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The management practices of an organisation determine the effectiveness with which it can achieve its marketing objectives. Furthermore, management practices are essential factors that determine organisational competitiveness within the market.

Good management practices in global organisations, especially the ones that operate in a highly competitive market, take special consideration towards the management practices they carry out in their organisation.

Management practices can be defined as a set of practices that are linked with the decision-making aspects within the company (Bloom et al 2019).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Furthermore, management practices also involve the human resource management strategies undertaken by the organisation to utilise and engage its workforce in order to achieve its market objectives. Management practices of an organisation also include engaging their workforce providing rewards and benefits, maintaining an effective communication line within the company as well as motivating individuals to achieve a better team performance.

Hence, considering the various management practices the following study is based on Netflix and the management practices adopted by the organisation to continuously maintain its competitive position in the global streaming industry.

In this regard, the case study of Netflix would also be taken into consideration for identifying the management practices that are undertaken by the company to compete with organisations like Amazon prime. Aspects such as changing consumer behaviour and preferences are quite challenging factors and in this regard making effective decisions and use of creativity play a major role.

The study would also critically analyse the impact of emotional intelligence levels of the organisation’s managers over the engagement and performance of its employees. Furthermore, the values and management practices that Netflix aligns with its various management competencies would also be critically analysed in the following study.

Task 1- Management Practice at Netflix

The mission of the organisation is the explanation of the purpose and intention of the company is stepping towards highlighting the specific targets and the methods, which will help them to position their business in the market along with influencing society in a positive way.

Netflix has become one of the topmost entertainment providers with their original content in the market. The mission statement of Netflix highlights “We promise our customers stellar service, our suppliers a valuable partner, our investors the prospects of sustained profitable growth, and our employees the allure of huge impact” (MissionStatement, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample The brand “Netflix” has been the top priority of the audience in the case of online video content.

The mission statement of the company has uncovered the improvement of the environment, people as well as the economy. As mentioned by Blea et al. (2020), in comparison to the other companies who are operating in the video entertainment market, Netflix has been the most stimulating brand and has the sustainable model, which has been adopted in order to reflect an impact over societies as the company holds the high regards.

Netflix is a company that always exceeds the expectations of the consumer through its services and quality of entertainment; the customer’s services, which are being provided by the company, are improving day by day along with its quality of experience (Lobato and Lotz, 2020). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Along with this, the mission statement also reveals their deliverables in terms of entertainment and increased excitement among the consumers. Netflix provides a variety of entertainment options and through the help of these channels; the audience is being engaged with the brand because of limitless content, which is obtained through the platform of Netflix.

The organisation has achieved a milestone from the last decade along with this the brand has its clear vision and goals which is taking them towards success until today.

The vision statement of Netflix is “Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service” (MissionStatement, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample The vision statement of the brand highlighted what to achieve in the future along with setting a bar of quality services delivered to the customer.

Based on the vision statement of the brand it is to be said that the organisation is performing well in the market as it has already moved towards growth at a much higher pace. As suggested by Forni  (2020), the brand is providing the best content which is being appreciated by the population across the entire world. As the brand is already moving towards the customer-oriented approach, Netflix has positioned its presence globally.

The incorporation of diversity and inclusion in the operation of the organisation is ensuring the content they produce accommodates the cultural backgrounds effectively. As mentioned by Shacklock (2021), the organisation comprises several core values such as communication, judgement, courage, curiosity, selflessness, innovation, passion, impact and integrity, which allows the brand to run smoothly in the market along with helping to focus on the organisational goals successfully. In the following figure, the competitive advantages, which have been acquired by Netflix, are highlights in comparison to Amazon, Google and Disney as well.

Customer Experience Strategy
Figure 1: Value in online video streaming

(Source: Lotz, 2021)

Management practices are the most essential part of any organisation; it allows the company to achieve the goals along with productive utilisation of the resources in the organisation. As suggested by Lozic (2021), enhanced management practices can reduce the cost and improve creativity and innovation in the organisation effectively.

