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Stages of the research cycle

The stages of research cycle are:

  1. State question or problem regarding the research

At the first stage in the research cycle, the problem has to be evaluated regarding researches queries. The problem has to be stated specially and as it will be taken as the initial observations of the research work (Crayne et al. 2018).

  1. Collection of observation

Collection of observations has to be taken from all the concerned areas of the research. It has to be contained with some preliminary experiments (Eisen et al. 2020).

  1. Evaluation of Hypothesis

Creation of a hypothesis is one of the unavoidable stages of the research cycle. A reasonable hypothesis should be contained with the new facts discussed in that research work (Hong et al. 2020).

  1. Experiment make on a hypothesis.

After that, good experimental work is associated with testing the research work (Locatelli et al. 2017).

  1. Ascertain results and make a conclusion

The most crucial stage of the research cycle is ascertaining results and concluding those research work (Sheth et al. 2019).

Peer review of research

Peer review is a systematic way to assess the quality of a particular manuscript before its publication. It helps determine whether a manuscript should be published in the journal or not (Tennant et al. 2020).

As a manuscript is to be submitted to a journal, it is to be checked with the manuscripts’ required criteria. Editors of a publishing team will be selecting potential peer reviews from the peer review manuscripts (Shi et al. 2019). Existence of four main types of peer reviews are used such as

Single Blind

As reviewers know the authors’ names, there is no useful information to the authors about the reviewers; these manuscripts are called single-blind (Tokui et al. 2019).


As reviews do not know anything about the authors and authors do not know the reviewers’ names, this type of manuscript is called double blind.

Open peer

Authors have the information about the reviewers, and reviewers have information about the authors called an open peer—published journal containing the reviews’ names (Tokui et al. 2019).

Transparent peer

Transparent peer is that type of manuscript where the reviewers have sufficient information regarding their authors as the reviewers do not know about the authors (Tennant et al. 2020).

Open access of journal

Open access is a derived model for communication that enhances research information available to every reader without any cost. It is proclaimed as a traditional subscribed model where every reader can take the information by paying a specific amount for subscriptions. Open access to journals means it will be treated as free and achievable by accessing it on the internet. One can publish journals in the open accessed platform for earning a specific amount of money (Tokui et al. 2019). Open access journals are free to publish as it is a standard term which means articles are available for free access on the internet.

Open access to journals is a great initiative taken by research institutions as each, and every individual can get access to the research by paying some necessary money. It will facilitate academic institutions as it facilitates a significant number of students (Tennant et al. 2020). It has a negative impact as a practice Morrissey among the students accessing the journal from the internet. The number of purchases has been reduced, creating a more significant loss in the publication sector.

Impact factor of journals

Journal impact is a derived number of times articles obtained from the journals published within a few years. The impact factors of journals are ascertained by dividing citation numbers by the total number of articles published (Crayne et al. 2018). 1.0 impact factor means that published article published within the last two years cited for just one time on an average note. While 2.5 impact factor means published, articles have been cited two and a half times within the previous two years.

Authors use journal impact factor to submit their article for publication, along with it is used in libraries to collect development decisions from the outsourcing. The journal impact factor usage is not limited to authors as academic departments used journal factors to assess productivity in the academic fields (Tennant et al. 2020). Implementation of individual decisions, tenure, and for promotion of assignments, journal factor, is used by academic departments.


Research Problem

A research problem is a difficulty, gap in the knowledge, specific issue, and contradictions that aimed to be addressed in the research. The type of the research problem depends on its topic of research as it will help identify an article whether it is accompanied by the research problem or not (Tokui et al. 2019). A research problem can be written as the problems in the research work context, discussion on the prescribed issues on the research area as it will be addressed. In the next stage, the problem’s relevance has to be identified along with evaluating the objectives of the return.

Ascertain reference research areas

One of the research work’s essential parts is to ascertain the research work’s reference research areas. Current phase will discuss the research areas of particular research work and what implements can be done in this regard (Crayne et al. 2018). The researchers who have done research work independently are accessing submitted manuscripts for originality in their publication process Creation of the proposal has been done in this part as conclusive evidence is published regarding research works outcomes. Plan works and schedules have to be visualized to refer to research areas.


There are various research methods such as experiments, questionnaires, surveys, interviews, participants and nonparticipant’s observations, studies using the Delphi method, and case studies. Experiments help to assert conclusive evidence regarding the statements. Surveys will play a significant role in finding secondary research data (Crayne et al. 2018). Questionnaires are an unavoidable part of research work. Interviews are associated with the collection of primary data. Case studies help in aligning the research work with its implemented areas.

Potential significance of the findings

The findings’ potential significance suggests that measuring performances of the research areas of specific research work (Crayne et al. 2018).

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