CSIT214/CSCI814 Assignment Sample – IT Project Management 2022

Project Success Criteria

The success criteria of the project is demonstrated through the measurable goals or outcome of the project which is acceptable to the end user for stakeholders and customers (Awan, et al., 2015). The project is mainly based on developing software within the timeframe of 2 years with addressing the concern of individual ad posting, room posting, search radius for the rooms, suggested matches and the search filters. It is mainly indulged in the real estate agent and the application or software is to be developed in such a direction that the customers would prefer to use the software.

CSIT214/CSCI814 Assignment Sample

Moreover, the communication between the client and the customers should be recorded for future reference (Harrison & Lock, 2017). On the other hand, the genuineness of the agent along with dealing should be checked and evaluated for ensuring trust among the customers. The advertisement of the software is need to be conducted in such a manner that the success of project are demonstrated. The information of vacant room for the advancement of new entries are also executed in structured manner through the execution of project objectives.

The constraints regarding the limited resources and employee termination would need to be addressed and suitable strategies are required for developing the consistent project process. The success criteria for the project is also reflected through established co-ordination between the teams and other stakeholders. Moreover, conducting user testing repeatedly would also possess success of the project and ensure meeting the requirement of stakeholders.

Project Stakeholder Management Plan

Stakeholder Management Plan has documented and defined the actions and approaches which would raise the support and reduce the negative influence on the stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle (Hornstein, 2015). The key stakeholders of the project are considered as project managers, customers, executives or team members, project sponsor, approval committee and steering committee.

Stakeholders Power or interest Key concern Communication mode Frequency of communication
Project manager High Monitoring and surveillance of the project work process along with ensuring balance between the resources and spending would also been included under the key concern. Face-to-Face Weekly
Customers High The demands and needs of the customers are required to be prioritised and addressed for inclining the service dimension into that particular direction. Formal Email and face-to-face Once
Project team members High The communication between the team members are need to be intact for constructing the software effectively which has justified the concern of fulfilling quality. Face-to-Face Weekly
Project sponsor High The financial resources are supplied and monitored for progressing the project. Formal Email Monthly
Project approval Committee Moderate The approval committee is responsible for approving or sanctioning any particular decisions regarding project. Formal Email Monthly


The stakeholder matrix is considered as the particular tool of project management which is applied for evaluating the stakeholders to formulate the actions that are needed for ensuring project goal (Binder, 2016). It justified the alignment between power and interests. Based on the framework, the customers are need to be mentored and the project manager is to be informed regarding the deliverables. The project sponsors are to be kept satisfied and the project team members should be managed closely.




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