Netflix has been the largest producer of online video content during the period of the covid-19 pandemic. As mentioned by Allen (2020), the CEO and co-founder of Netflix talks about the diversity in the organisation as he feels that all the people of several backgrounds are responsible for the rise of the brand and he also noted that, there top leaders of Netflix are half of them are women along with a quarter of them are colour. This diversity increased the recognition among the audience. In the following figure, the immense growth of Netflix subscriptions is highlighted.


Figure 2: Growth of Netflix subscriptions

(Source: Havens, 2018)

Netflix has reinvented their management with their original seven values termed as “value are what we value”, “high performance”, “freedom and responsibility”, “context, not control”, “highly aligned”, “loosely coupled”, “pay top of market” and “promotion and development” which are utilised in their HR management (Zerva, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample Netflix lives and breathes in its organisational culture and values.

The employees are to be achieved better for the organisation along with competing in the market for the success of the brand. As mentioned by Hadida et al. (2021), the simple rule of the Netflix is that they treat their employees as an adult with honesty. Netflix feels that the workforce should not be controlled rather they should be provided with the context to perform better.

The brand feels that the employees are the ones who will help the company grow if the employees get an entire understanding of the context of the business. As suggested by Mier and Kohli (2021), setting a common goal is the motive of the management of Netflix, which will allow the workforce to achieve it without any supervision, as the main aim of the organisation is to make the employee work for the same strategy, which will ensure that they are highly aligned with everyone but loosely coupled.

The management of Netflix prefers to provide the top payment in the market. Lastly, the promotion and development game of Netflix is very strong, which in turn attracts more employees along with satisfying the customers immensely (Jaworski, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Based on the mission, values and management practices implemented by Netflix, the company is growing rapidly in the internet-oriented generation. The organisation has better communication skills both with the employees and with the customers, which helps them to improve their services and strategies for further innovation.

Netflix is very critical in creating a workplace environment that helps in leading in the production along with attaining enhanced and increased ROI for the company. The statement of the company reflects its power over the market along with the leadership position, which the brand wants to acquire in the coming years (Rahe et al. 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Task 2 – Key business challenge at Netflix

Concerning the case study materials, Netflix has been notified to experience different challenging circumstances where a range of different issues can be noticed.

The topmost concern in this context highlights the limited size of the content library from the perspective of Netflix, which is also considered as a major drawback. It can be supported by considering the content library of Amazon prime video with a whopping 22971 available films and TV series where Netflix has been operating with nearly 5617 videos (Final Boss, 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Apart from that, prime video has been providing a more appealing option to their potential consumers, which has been creating brand awareness among the subscribers’ minds.

Netflix management practices and their impact to deal with the challenges found in the case study

Netflix has been noticed to emphasize and encourage independent decision making from the employees perspective that has empowered the organisational internal culture with value integrity, inclusion and collaboration, excellence and others.

The real values within Netflix have been generated with profound judgement, maintenance of active communication, disclosure of courage and passion, innovation and others (Netflix, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleWith the consequences of proactively involving employees in the decision-making process,

Netflix might be beneficial to consider efficient strategic approaches in order to ensure a distinctive competitive advantage as compared with their existing market rivals like Amazon Prime and others. Deliberate distribution of information has been also preferred within the organisational management practices based on which Netflix have obtained the opportunity to share valuable data regarding resolving the issues and challenges to their potential workforce (Netflix, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

The employee perceptions might also open up a new pathway for Netflix in terms of extending their capacity of the content library. Apparently, the courage and passion from the organisational management practices might be inspirational to go for excellence based on which the limited quantity issues might be avoided by considering strategic collaboration with the existing market competitors.

Netflix is also observed to improve employee engagement by providing them with adequate power of making decisions that have ensured their prolific participation in the decision-making aspects of the company (Netflix, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleIt might benefit Netflix with successful avoidance of the issues experienced by them concerning the managerial attention of increasing the quantity of their content library with a cost-optimised approach.

