CR4015 Criminal Justice Assignment Sample


Module Code And Title : CR4015 Criminal Justice Assignment Sample

CR4015 Criminal Justice Assignment Sample
CR4015 Criminal Justice Assignment Sample


Police are said to be the responsible person to whom generally the public approaches for any crime which is investigated against the public or anything wrong done. Police are said to be the registered person for the awareness programme if there is any crime in society. Police generally function at the branch of the government that is said to be the administrative machinery of the society.

The police are generally charged for the tranquility and reservation of the health of the public and for any disorder called in the society. The police act, which was started in the year 1861 generally, conveys the importance of this mechanism, which purely highlights the major functions, and powers of the officers. The given act also states about the recognition that the police hold in the society for the prevention of any crime. The police should always keep in mind before performing their task that the welfare of the society and the people should be their first priority in duty.


2.1 Liberty to fundamental rights

Police generally deals with the people who are very innocent and accused both and uses force to a certain extent for the performance of duties. The police also make sure that the public is aware of human rights and about the general citizen’s fundamental rights so that these are not violated. These laws are very important and if these laws are violated the police department generally take strict action against it.

Universal declaration of the rights provided to the human has given several significant rights to the people such as all the people of the economy has the right to liberty, life and also for the personal security of an individual (Lindon and Roe, 2017). Further articles also state that there are several laws that should not be violated and if violated the police will take necessary actions against them (Brown and Silvestri, 2020). Torture and cruel behaviour can also lead to serious criminal investigations.

A policy is a very important instrument of the society, which is in charge of maintaining the law and order and peace in the society. If a criminal investigation is brought to notice, it is the duty of the police to take necessary actions against it and regulate strict rules against the criminal. It is also their duty to evaluate the social responsibility so that they can ready and dependent on the future operations that they generally receive from the public.

The police should also keep in mind the welfare of the nation and also for the people of their country and dedicate themselves to their security and safety. The police officers and the entire team should always be ready to surrender themselves for individual security by risking their lives and also building harmony in society.

They should also identify the members belonging from different societies and give equal importance to all. In securing the law of observance or also in maintaining the law order the police should actively participate and also use the different available methods of persuasion by warning and advising. When the application of force is higher, the only irreducible minimum is required for the circumstances that occurred.

2.2 Criminal justice system

In the justice system of criminals, the police play a very important role. It is the principal responsibility of the police department to arrest the investigated criminal of the case and also conduct the criminal until the final law is not initiated by the court and heads for the prevention of the crime performed by the criminal (Baradaran Baughman, 2020). These government bodies are also legally authorized for enforcing the laws if any severe crime is conducted and punish the criminal as per their vision.

The judicial system of the crime department has enacted several rules and regulations on which the individuals need to conduct their specified operations (Torrible, 2021). Hence, it can also be said that every country and every state inside the country has their own registered government bodied who looks after the criminal laws and the judiciary system involved in it (Lindon and Roe, 2017). Every place and state has its own police body and the in-charge department who looks after the criminal cases and also the welfare of the society. The police in society to control the legal aspect of life enforce several laws and regulations.

Therefore, law enforcement is very important as it helps in upholding the process of legislation and also helps in investigating the crimes that are happening in society (Skogan et al. 2019). The main aim of the policy is to maintain the safety of the society and they make sure that the person of the society doesn’t have to deal with any kind of discomfort.

The highest order and integrity is a basis for the fundamental prestige of the government bodies (Baradaran Baughman, 2020). By recognizing the given points it can also be said that the police should always focus on providing carefree services to the people. Therefore, it is also the duty of the police to be courteous and well behaved with the citizens.

As a member of a democratic and a secular state, the department of police continuously focuses on personal prejudices and also works towards the promotion of harmony in society (Skogan et al. 2019). It is the social responsibility of the police department to create a bond of brotherhood in the society and also take necessary actions if any rules initiated are violated. regional and also the linguistic diversity and also the renounced derogatory practices so that the dignity of the women can be maintained in the society (Brown and Silvestri, 2020).

The police also work for several social causes in society and are also responsible for creating awareness regarding the social cause. The governing bodies are also responsible for the potential development of the state as the rules are regulations are highly maintained by the police officials and their team.

