Creative People and Organisations Assignment Sample

Introduction (Creative People and Organisations Assignment Sample )

Employees are arguably the most valuable assets of an organization and without having a dynamic workforce an organization will simply not be able to run and sustain within the competitive business market. In order to retain the most creative and talented workforce within the organization the leaders and management of any given enterprise attempt everything possible to ensure that the employees are feeling valued and appreciated. Therefore, in this report the concept of talent management and the importance of nurturing the most creative workforce for ensuring the benefit of an organization will be discussed at large by putting significant emphasis on Amazon’s company culture.

Analyzing the key characters of innovation and creativity and its influence on organizational performance

Innovation and creativity may be regarded as two of the most important drivers of organizational success and without making innovative and creative decisions, it becomes challenging for any enterprise to compete with their rivals within the contemporary business world.

Amazon, which is one of the most well renowned global organizations in the world and most arguably the most profitable firm across the globe, always attempts to implement various innovative methods and approaches within the company’s structure (Amazon. 2022). It needs to be mentioned that leadership may be regarded as one of the main predictors of employees, along with teams within an organization and lastly innovation and creativity as well (Hughes et al., 2018).

One of the key characteristics of innovation is experimenting, which Amazon has executed many times over the year and as a result of that product or services, similar to Amazon Prime, Amazon Go have come into existence. Research has shown that a plethora of thinking patterns, such as imaginary, analytical, intuitive and analogical, is some of the aspects most entrepreneurs use while making a creative decision (Barnard and Herbst, 2018).

One of the most significant differences between innovation and creativity is the potential to turn an idea into a highly successful product or service, which is significantly prevalent within Amazon’s company culture. There are many ideas that come to the minds of a leader and not all of those turn into a successful venture, however, a good and effective leader will always ensure that all the ideas have a fruitful outcome.

Amazon may be regarded as one of the organizations in the globe that has perceived relevant success in most of the business ventures the company has taken over time and that is an indicator of the fact that creativity and innovation are some of the integral part of the company’s internal climate. In terms of the influence creativity and innovation has on organizational performance, most of the time positive association has been perceived as these two aspects always help a firm to attain its organizational goals with utmost efficiency.

Innovation and creativity also enable an organization to sustain in the competitive business world without facing any significant challenges as in today’s world all the enterprises are coming up with their own version of innovative ventures to stay ahead of the competitors. Thus, creativity and innovation are considered as some of the essential skills to have in the 21st century, as both these skills promote the potential of humans by evoking the positive characteristics of an individual (Nakano and Wechsler, 2018).

In terms of Amazon, its creative and innovative ideas have always helped the company to stay ahead in the competitive race and earn a significant amount of revenue throughout the years. Products and services, similar to Amazon Alexa, Kindle are the fruitful outcomes of some of the most innovative and creative thinking and products, such as Kindle have somewhat changed the way people in today’ age read books.

In accordance with research, the concept of creative performance demands the production of services or products that has mainly two characteristics, such as the product needs to be original and simultaneously useful to the consumers (Mumford and Todd, 2019).

Thereafter, it may be assumed that creativity and innovation have been extremely beneficial and intensely impactful to drive the organizational performance towards a more effective and positive direction. Creativity and innovation also help employees to be more productive as any individual prefers to work on an innovative idea and as a result the individuals put in more effort and attempt to pour in all the creative talent anyone has into the given project.

Assessing the way innovation is responsible for profit and the importance of talent management within organization and understanding cross-cultural behavior

From the above-mentioned discussion, it has become quite evident that the characteristics of creativity and innovations are some of the most crucial factors that are able to ensure that an organization is moving towards the right direction for attaining all the organizational objectives. More importantly, innovation is an aspect that always makes sure that a given enterprise is always earning a significant amount of profit, since innovative products and services always tend to allure the consumers and have more possibilities of doing more business than a product which does not have anything new to offer.

However, it also needs to be mentioned that an innovative organizational culture is not able to remain prevalent within an organization, if the leadership is not effective, since these individuals always look for ways to come up with ideas that are new for a given commercial market to attract more consumers. Henceforth, the leadership of Amazon and the way the organization has been able to remain constant with coming up with new innovative ideas with the help of its significant leadership is quite commendable.

It needs to be mentioned that for bringing creative and innovative ideas to meet organizational goals, most of the global organizations, including Amazon, always try to maintain an organizational culture that provides freedom to the subordinates. This given strategy makes sure that the individuals are able to come up with innovative ideas on their own and for having the most creative workforce, Amazon has a policy to recruit people from various different cultural backgrounds.