These management practices in Netflix can be supportive to wipe out the issues experienced in the battle of the streaming giants’ case study material.

Resolving Netflix business challenges found in the case study with creativity and decision making

In order to resolve the mentioned issues, the management competencies in relation to creativity and decision-making can play a significant role.

However, the disruptive innovation theory has been undertaken in order to proactively involve the aspects of creativity and decision making within Netflix management as an integral part of dealing with these challenges.

Disruptive innovation theory

The theoretical understanding highlights disruptive innovation as an innovative process where a small organisation might be able to challenge an established business (incumbent) by entering at the bottom of the market and continuing to move up the market.

In this case, comparatively small companies can target the ignored market segment of the incumbent in order to gain customer traction by mitigating their demands at a comparatively reduced cost (McDowall, 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample After attracting the incumbent business mainstream customers, disruption can successfully occur.


Figure 3: Disruptive innovation theory

(Source: Christensen et al. 2018)

In the case of Netflix, the problem of limited library quantity can be noticed due to which Netflix has been falling behind other similar service providers. However, the application of this theory can proactively inspire Netflix to utilise innovation and

creativity based on which the size of the content library might be increased. Moreover, this theory might also generate the best sense of including innovative strategic approaches from Netflix perspective in order to increase their accountability in the area of streamlined video services (Benzidia et al. 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

In this manner, Netflix might be able to find out the pathway to introduce disruptive innovation with proactive employee engagement in decision-making due to which the size of their content library could be increased. Netflix has been already notified to focus on providing quality videos. However, the combination of quality with extended quantity might help Netflix with increasing its consumer base by attracting Amazon prime customers and others.

On the contrary, the decision-making attributes should also be largely emphasized by the organisational management in terms of considering efficient strategic approaches to wipe out the experienced issues.

The management in this case might undertake the option of extending the storage capacity of the Netflix content library in order to provide a more appealing option to their consumers and subscribers.

Moreover, Netflix management should also empower their decision-making concerns in the shape of depending on increasing investment for developing their services by avoiding the mentioned issues. For example, it can be noted that Netflix initiated to spend more than 8 billion dollars on more than 700 original shows (Final Boss, 2018). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Netflix is also noticed to strive for ensuring competitive advantage in future due to the emergence of emerging streaming service providers like Disney and others. In this case, the management should pay attention to provide lucrative discounts and lump sum offers to Netflix users and consumers in order to avoid user defection from their services.

Task 3 – Potential impact of Netflix managers emotional intelligence on employee engagement and organisational performance

Distinctive emotional intelligence has been reflected from the perspective of Netflix managers as an integral part of promoting high levels of employee engagement and thereby, improving the overall organisational performance.

The topmost concern in this aspect highlights the provision of innovative work-life philosophy in Netflix. With the organisational values of encouraging extraordinarily candid with each other, Netflix management also focuses on maintaining concise communication with decent integrity and inclusion (Netflix, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Moreover, the organisational core management policy highlights putting people before policies. From this viewpoint, an employee-centric approach can be recognised from the organisational perspective that has been adding a fair value to proactively engage their employees with the core organisational business objectives.

A sense of excellence has been crafted by the organisational management as an integral part of developing their approach to talent and culture maintenance in the organisation. Apart from that, Netflix management has also paid attention to empower their emotional intelligence attributes with the help of providing innovative offerings for their potential consumers.

It highlights the provision of parental leave, time away vacation policy, family forming benefits and others (Netflix, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample These aspects are playing a significant role to enlarge employee motivation levels and thereby, positively influencing their engagement with the organisational business.

The provision of an allowance can also be reflected from Netflix perspective in terms of supporting their potential employees covering the expenditures of their family-forming journey.

On the other hand, a culture of freedom and responsibility is also emphasized by Netflix management. This includes stock option programs, personal top off markets, employee giving programs and others.