2.3 Responsibility of police

The roles and functions of the police can be broadly discussed as they are the responsible person for shaping the society with brotherhood and peace (Hines and Peri, 2019). The major responsibility of the police in shaping society and focusing on the criminal justice system is to uphold the enacted laws and protect the life of the people who are living in the society.

If a criminal investigation is taken into consideration it can be said that the police bodies have been authorized to take necessary actions against the crime committed. They also respond to punish the criminal as per their vision until and unless the end result is given by the hierarchy so that the crime is not performed in the future (Hines and Peri, 2019). It is also the responsibility of the police to focus on promoting and preserving the public order. Protecting the internal security so that the prevention and controlling of the terrorist activities can be done.

Hence, they also focus on the breaches for the harmony of the community. Protecting the public properties including the railway bridges, footpath is also the duty of the police department against the several acts that has been initiated against the protection of the public from attack. Preventing crimes and also reducing several opportunities for the commission of any crime through the perfective of the team and also through their vision (Willis et al. 2018). For accurately registering the complaints brought to them, they take instant action against it.

There are several steps that the police department has recently taken to increase its flexibility in an effective and efficient manner. The points include creating a national guideline for the country and awareness of the points should be made. By creating awareness in the mass the police want to regulate necessary actions so that they cannot be violated in the future. They have also started focusing on the collaborative approaches which will help the institution to design effective policies of their work (Hines and Peri, 2019). Lastly, the police officials have also aimed in encouraging the people of the country about the right manner of living and also how brotherhood and harmony can be increased in society.

2.4 Key challenges in affecting the police agency

The key challenges for the police officers do not include the necessary training or any expertise for undertaking any professional investigation. It has been also seen that there is also a lack of a legal understanding process between the team and also the cyber infrastructure and forensic labs both are inadequate (Fedorenko et al. 2019). One of the major challenges that the police department generally faces is in determining which tuition is responsible for the crime and how the criminal justice system can be enhanced.

As a member of a democratic and secular state (Willis et al. 2018),  the police should continuously thrive towards developing personal prejudice and also creating harmony in society. Those of the members who are designing the reforms, especially for the government, focus only on the police, prosecutors and the court. Globalisation, terrorism and also the movement of a large scale population are some of the social problems that are highly increasing and going beyond the scope and traditional capabilities of policing.

The police should also focus on recognizing the social causes and their potential ability to find an end solution to the problem (Willis et al. 2018). The potential of maintaining peace and discipline in society is always on the shoulders of the police and it can be best ensured by maintaining a higher level of standards for maintaining peace and discipline. Apart from that faithful performance and dedication are two major factors that become a great challenge for the police. Another major challenge in the police department is giving priority to their work as for police keeping their duty before their family and themselves is most important.

They should always be courteous and maintain peace and calm even if they are facing a dangerous situation (Hipple et al. 2017). They should stay dedicated to their nation and always be ready to sacrifice their life for the welfare of the nation and the people (Bulatović, 2021). It is the prime duty of the police to prevent any disorder or crime occurring in society and also recognize the source so that these barriers can be mitigated. a code of conduct in any country for police officials was generally adopted at the inspector’s general conference in the year 1960, and later on, several rules and regulations along with important acts were enacted.

These acts and rules are now used for maintaining the proper functioning of these governing bodies in providing development and peace in society (Hipple et al. 2017). One of the major challenges as mentioned in the above line is determining the work and the institution through which the criminal justice system of the country can be enhanced and also the working operations can be performed in the right manner.


Hence, it can be concluded that the police is a very important instrument of the society that is responsible for the development of the society and also for establishing brotherhood and peace. in the country. A country would not be able to live peacefully if there would be no police and their monitoring so that the people of the community are protected. A country or a state will be able to achieve peace and brotherhood only when the police and the team will perform their duty will full dedication and enthusiasm.

There are several which has been initiated as mentioned in the above points that look after the administrative roles and the duties which has been specified by the higher hierarchy.  The code procedure, which is initiated for the criminals, helps the police by empowering them to conduct further investigation of the case and release an arrest warrant against the criminal.

Therefore, it can also be recommended that the people of the society should provide high respect to the police officials as they are working day and night for the safety and security of the individual. Hence, it is also the right of an individual to make sure that they are cooperating with the police and helping them to continue their operations in an effective and efficient manner.


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