacles and issues while designing a perfect and effective Accounting Information System (AIS).

In addition, I also analyzed the control plan in order to determine and check the adequacy of each sub-system which is selected on the basis of Vinci painter issues. In this part of the assignment, I learned the importance of analyzing the internal control system and documentation in order to identify the issues which company is or might face in the future because of each control plan. Through this control analysis, I was able to understand and develop my skill to analysis the things on the basis of efficiency and effectiveness on the developing system. With the help of control analysis, I and my group member were able to identify the factors and control system and plan which are inefficient for the system. During the study, It was studied that if organization uses expensive control plan for supporting a single goals then will it help in achieving a system goals efficiently and effectively. But according to me, using expensive control plan for single goals will provide efficiency but also increase the expenditure cost for designing an effective Accounting Information System (AIS) for the organization.

On the other hand, my reflective study also illustrated different managerial recommendations for each sub-system are provided so that organizations goals can be achieved dramatically for future benefits. In this, I recommended that Vinci painter Company need to develop or prepare new report which includes all recommendation points which influences positively on the control plan and designing of AIS system. Thus, this reflective statement outlines all the study and findings which are observed and recommended for better control system and achievement of organizational goals.

Part 4: Final Deliverables

4.1 Executive Summary

This paper summarized overall study which is conducted by group members for completing an assignment related to designing or development of new Accounting Information System (AIS). In this study, our group members performed different tasks which are divided into 4 different deliverables which are to be identified and studied in depth for developing a best appropriate design of AIS system for the business clients. The main purpose of this paper is to develop and design of an accounting information system (AIS) for Vinci painters, in order to provide the additional business services to their clients. This paper discussed different key areas which plays a significant role in designing an efficient AIS system which meets the customer and organization requirements. In addition, three interactive sub-systems are also identified i.e., payroll sub-system, inventory sub-system and production/Job costing / Job Management sub-system.

For designing an Accounting Information System (AIS), different sub-systems are also identified in relation to the problem or issue which Vinci Painter are facing in this industry. The findings from this study are various such as identifying key features of each sub-system, identifying different existing and missing control plans related to stated sub-systems and so on. Moreover, this study provides best result for this assignment as each group member performed well in their assigned work. From this study, it can be concluded that by implementing a designed Accounting Information System (AIS) will provide best opportunity to company Vinci Painter for targeting its business clients and employees by providing a effective business services to them.

4.2 Critical Evaluation

For completing this assignment, every member of the group is assigned with the work which they have to complete efficiently on time. During the critical evaluation, it is also determined that each group members have strength and weaknesses which created difficulty or provided support in reaching to an effective outcome. However, it is clearly stated that every individuals have different skills and knowledge which support them as their strength and weakness. In this, some members of group have high skill and some have great knowledge or some has efficiency to analysis and observe the things easily. In respect of this, strength and weaknesses are determined and evaluated easily.

Under this, different elements are considered in order to evaluate the performance of each member in this assignment i.e., to identify the contribution and participation of each member in accomplishing this project objective. For critically analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, there is need to evaluate the achievement which group members achieved from this assignment. Simply, this critical evaluation defines the overall learning, experience, expectations and achievement that group member achieved by designing an effective and perfect Accounting Information system (AIS) for Vinci Painters.

From this, the evaluation process will become easy and through which each member performance and their strengths and weaknesses are identified. Through this critical evaluation, negative impressions are also highlighted about group members work which they performed for completing the task. The strength of the group members is their knowledge, skill, observation, practical learning, and confidence and so on whereas the weakness of group members is their efficiency. So, it can be explained that each group member’s has performed attractively and efficiently for designing a effective and perfect Accounting Information System (AIS).

4.4 Reflection Statement

The completion of this assignment has been remaining very helpful for me in the context of the knowledge gaining. It developed my knowledge on the various significant elements in the report. During the completion of this report, I increased my knowledge on the concept of the accounting information system. It taught me that what the importance of the accounting information system in the business operation. Furthermore, I also gained that what the main scope and objective of report. In this part of final deliverables, I prepared executive summary which discussed overall study about my work which I completed to design a perfect AIS system for the organization.

In executive summary, I learned how to summarize the overall learning by outlining and highlighting the purpose of this assignment and result which I achieved while working and designing an AIS system. From this report, I identified various issues, findings and recommendations which provide benefit to the company in future for long term basis. At the same time, it is also found that system documentation and analysis is also important in order to develop the effective information system in the organisation. It was helped me to understand the business operation of the company. By the helps of this report, I identified that the application of information system is helpful in the context of the communication in the organisation. It also supports in the operation process of the company and helps employees to easily conduct the business activities.

Moreover, I also critically evaluated different elements also which plays a significant role in designing a AIS system and which include three different sub- systems also i.e.,  Payroll sub-system, Job costing/ Job management/ Production management sub-system. These all sub-systems are critically evaluated by me in order to understand and identify the requirements related to the requirements which are to be achieved. My skill and knowledge helps me in critically evaluating the overall functioning and control process of each sub-system and also helps in identifying that strength and weakness while deconstruction of the work. Simply, strength and weakness also helps in developing my knowledge and skill to next level as this critical evaluation helped me in determining the highlights of overall study by evaluating them according to the organizational goals and objectives.

On the other hand, this reflective study helped me in examining the work on the basis of organization and system goals which are to be achieved successfully. While examining the overall work, I also faced some challenges and issues which created difficulty for me to complete this assignment on time, for which I developed my knowledge to overcome the issues. This understanding also helped me in learning new skill and develop my thinking and efficiency level to demonstrate and analysis the things more efficiently and effectively. While studying this paper, I also determined that every group member have separate thinking due to which result of the overall analysis result into vice-versa form i.e., some members agrees to result and some not. So, to overcome this, it was also recommended to the group member to contribute equally by participating and performing their own work in a systematic manner.

This reflective statement also elaborated use of accounting information system for every organizations through which I also develop my insight by understanding the importance of applying the accounting framework in the working environment successfully. This understanding helps in developing professional management skill and accounting knowledge which will help in me in long term and in my future career. Thus, I can easily conclude that this study helped me and group member to complete this assignment task successfully.


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