The stock option program has been highlighting the rate of compensation wanted by the employees in salary versus the stock options. The employee-giving program also highlights the organisational intention of helping charitable trusts and companies up to 20,000 dollars (Netflix, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Apart from that, the expenses and work-related travel is also provided by Netflix to their potential employees. The relocation benefits are also delivered by Netflix as an integral part of disclosing their dedication towards talent management and retention.

In this regard, Netflix’s intention can be reflected in terms of removing distractions from the employees by providing inclusive and meaningful benefits that might allow their potential employees to settle down quickly and focus on their responsibilities within the organisation.

The mentioned attributes have been playing a leading role to conceptualize extended engagement of their employees under the shape of depending on managerial emotional intelligence.

Due to this reason, 71% of Netflix employees are noticed to encourage their friends to join them and become co-workers (Greenwood, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample Moreover, the employee turnover rate in Netflix has come down to only 11% a year, which is also recognised to be below the 13% annual average for tech companies.

Netflix has also maintained a voluntary attrition rate of only 3 to 4 % over the previous two years (Greenwood, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleThese mentioned statistics benefit Netflix with the recognition of the best place in the world to work ahead of their market competitors like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and others.


Figure 4: Netflix quarterly revenue from 2013 to 2021

(Source: Stoll, 2021)

On the other hand, the organisational performance of Netflix is also directly impacted by the emotional intelligence of Netflix managers. It has been noticed that Netflix utilises emotional analytics as an integral part of developing customer experience (Lawton, 2019). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleThe prime concern of leveraging emotional analytics in Netflix highlights to distinctively engage and retain potential customers.

Despite preparing emotional analytics, the emotional intelligence of Netflix managers is already noticed to provide a significant contribution to enhancing employee engagement.


Figure 5: Netflix performance growth from 2006 to 2020

(Source: Macro Trends, 2021)

This attribute has positively affected organisational business growth and performance development to a fair extent. Netflix generated $ 7.342 billion in revenue for the quarter ending on June 30, 2021, which was also equivalent to a 19.41% increment year over year (Macro Trends, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Moreover, Netflix revenue for the 12 months ending in June 2021 also stood at $ 27.585 billion that was also considered a 21.91% increment (Macro Trends, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample 2020 also highlighted the achievement of a 24% revenue increase from the perspective of Netflix as compared with the consequences of 2019 (Macro Trends, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Moreover, the gradual growth of revenue generation can also be noticed from Netflix during 2019 with a 27.62% increment and 2018 with a 35.08% increment.

The mentioned financial statistics highlight the positive outcomes of efficient employee engagement that has acted in favour of increasing the organisational performance growth in the market.

Task 4 – The Alignment of Netflix Values and Management Practice

Alignment of the organisational values and management practices is another necessary aspect that can help an organisation to achieve a competitive internal business framework.

In this regard, the following section would evaluate management competencies such as resilience, management of relationships with stakeholders, management of relationships in terms of conflict and negotiation and managing teamwork.

  1. Resilience

Resilience is one of the most important attributes that are necessary to be present within the individuals working in the company (Cooper et al. 2019). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleThe resilience of the managers is as important as the residence of the individuals working within a team.

Based on the management practices of Netflix it has been seen that the organisation avoids the use of any stringent rules and encourages independent decision making by the employees of the company (Netflix, 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Hence, in this regard resilience proves to be a very important aspect that allows employees as well as managers to overcome the challenges they face in terms of achieving their given objectives.

Not only that, resilient employees are found to be more effective in terms of identifying problems and developing solutions that can help the organisation to overcome the majority of the issues it faces within its external and internal environment.

In the case study of Netflix, it has been seen that Netflix is not able to provide new content each month to their viewers, which is a substantial limitation for the company to survive against competitors like Amazon Prime.

Thus, with the help of a resilient approach, the organisations of the company can come up with solutions and engage with producers so that the company is able to stream more shows each month (Meintjes and Hofmeyr, 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Adding to that, resilience within the workforce of the organisation also allows them to focus upon team effort; it is essential to resolve customer issues and market problems.

