Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness

Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness Assignment Sample

IV. Introduction

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Leader is a particular position that a person holds in a group through which he or she decides the action plan for the group. Although leadership is a particular post which enables a person to have control over others, certain skills are required to become an effective leader.

The main role and responsibility of a leader is to predict the future to a certain degree, understanding the skill level of group members, knowing how to use the skills etc. A leader should be able to handle the problems that a group faces while accomplishing a certain goal. An effective leader is also expected to maintain a good working environment where every group member shows mutual respect to each other. Since team leaders are expected to have a higher experience level, they are expected to guide team members in their role so that their individual skills can be improved.


Leadership skills are a critical criteria in sports since teamwork and coordination can bring advantage to teams. The main purpose of this paper is to understand the problems faced due to issues such as gender-inequality, institutional racism etc. It also tries to discuss the aspect of under-representation of minorities in leadership roles.

It tries to highlight the problems that arise due to the leadership position inequality. Large amount of research has been conducted to find the solutions for these problems. They have also highlighted the advantage that sports and society will gain if biases in the spots can be ended. This paper tries to find the key process through which leadership skills in the sports can be improved.



Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership in the sport organization is an essential part since it helps a team to increase their communication and collaboration on the field. Sports organizations identify the key characteristics in every sports man to understand whether he or she has the potential to be an effective leader. Deserving players gain the chance to become leaders. A responsible leader should try to ensure that the team gives its best effort to win games (Ferkins et al. 2018).


Thinking process in new generation

With the progress of time, much advancement has been made to increase the skill level of leadership. This advancement mainly focuses on increasing coordination between team members, process to increase motivation level, nullifying any type of discrimination through proper team environment etc. According to the research of Lesley Ferkins (2018), to improve leadership skill, the process should start before a person actually gets the position of leader.

It has reflected that a multilevel leadership model increases the morale of the team members since they also receive the opportunity to express their opinion. In traditional leadership models, followers are not allowed to express their opinions and follow the instruction of leaders.

However, in modern day multilevel leadership models, followers give their opinions while creating plans. In this model, plans are created through a group discussion process where every team member has the opportunity to provide contribution in decision making. In overall it helps the team to create more effective plans.


Supportive evidence

First: Leadership for women in sport

Part A

Even though women have the same rights as men, the thinking process is that women are not effective in the sport management process. Due to this process, we still see that women are facing multiple barriers in the sports.

Sports need to provide more opportunities to women. It has been found that the social thinking process that women are not suited for leadership also has a negative effect on the thinking process of the women (Piggott and Matthews, 2020). Due to the long term de-motivating thinking in the industry many women face lack of confidence and motivation to become a leader even though they have the potential and skill to become a good leader. It has been shown that it has a negative effect.


Part B

There are multiple processes through which the problems regarding women can be solved. The main factor that needs to be done is that the motivation of the women who are engaged in the sports needs to be increased. Women who already have the potential to be leaders in sports management should be given priority at certain management processes.

This will help the sport management to become more gender neutral. Training can also be given to potential candidates so that they can increase their leadership skills hence performing effectively after receiving the responsibility of a leader (Fransen et al. 2016). It is expected that implementing such plans will help the sports to bring more women in the leadership process. This has a positive effect for the growth of the social structure of a country.


Second Under representation of minorities and racism

Part A

Racism has a long history in sports where a special group of people used to have more advantage due to their racial identity. In European countries there have been various incidents in the past where a person was given leadership of football teams for being white. This type of trend has also been observed in the coach choosing process where white color was given priority over any other skin color. This type of practice remained an open secret in European football.

However as the globalization rate increased, the world became more connected to each other. Due to the presence of the internet and international newspapers, this type of practice became highlighted. This type of practices started receiving creationism and global criticism (Abad Robles et al. 2021).

To handle the problem of racism, multiple sport organizations such as FIFA, UEFA have taken multiple steps. Along with nullifying racism in sports, rectifying policies created by FIFA and other organizations also had the goal of empowering women with leadership.


