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Independent research can be explained as the process of an individual investigation initiated by the students to understand in-depth analysis of their subjects of interest.

This form of research helps students to enhance their skills and knowledge in a particular area which can further influence their future roles. This study is focused on the factors on which the roles of independent research are dependent.

Research cycle

The research cycle refers to the stages and processes in which the research procedures are conducted by the researcher. The five stages of the research cycle refer to a research problem, research layout, data collection, data analysis, and reporting research findings that are based on independent research.

The cycle initiates with the role of identifying the topics and objectives of the research.

As per the discussions of Panichella et al. (2017), the objectives and targets of the research help in developing a framework for the research methodology.

After the completion of objective development, the researcher designs the clinical trial or the data collection process.CS132-6 Developing Assignment sample

Peer review research articles for journals and why it has been used

In the process of conducting independent research, it is essential to consider different factors such as authentication of the information source and validation. As per the findings of Li (2020), research authentication helps in acquiring credibility and reliability of the research subject.

It is often observed that the findings and learnings of a particular research subject are utilized by future studies and other researchers. To pass on the learnings and findings of the relevant subject, it is essential to acquire authentication and validation of the study.

Peer-reviewed journals are designed so that validity, quality, and originality of articles can be easily identified. It would also help in answering authentic questions that are related to independent research so that accurate conclusions can be drawn based on experiments that are conducted.

It thus helps in filtering out invalid articles so that inadequate information can be avoided Peer reviewed research articles are used because it helps in coming up with authentic sources that are important for completing this research.

The independent researcher needs to consider authentic data sources and continuous verification of the data.

As per the statements of Blumenberg and Barros (2018), the data collection methods of research include primary and secondary data collection methods. In the process of secondary data collection, the research needs to consider peer-reviewed journals, books, and other authentic data sources.



Relevant abstracts to the subject

It is quite evident that one of the key objectives of any research work is to inform action. Hence, a research study must seek contextualized findings within the larger body of research.

In this context, the research cycle can be marked as a series of stages that can help researchers effectively in the process of researching or gathering information as well as in terms of drawing effective conclusions. Open access journals refer to free, unrestricted online access that can be done for coming up with research findings that would be easily accessible to everyone.

The importance of open access articles refers that it helps in developing better access to journals so that research can be conducted regularly. Disadvantages that cater to this reference to the lack of quality control and publication fees that are applied here.

In this case, the Subject relates to the importance of authenticity and viability in research works. Hence, it is imperative to develop a proper research process, in terms of ensuring that all kinds of information are being figured out effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it is quite obvious that the purpose of research is also to foresee future problems.

The key stages of a research process tend to involve identification, location, assessing, and lastly analyzing the collected information that is needed in terms of supporting the developed research questions (Edosomwan, 2018).http://CS132-6 Developing Assignment sample Hence, by formulating all these stages, independent researchers can get the benefit of developing as well as expressing respective ideas more effectively.

On the other hand, if the research work is related to an empirical study, research needs to be based on direct experiences or observations of the respective researchers. All of these suggest that the formulation of a proper research process is an integral part of any research work.

Impact factors for journals

Impact factors for journals refer to how often articles have been published in that journals during previous years and citations that have been given in them.

The higher impact factor of journals refers to the frequency of articles in the journals that are cited.

To conduct independent research, it is appropriate to opt for the descriptive research design to showcase an in-depth analysis of the subject. As it has been mentioned that independent research is conducted by the students or individuals to enhance skills and knowledge on a subject of interest.

Hence, the process of descriptive research will help the individual to utilize pre-existing authentic data to analyze the present scenario of the concerned subjects.

As per the explanations of Atmowardoyo (2018), the simplified procedures of descriptive research design help the researcher to analyze the data along with the alignment of the present situation to conclude the final findings and results.

The researchers are not required to generate hypotheses and complex methods to operate the research process which makes it suitable for independent researchers.

The authentic pre-existing data used in this process maintains the credibility and reliability of the project as well which further enhances the quality of research findings.

Future researchers can also benefit from the implementation of descriptive research design in independent research.


The study concludes that in terms of completing individual research works properly, any researcher must formulate a proper research methodology or strategy in the initial stages of the research.

Moreover, it can be concluded from the study that the identification of sources of information is another important aspect of independent research work.



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