Even resilience within the workforce is also essential to achieve a higher rate of engagement and in the case of Netflix, engagement of the employees is quite essential considering the fact that the organisation is lagging behind Amazon Prime.

Therefore, the human resource management within the organisation can focus upon the factors that influence resilience within the workforce. In this regard, emotional regulation, sense of mastery and essence of relatedness are the three essential aspects that influence resilience within an individual (Cooke et al. 2019).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

A sense of mastery can be achieved when individuals are given the responsibility to make their own decisions in the company and in the regard Netflix has done, it quite well as the organisation has no hard and fast management rules.

This helps in creating a sense of individualism within the workforce of the company, which helps in developing a resilience approach towards the problems they face and the objectives they wish to achieve (Kuntz et al. 2017).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

  1. Stakeholders

The stakeholders of an organisation have an important role in determining the successful outcome of all the company’s business objectives. Hence, in this regard, there are both internal and external stakeholders that the organisation needs to manage to ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly (Lehtinen et al. 2019).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Management practices in this regard play an important role in establishing a positive relationship with the internal and external stakeholders. The demands and requirements of the stakeholders of the company are quite important for its survivability.


Figure 6: Stakeholder management

(Source: Haefner et al. 2021)

Internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders of the organisation include employees of the company, the managers, and the owner. In this regard, it is essential for the organisation to establish management practices that can help in achieving a better working environment for the employees.

Moreover, management practices of the organisation also help in determining how the managers of the company would employ employees working under them.

Hence, the welfare of the internal stakeholders depends upon how effective the management practices are in terms of utilising the skill sets and effectiveness of the internal stakeholders in terms of achieving organisational objectives (Xia et al. 2018). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleWhile on the other hand, the managers of the company retain the responsibility to effectively achieve the given goals of the team they are responsible for.

In this regard, it has been seen that Netflix adopts management practices that allow individuals working in a team to make their own decisions and therefore the problem-solving capabilities of the entire team multiplies significantly. Therefore, the management practices of Netflix can be identified to be aligned within the welfare and requirements of internal stakeholders, which have so far helped the organisation to become a competitive Organisation in the global on-demand streaming platform industry (Lehtinen et al. 2019).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

The organisation specifically focuses upon the welfare of their employees due to which their company’s culture states “people over the process” as a core aspect of their organisational culture. One of the best attributes of the management policies adopted by Netflix is some of the benefits that it provides to

its employees. For instance, unlimited holidays and expense policies are some of the most unusual, yet effective benefits the company provides to its employees, and in return, the organisation requires the employees to work in the best interest of the company.

External stakeholders

External stakeholders of the organisation are also important for the company’s success. The external stakeholders include the most important stakeholders such as the suppliers of the company, the society, the government, creditors, shareholders and most importantly the consumers (Nguyen et al. 2019). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

In this regard, the company’s practices are arranged words achieving a total satisfaction from their consumers in this regard the company constantly evaluate the consumer behaviour pattern of the kind of shows consumers give on a regular basis. This allows the organisation to align their area values with consumer satisfaction.

It is essential to follow the regulations given by the government in order to operate in the most effective manner without facing any legal challenges. However, in this regard censorship that is established by the government in several countries can turn out to be a challenging aspect for the organisation to maintain the satisfaction level of the customers.

However, there is nothing much that the organisation can do against the regulations that have been imposed upon streaming content (Nguyen et al. 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Alongside, the organisation also has shareholders and creditors which they need to look after in order to maintain their position in the market. The creditors play an important role in managing the company’s finances and helping the organisation to maintain essential financial assets that are necessary for keeping the company running (Hall et al. 2021).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Even though the creditors of the company are a major liability, the organisation is still dependent upon them as they can be utilised as an effective contingency against financial risks.

iii.Conflict and Negotiations

Conflict management and negotiation within the management practices is another aspect that determines the real values of the organisation towards the benefit of the employees and the internal and external stakeholders (Van et al.  2018). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Organisations like Netflix that have an unconventional organisational culture where there is no hard and fast rule the emergence of internal conflicts can be quite natural. In this regard, it has been seen that the management practices are aimed towards resolving the conflicts in the most effective manner by promoting communication between the different parties involved in a conflict.

