Customer Experience Management Assignment Sample


The incidents involving the customer experience journey of myself are related to the after sales service of a smartphone company and service received in a restaurant. The after sales service experience for my smartphone is quite positive for me. This is because the company took care of all the important aspects and satisfy me with their services. While the service received in the restaurant is quite bad for the improper gesture and etiquette of the staff. The customer touch points are defined as the point through which a brand contacts the customers (Aichner & Gruber, 2017). Peer referral, e-commerce, and social media are the three customer touch points considerable in the paper. Considering my customer experience journey, I would claim that the peer referral is the reason for visiting the restaurant. Whereas, e-commerce has influenced me to purchase a smartphone.

Discussion on the thoughts

In two of my customer experience journey, I have faced both positive and negative experiences. Over the period of my customer experience journey, my feelings and thoughts have been changed. After one month of purchasing the smartphone, I faced certain software related issues with the phone which cause certain app failures. Thus, I thought of taking the phone to the service center. I had a feeling of uncertainty as I thought the service center will take a lot of time and harass me for the solution. However, my perception has been changed when I visited the service center. I have been welcomed and well assisted by the service representatives in the service center. They have taken my case with seriousness and solved the issues in a short time. Since the solution for my phone’s software, I have not faced any issues to use the phone. Thus, I can say that the service quality of the smartphone company was quite satisfactory for me.

On the other hand, my customer experience journey with the restaurant is quite negative for me. Although, I expected a lot from the restaurant. One of my peers had referred me to visit the restaurant for the availability of different cuisine of foods. However, the service given by the restaurant has not been able to satisfy. After taking a table in the restaurant, I have to wait for more than 15 minutes to make an order. Following this, the staff was also quite unprofessional as per my experience. Their use of languages and etiquettes were the factors that have created such perceptions in me. After visiting the restaurant for the first time, I would not want to visit the restaurant again for their bad quality of services.

Application of 3 CEM concepts

The considerable customer experience management concepts for the assignment are pain points, customer collaboration strategy, and the fives steps of the CEM framework. Pain points are the problems that customers face to purchase a product or take service from the businesses. Considering the pain points, I would say that the wait time and unprofessional behavior of the staff are major pain points in the restaurant. Such issues in the restaurant are similar to the productivity pain points as the staff is wasting time and customers are suffering. Thus, the restaurant needs to focus on replacing the traditional processes with ease of use features and highlight the issues among customers. Customer collaboration strategy is another important aspect of the CEM concept. According to customer collaboration strategy, it can be said that the interaction with the customers is important to develop customer strategy enterprise (Fernández, Roca-Riu, & Speranza, 2018). In this regard, the experience of the smartphone service center is considerable which provides me a positive experience due to proper interaction and support of the staff. Considering the five steps of the CEM framework, it can be said that all the steps are important in customer experience management. The five steps of the model are analysis of the experimental world, building the experimental platform, designing the brand experience, structuring the customer interface, and engagement in continuous innovation (Homburg, Jozić, & Kuehnl, 2017). Based on the steps, it can be said that the restaurant has faced issues to design its brand experience. This leads to improper services to the customers. While lack of innovation also causes the issue to replace the staff with ease of use services.

Use of proto persona profiles

Good experience


Dilkeerat Singh


Introvert, judging, sensing


Age: 27

Work: Job Title

Family: Unmarried

Location:​ Sydney

Needs/ goals

·       To achieve success beyond expectation.

·       To deliver the best effort in achieving career goals.

·       To improve the traits

Based on the proto persona profile, I can explore the positive and negative experiences that I have encountered in receiving services for smartphones and restaurants. Based on the proto persona, I would claim that the behavior of judging and sensing are major aspects that influence me to consider the experience of the restaurant as weak. I would say that my judging behavior has influenced me to consider the restaurant as poor with different factors and issues. Whereas, the sensing aspect also helps in feeling the positive experience I received from the smartphone service center. I would say that the smartphone service provider was quite active and satisfactory in providing services. I would say the gesture of welcoming a customer has influenced me to consider the service provider as good from the very first moment of entering the service center.

Comparison and contrast of the two customer experiences

Both the customer experiences have been effective for me to learn the different aspects of customer experience. Considering the positive experience from the service center of the smartphone, I would say that the gesture of the staff, as well as time taken to provide the services, are major factors which makes the experience a positive one. Along with this, the product has not faced any issues after the service which also makes it a positive experience. Whereas, the long waiting time and lack of gestures are the reason for negative experiences from the restaurant. The restaurant needs to focus on improving productivity and number of staff which can help in providing a better quality of services. The major difference between the positive and negative experience is the management approach to providing services to the customers.


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Fernández, E., Roca-Riu, M., & Speranza, M. (2018). The shared customer collaboration vehicle routing problem. European journal of operational research, 265(3), 1078-1093.

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C. Reflective wheel

Positive experience

Customer Experience Management Assignment Sample


Negative experience

Customer Experience Management Assignment Sample


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