Part B

Along with creating policies, sport organizations are also holding seminars. The main objective of these seminaries is to create awareness among sportspersons about the importance of minority representation. It has also tried to create general awareness about women’s rights in the sports. FIFA and other international sport organizations also have multiple rules through which punishments can be given if incidents of racial discrimination occurred.

This policy has helped to create a more clear sports environment. However, prejudices regarding leadership still exist in society (Njororai Simiyu, 2019). However, the density of this prejudice thinking process is decreasing over time as social beliefs are becoming more open. It is expected that in near future the sport will become a truly neutral place where all races and gender will enjoy equal preference while choosing a leader.

Third, the Importance of Inclusion and Access in Youth Sports

A The Importance

The consideration that can be useful for recognizing the sports as an efficient tool for inclusion and that needs to be specified by the terms of good leadership.  The concept related to the fact as well as the significant aspects related to the sports inclusion access from a youth age and the respective service as well as a participant of the  for sports Is a determining aspect to know about (Park and Seo, 2019).

The particular coordination related to the health benefits as well as the concept related to the development of socialization skill and the leadership qualities that can be reserved for the individuals willing to participate in sports events. The concept related to the skill development as well as the health benefits that can come from the particular sports and acknowledgement and conjugation that can be significantly useful for the youth to have a physically active body and good mental health conditions (Ohkubo, 2008).

The particular significant aspect that can be useful for treating the opportunities as well as helping the low-income communities to establish a career pursuing Sports live cricket football or other aspects that can be useful for a long-term potential factor that can be securing the future of the youth population.


B Leadership aspects

The concept related to the exercise action of the new leader emerges for leading the team and achieving their overall operational strategies that can be useful for the team conquering the sports events is  a significant thing.

The particular concept related to the effective leadership structure as well as the traditional approach that can be useful for leading a team and particular leader structure that apprehend the multiple consideration related to the skills as well as a communication device is that can be useful for the team to acknowledge and share the vision as the leader things and wants to establish the priority is in between the team can we knowledgeable by the rest of the team members (Kerns et al, 2000).

Determination is related to the opinions as well as the effectiveness of the leaders in the sports teams and that can also have the overall performance related consideration that can be used for knowing about the modular approach as well as they evaluate examinations related to the leadership approaches in sports teams. The effectiveness of the aspects and the improved team performance can be based on the leadership positions as well as the clarity of the communication skill that has been established by the leader in between the team.


Supporting Evidence

Data Methods and Data Analysis


According to James and Steve, The authors elaborated in their research paper about the concept related to the sports leadership oriented aspirate and the overall concept related to the sports leadership that carries the major significance for the field of character building.

The consideration related to the fact and the word of significant aspect that has been evaluated by the author for the particular assessment is the coincidence changes of the sports management and the new generation of thinking that has been raised in from the leadership oriented as based on a particular basis that is used as evidence in the particular assessment (Bradbury, 2013).



According to Lucy and Jordan, The authors celebrated in the research paper about the particular as fitted to the governance and leadership as well as the concept related to the formal structure rules and water process that can be useful for knowing about the determination related to the changing of organizational structures policy.

The concept related to the leadership positions in sports events and the large credential related to the English code governance that taking control for the particular orientation related to the sports management aspect and the forward practice  is essential for knowing the factors related to the organizational structure of sports policy and formal practice (Leo et al. 2019).



The concept related to the fact that has been evaluated by the authors in the particular assessment and concept related to sports and leadership that is evaluated for knowing about the orientation of the perfect character building as well as knowing about the certain potential aspect that can lead the youth for knowing about the certain potential aspect in terms of sports  significant related to the constant appreciation of women’s sports as well as a men’s sport and consideration that can be useful for the particular emotional stability as well as giving a proper health structure and fitness related orientation Is stated by the authors in the particular journals as well.