When it comes to negotiation, the organisation follows effective communication with the different stakeholders in order to build better relationships and achieve quality solutions for the problems they are facing. This not only allows the organisation to achieve long-term solutions and sustainable images but also allows the company to deliver long-lasting satisfaction to the customers (Menkel-Meadow et al. 2020). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

The organisation constantly evaluates a consumer behaviour pattern based on their worship, which helps them in developing various packages and offers that are aimed towards increasing the attractiveness of their services in the global market (Baumgarten, 2019).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample Furthermore, the organisation also doubts a country-specific pricing strategy that effectively demonstrates its focus upon consumer buying behaviour and purchasing pattern.

Apart from that, the negotiation and conflict resolution strategies of the company that aligns with the real values of the organisation are collaboration excellence, integrity and respect.

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork within the organisation is another essential aspect that determines the effectiveness of the management practices adopted by the company (Černevičiūtė and Strazdas, 2018.). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleCollaboration is one of the prime aspects that has been depicted by Netflix to be a part of their real values.

Therefore, to achieve a higher and more effective level of collaboration among the employees of the company teamwork becomes a necessary aspect. In this regard, the management practices of the organisation that helps them to make their own decision turn out to be the prime factor that can help in improving the overall teamwork (Netflix, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

The ability of individual teams to make their own decisions not only increases their effectiveness in terms of working on a particular project but also reduces the chances of communication errors that might occur in the case of companies that have hierarchical organisational structures (Revathi and Aithal, 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample The absence of aspects such as bureaucracy, communication, inability to make decisions without the supervision of higher management and many more within the company’s culture plays a major role in increasing the overall collaboration and teamwork.


Figure 7: Real Values of Netflix

(Source: Netflix, 2021)

Adding to that, the company also focuses upon excellence, which can be derived by enhancing and motivating the existing employees of the company (Netflix, 2021). http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment SampleMotivation is generated by the various benefit schemes the company provides to the employees like unlimited holidays.

Considering the competitors of the organisation such benefits are not achieved by them therefore this turns out to be an influencing factor that enhances the motivation of the employees to perform in the excellent manner (Siadat, 2018).http://Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

Compared to other organisations Netflix is quite lenient in terms of developing management practices that can be beneficial in terms of deriving performance out of their employees.


The overall assessment has provided a concrete understanding of the current management practices in Netflix. Different real values and management practices of Netflix have been highlighted in this context, which is playing a leading role in the aspects of talent retention and performance development of the company across the entertainment media industry.

The consequences of profound judgement, prolific communication, passion and innovation, inclusion and integrity and others can be noticed within Netflix management practices real values. Apart from that, distinctive emotional intelligence is also highlighted by the organisational managers as an integral part of retaining top global talent.

This might include the consequences of the employee benefits programs and other respective benefits that are driving employee motivation and thereby, improving their engagement level. However, the business challenges experienced by Netflix can also be mitigated with the management practices concerning the attributes of creativity and decision-making.

Netflix is also observed to prefer their employees before the process and policies based on which an employee-centric approach has been undertaken by the organisation.

Apart from that, the operational development and growth of Netflix are largely dependent on the employee engagement attributes resulting in the inclusion of emotional intelligence from the organisational managerial perspective. Different statistical facts and real business evidence of Netflix have been undertaken in order to support this statement.

The combination of Netflix real values and management competencies have been also supportive to the consideration of flexible teamwork and stakeholder’s engagement with the organisational core business values and objectives. The attributes of resilience and conflict management consequences are also satisfied with the organisation and the real values that have been defining

Netflix capability of creating a motivated and dedicated workforce with profound collaboration. From this standpoint, Netflix real value and management practices can be recognised to be efficient to attract and retain top global talent from the entertainment media sector across the globe.


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