As there is continuous change in workplace practices and the working practices that create the need for individuals to take the right and quick decisions.

It is because these are only possible ways that can be helpful for the individual in the firm to perform better and to sustain in the firm for a long time period.

There are different decisions making tools and in this, the most used tools are Pareto Analysis, SWOT analysis, T chart, etc.

The use of all these tools is better for individuals to manage the business and workplace also.

In this, it can also be determined that the use of these tools is also better for taking the right decisions at the right time.

In the concern of my job and workplace practices, it can be determined that the use of decisions making tools was better for me to complete my all work and to handle all issues at the workplace.

The process of decisions making was always good in me from my course. It is because there are different decisions that are taken by me with the use of decisions making tools and the uses of these tools are effective for me to complete my course.

In this, I can state that I was the students of the second semester and I was an intelligent student in my class. On the basis of this, my tutor gave me a responsibility to make a team of group discussion that was on the new topic globalization.

In this, we have to do the direct competition with the other college students. I was very much depressed because to build a team of better students those have better and effective knowledge about the topic and can do a better discussion was on my first priority.

So, I was thinking to use some better tools that could be better for developing a good team.

For this, I used the decisions making tools SWOT analysis because the use of SWOT analysis was effective for me to define the strength and the weakness of all students and on the basis of this tools, I could be able to take the decisions regarding a team of the group discussion.

I used these tools and it helped me to develop a good team for the competition. We won the competition and it was a great achievement for me. My tutor and my all classmates were happy to me that I made good decisions for making a good team and it was also successful.

Apart from this, all students have also appraised me for my decisions to use the decisions making tool to get a good decision.

At the same time, there are also different decisions that are taken by me on the basis of using different decisions making tools. In this, one day, I was appointed by me HOD to define a location for the vacations.

It totally depended on me to finalize the decisions I was the students of the topper class as well as I was also famous in the college due to taking tight decisions on the right time.

So, it was the major responsibility on me because approx 1500 students vacation tour depended on me and due to this, I don’t want to take any risk. In this, I asked the students to suggest me the different location that they want to go to.

Different locations are suggested to me by other students and now I have to choose the best one. No doubt, it was the hard work for me to decide one location and I also didn’t want to take any risk.

So, for this, the use of Tchart was one of the best tools of the decisions making that was used by me. It is because, in the use of this tool, it was effective for me to evaluate the pros and the cons of each and every location and on the basis of to take the decisions as well.

I used this tool and after doing the analysis of all locations, I decided one location.

It was a great decision and my all classmates apprised me that this decision of the location were great as well as my HOD was also impressed to me from my decisions.

It was the great achievement for me and I understand the importance of the decisions making tool.

However, the use of all these tools was effective for me to get the decisions but at the same time, there are also different issues that were also faced by me during taking these all decisions.

In this, time, research, cost, etc are some issues that I faced but at the same time, the proper management and the use of my skills make me easy to manage these all issues and top taker the perfect decisions.

As the use of all decisions making tools was effective for me but to get the idea for using this source, the Internet helped me out.

It is because it used the internet to get the idea about the appropriate way for the decisions then it was suggested to me to use the decisions making tools.

These tools are also used by the firm big entrepreneur. The use of these all tools helped them out to get success and to perform better. Thus, it can be stated that I used these tools because of this success and effectiveness.

In like manner, I also read out some books and journals related to the use of decisions making tools and after analyzing all, I reached on final submission to use these tools.

I also want to suggest the people those are in the job and the college use the decision-making tools before taking the decisions; It will help to make better decisions on the right time.


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