VI. Opposing Evidence

The consideration related to the opposing evidence has a significance to put up an argument Significantly useful for knowing the certain potential strength as well as the opposite of the information that can be useful for knowing the certain potential aspects of the particular research work.

The Conflicts in between the teams and overall associated to the role clarity or drop out of the team in terms of the particular specific terms and the number of leaders as per the team increases and the overall conflict that significantly rises within the team (Katz, 2018).

The concept related to the fact as well as the information and rise of the particular leadership role within the team that needs to be clarified for going on the sudden potential as per that can lead to a team concrete and the wall concept related to the disagreement among the players within the particular team.

The particular consideration related to the conflict as well as the deciding factor within the team members and the concept related to the inferior as well as the leadership disturbance can create some of this argument and going on the experimental design of the trim building exercises is a  significant aspect as well (Vaughn, and Firmin, 2009).

The overall concept is related to the leadership qualities that can bring together the team members and this consideration can be useful for the experimental design process as well as creating the team relations strongly that have effectiveness over the leadership consideration.


VII. Significance

The particular significance traded to the leadership style as well as organization for improving the efficiency together so the particular team and the team members can achieve the goal together is a positive outcome .

The clarification relates to the particular process for an athlete leader and knowing about the certain opportunities and additional factors of the team is a highly significant orientation relative to the event analysis and growing to award the specific criteria of success that can be acknowledged by the team leader.

The significant concept related to the team and the team leaders influence over the team members so they can feel motivated and useful toward the particular confidence building and as well as trust gaining in between the team that can be useful for the team to grow and achieve success together.

This type of determination can be achieved by knowing about the certain aspects and strengths and weaknesses of the teams and going out the certain leadership potential for establishing the confidence of the team (Aman et al. 2019).  The significant orientation relative to the good leader’s skill as well as a confidence that can be useful for the ambition as well as a discipline related orientation in between the team members is a considerable aspect that can be useful for the team leader to help the team to achieve certain goals.

The significant orientation related to the process as well as the leadership that helps the followers as well as the floating members to know about the certain limitations as well as a potential and be disciplined for going on the certain opportunities and be flexible and confident for taking the upcoming challenges and build confidence together.


VIII. Recommendation

The particular concept related to the other aspects that can be recommended for the leadership orientation in sports on saves and the value proposition and implement insertion of the specific criteria for leadership can be applied for knowing about the sudden opportunities.

The particular consideration related to the aspects that can be useful for going out the certain potential activities as well as known For the concept related to the senior player and leadership college establishment that can be useful for a career required the different orientation of the leadership styles that can be useful for leading a particular team (Andersson, 2021).

The significant determination related to the concept as well as the orientation that can be useful for sports teams to provide opportunities as well as resources to the teams and the leadership that can be useful for utilizing the opportunities and face the challenges together for achieving a certain goal.

Specific orientation relative to the particular requirements that can be useful for sports participation and completing the challenges that are emerging as per the characteristic of the leadership that needs to be significantly provided for the current professionals with the particular opportunities and responsibility  to create good leaders in terms of sports leadership.


IX. Conclusion

The conclusively mark of the given topic will be presented in the segment.  The concept related to leadership has failed as well as orientation for going on the sudden potential aspects of  the particular topic that has been evaluated in the particular assessment with the relevant information.

the concept related to the fact and the overall significant related to the sports psychology and the consideration for the researchers to use the relevant research papers and the events that are put together following as potential opportunities as well as the effectiveness of the leadership skills that is present in the particular assessment with the relevant information for knowing about the certain potential consideration and future quotes.

The particular aspects and the potential consideration that can be useful for knowing about the non effectiveness as well as a significant orientation of the particular research topic is evaluated for doing as a certain variables related to the leadership has faith and reason for other downgrading asteroid that can be avoided turnover of the particular situations for going as a certain opportunities within the sport industry is evaluated for the relevant information.





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