Critical Evaluation

Critical Evaluation

1. Introduction

The Motor car industry has been highly enhancing its growth and developing its market share extensively. Morgan motors, a British car manufacturing company, founded 1910 and are one of the leading companies under motor car manufacturers.

The company’s main vision is to manage its design of cars with exceptional craftsmanship and modern technology. Thus, in this report a critical analysis on the industry and companies overall environment has been evaluated in order to analyses and review its position.

2. Review of Operations

2.1. Vision

The company’s main vision is to design, engineer, craft and manufacture the Morgan designs and to provide service of cars as individual as its owner. The company looks forward to provide an unforgettable experience for the customers with highly technical design and craftsmanship and following the modern technology (Morgan Motors, 2020).

These measures and signs of Morgan motors have developed a strong base for Morgan motors in the market with value customers and position.

Lean Agile

The lean production concept seeks to accommodate a higher level of flexibility and agility in the automobile industry supply chains. There are three practical ideas that can be undertaken for the integration of lean agile supply chain. The three combinations are: within the same space but at different time, in a different area but at the same time and in a different area but at the a different time in a supply chain.

Thus, these measures can improve the manufacturing of Morgan motors and enhance its supply chain.


The operations of Morgan motor have been extensively managed with high quality material ingredients and innovative technology. The crafted design of the cars is managed and engineered by strong employees and staff that have high engineering and designing knowledge.

The craftsmen and women are highly passionate about the standards and design of the cars that can be perfected to each generation and bring a high level of Heritage, Innovation and Technology (, 2020).

Morgan builds 800 cars each year and the models are 3 Wheelers, Plus 4 and Plus 6 that have unique design and true engineering of its sports car. The manufacturing company has built over 2000 motor 3 wheelers and has also deputed a prototype electric version in 2016 at the motor show in Geneva (Mathivathanan, Kannan and Haq, 2018).

Morgan has introduced its Plus 6 that is aluminium CX – generation platform that has skilled design to meet the 21st century cutting-edge Technology performance.

Designs and engineering of Morgan motor cars are highly crafted with an unique spirit of its craftsmen and women in the company. The reviews of the company and the employment facilities have shown several positive comments to work the factory and manufacturing process. The vision of the company to provide its customers with the unique experience of cars has been the major factor for its reputation in the market.

The change of owners has also influenced its Innovation and design highly. Morgan Motors reputation has been enhanced in its business as well as its employee management (Rathi, Khanduja and Sharma, 2016). The company not only provides its customers with a Range of unique designs in engineering but also provides its employees to learn about high standard designing in the industry.


Volume – The Volume of Morgan motors depends on the consumer orders for the luxury cars. However, the company produces fewer cars as it manufactures handmade and crafted cars according to the designs preferences of the customers.

Variety – The technological development and skilful craftsmen and women in the company has allowed Morgan motors to develop different variety of cars in the market. The customer oriented and customized design to each car provides the company with a super capability in its variety. Plus 4, 3 Wheelers and Plus 6 are the different varieties of cars in the company.

Variation – The Variations in the services and deigns of the company is also highly customized. Different models and ideas are designed every time with new technological features. The company also has built several luxury and heritage cars.

Visibility – The operational process of Morgan motors is highly efficient for its customers. The cars are designed and customized according to their preferences and ideas. They are provided with highest value of cars and maintenance as well.

Supply Chain

The supply chain of Morgan motors is highly complex as there are several designs and material requirement sent to the suppliers. However, strategic alliances are being formed to manage these supply chains. ERP system is the major factor that has helped the company to manage its supply chain.

However, the company has been implementing IFS methods to manage its supply chain in the modern market. The IFS allows the company to control product management data and will also minimize waste by speeding up the process.


Production – The production of the company is managed under its one-site manufacturing area. However, the different designs and models that are customized for the customers are produced in the production site. However, their company has been facing issues in dealing with the waiting lists of customer orders.

Preparation – The management and design of the car is strategized and discussed upon with the customer preferences. The customer is detailed about the cassis, sheets and material that will be used or required. The design is then started for the crafting and manufacturing.

Process – The overall process is within the company’s suppliers, customers and its manufacturing site. The design and models are integrated with skilled engineers and technological features are designed under it. These are then prepared and launched to the consumer.

2.2. Satisfaction of Stakeholders

The major stakeholders of the company are its customers, employees and its Investors. These stakeholders influence the overall operations of the company and allow it to expand its growth and reputation in the market (Pirttiläet al. 2020). The operations of Morgan have been satisfying its customers highly and also assisted to manage its operations.

Employees – The company employees are the engineer, manufacturing personnel’s, designers and skilled craftsmen. Morgan motors has a sound and positive environment for its employees to benefit and learn from the company.

The company not only provides them with a sound environment, facilities and payments but also provides them an environment to learn and develop their skills. Morgan motors has been positively reviewed by its employees of the overall environment and facilities in the company. Thus the employees in the company are highly satisfied.

Customers – On the other hand, the unique designs and engineering of cars with specialized craftsmanship of its producers satisfies the customer highly. The company has standardized design facilities and updates its models every time to maintain a quality and innovative reputation among its customers (Abdi et al. 2018). Morgan motors provides crafted and unique cars with modern technology that fits the requirements of the customers as well as influences the company heritage.

Investors – The money from Italian Financier Invest industrial has been a major investor towards the Morgan motors operations. The investment made was highly benefited by the company owners and maintained with new designs introduced in the market (Fernandes, Tereso and Fernandes, 2019). The company’s old designs had already covered huge revenue and satisfying the investor relationship extensively.

Thus, these factors and environments of the company have influenced its relationship with the key stakeholders. The company has been expanding its business and also maintaining a strong level of reputation in the market.

3. Conclusion

Thus, it can be concluded that the operations and vision of Morgan Motors has influenced its position in the market. The management of employees, customers and investors in the company’s highly managed through integrated vision and values.

Morgan motors have not only invested strategies and ideas on its business development but also kept a strong focus on its key stakeholders. However, the company has been facing challenges in its reputation as the size of its waiting lists has increased and is unacceptably long. On the other hand, the key stakeholder that is the investors has asked the company to break into the new market for better shares without any changes in its current position.


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