A positive brand of an employer with a significant amount of contribution towards brand reputation for helping organizations to attract and also retain the most competent employees for gaining competitive advantage is a primary ingredient for attaining organizational success (Graham and Cascio, 2018).

Recruiting people from all over the world and cross-cultural backgrounds ensures that the organization is acquiring a myriad of innovative ideas from the people who might have come to work from a different ethnicity or nationality. In today’s age talent is the main source of acquiring competitive advantage for today’s organizations and if the employees of a company have unique skills and competence then it will help the enterprise to remain different from the rest of the competition (Hongal and Kinange, 2020).

Therefore, it may be mentioned that managing talent and retaining the most talented employees are a vital aspect of having significant organizational success and for that it is important that the employees feel greatly motivated while working within an organization. Choosing the proper structure regarding the factors of motivation, especially the ones aimed towards the categories of job along with gender is one of the main roles of the management of an enterprise (Lorincová et al., 2019).

Creative People and Organisations Assignment Sample 1Figure 1: Factors of motivation  (Source: Lorincová et al., 2019)

Employees who do not feel motivated or valued do not show a significant amount of productivity and thus, it leaves an impact on the final outcome of the organizational goals and objectives. In order to motivate and encourage the employees for acquiring the most talented workforce, it is imperative that the leadership of a given organization is significantly effective and the employees always feel positive regarding working under that individual’s authority.

It may be stated that the concept or approach of transformational leadership is regarded as a highly effective leadership approach that enables leaders to always transform a particular situation into a positive one by always motivating and encouraging the subordinates working for a given enterprise. Research has demonstrated that the theory of transformational leadership has been proven to have a positive effect on the support perceived by an organization along with providing job satisfaction to employees as well (Bernarto et al., 2020).

Discussing the best innovation and cultural practices implemented in Amazon using relevant theories

The above-mentioned discussion has made it significantly explicit that without innovation and creative thinking an organization is unable to run its course and sustain within the competitive business world. Amazon, a global organization for the purpose of maintaining the innovative atmosphere within the organization has implemented several cultural practices over the years that have helped the enterprise to reach the pinnacle of success. One of the most significant innovative practices that Amazon has adopted is in accordance with the chocolate model of innovation, which may be applied while the adoption of organizational change and adoption is being planned.

The first step of this given model is to analyze the change or innovation that needs to be implemented, following that the next step will be to recognize the individuals who are required to go through a change or innovation (Refer to Appendix 1). By taking this approach Amazon attempts to comprehend that the particular division of the company is in dire need of having an innovative change for it to perform more efficiently in the future.

The next approach will be to identify the broader context of the organizational innovation or change in terms of the way the given innovative change will affect the other aspects of the overall organization. It needs to be mentioned that this significant model of innovation and change is quite effective when an organization wants to implement any innovative change on the overall organization or in some specific parts of it.

Apart from following a significant model of innovation and change, the company culture at Amazon is extremely positive which provides significant opportunities to all the employees to become as creative as anyone wants to be. In a world that is changing rapidly, organizations that have achieved relevant success are those that perceive innovation as the most important priority for attaining organizational goals (Lin et al., 2022).

The management at Amazon has always embraced as it is part of coming up with new ideas, which further indicates that within the organization risk taking is a significant part of having an innovative culture. Research has suggested that the significant behaviour of taking risks has been able to positively mediate the relationship of empowering leaders and the commitment of employees towards organizational change (Jung et al., 2020).

Creative People and Organisations Assignment Sample 2Figure 2: Process of risk management  (Source: Jung et al., 2020)

In addition to that, in order to implement innovative ideas, it is important that an organization is accepted towards adopting the contemporary trends or technology for staying relevant within the market. Multinational enterprises face relevant challenges owing to the growth of globalization, frequent changes in technology and more, which further urges the companies to be dependent upon innovation for sustaining in the long run (Boone et al., 2019).

Amazon always welcomes the new and contemporary ideas that any individual employee brings to the table and also empowers the individuals to move towards a path that will help the subordinates to come up with new and unique ideas which will be ultimately beneficial for the organization. In order to keep the innovative ideas coming in the future as well, the company has a relevant educational programme for students for giving more students the chance to be innovative in different aspects of life. The investment that Amazon makes on such programmes does not always directly benefit the company, however, it helps the overall innovative culture that the company is currently building (Refer to Appendix 2).


Finally, it may be concluded that innovation and creativity are two of the most important drivers of organizational growth and success and without these two components, a firm in today’s contemporary world is not able to survive. Amazon within the company’s organizational culture has implemented a significant amount of practices that help the company to come up with a wide variety of innovative practices, which helps the organization to remain ahead of its competitors.


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