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Individual Assignment- Develop, Evaluate, Document a Prototype Website


Energy sources are the important factors that help to give a little energy to the technique of human existence. That power may be in any type. Some assets produce power, some produce warmness, and a few produce gasses. Using those energies, the ultimate use of humans may be transformed. Most of the industries and other organization need electricity.

This is the principal source for his or her production. To supply the unbreakable electricity, there are numerous resources have been used. Those resources are non-renewable electricity resources. Every day most of the industries and home equipment released Co2 from the power conversion.

This CO2 is a huge issue for the surroundings. To avoid this Co2 emission and saving the strength resources we have to locate a few other renewable electricity sources. These renewable power sources are generated through the character in numerous aspects. Some of the renewable resources are sun electricity, wind energy, biomass and hydropower, and so forth.


This energy performance is an effective idea that helps to lessen using strength in the goods and convey identical consequences with low power consumption. This idea is playing a critical function within the wastage reduction.

This gives various blessings like decreasing the strength intake, value-powerful, lowering the want of the greenhouse gas, and presenting the same manufacturing with minimal power. By introducing the strength efficiency products inside the home, can save your cost from the electricity bill price.

These strength performance products consume the minimum energy from the renewable strength structures like sun strength gadget and wind energy machine. These renewable resources are flexible to transform the energies into one of a kind home appliance like water warmers, lighting and fridges, and many others.

This merchandise helps humans and also the surroundings. These merchandises will assist the kingdom to provide the energy for the massive population also and maintains the coolest surroundings.


Nature atmosphere is another primary issue for the earth. On account of huge populace, the employments of vitality from the vitality assets are expanding. So, the discharge of CO2 is likewise high. Deforestation is likewise one the fundamental issue for the environmental change. This regular change influences the human life just as nature.

Finding the solutions for stop the environmental change are progressively basic. By decreasing the utilization of ozone harming substance will give the better outcome to the environmental change danger. Since this environmental change influencing the human life as well as the way of life of creatures.


More number of energy efficient products and their use is explained in various websites. Some websites are selling the solar panels and LED products for the customers.

S.No Name of the Website Usage
1 Various products using energy efficiency and providing hits and tips for energy efficient living
2. Various CASE studies of energy efficiency products in various sectors, More LED products.
3 Products and services for energy efficient homes
4 Offers more energy efficiency products based on the sectors.
5 Highlights the products which provides energy efficiency for the home
6 Energy efficiency products and the effect of energy strategies for buildings and plan
7 Explain the energy efficiency service for office
8 Explains the importance of energy efficiency and the implementation of various sectors.
9 Renewable energy products for various sectors
10 Energy saving importance and various products like solar vehicle are explained




The objective of this proposed website is growing the attention of weather change and decrease wastage of energy merchandise to human beings. This also gives the LED lights and sun panel details to the user.

Requirement Analysis

Prior to starting each errand, necessity assessment is the starter area. Necessity examination is a viable test that permits the designer to give a ground-breaking item to the benefactor. In this section, the reason for the proposed artworks and the wants are as a general rule said.

This clarifies the need of the buyer and the issues they face the administrations outfitted by method of utilizing the current machine. From the legacy assessment, the necessity of the client can be caught.

Focusing the End user

There is an extra variety of web sites available for imparting one-of-a-kind offerings to the client. Each website is specific and they provide one-of-a-kind services as consistent with the industrial process.

The major awareness of this work is to make awareness approximately environmental changes and the problems related to that. The website additionally provides using strength efficiency merchandise for making this environment better.

This additionally helps to understand the emergence of using solar electricity and different renewable energies for the purchaser which helps to offer the cost-powerful technique.  The audience of this internet site is the not unusual folks who are willing to exchange the opposite family product into energy performance products.

Content Presentation

The objective and the exertion of those works of artwork can be offered thru the substance of the website online to people. In this way, the selection of the substance is greater prominent primary. The perfect component will be protected that explains extraordinary questions concerning the merchandise and organizations.

The length and the style of the published substance may be notable. So great the human beings will display enthusiasm to get passage to this web site. The additional substance is refreshed with modern-day outcomes. This will electrify the customer with modern consequences and progressions of the gadgets.

Creating a Sitemap

The sitemap is a powerful strategy that enables the powerful illustration of the internet site manner. This gives the benefit to make a plan for the venture and the ideas going to put into effect in this undertaking. This offers the primary benefit of verbal exchange between the internet site designers and the code developers.

The necessities of the client and the technique of the website need to honestly recognize via both the designers and the developers. It’s an introduced collectively arranging device which can assist type out and provide an explanation for the substance that ought to be on the proposed web page, just as help developer with casting off useless pages.

Furthermore, a sitemap, when you consider that it’s simplest a framework or circulate diagram of the substance website online needs, may be made by using anyone, paying little heed to their plan aptitudes. A website map can allow locating the targets before beginning the layout. This enables to get the clear concept of the development with powerful content.

Designing effect

The layout of the internet site is a vital component that decides the success of the website. The layout style has to be precise and attractive. This design needs to comprise numerous impact like the usage of pics, video and historical past fashion.

Use of Pictures

Images are effective things that specify the concept effectively. So the choices of the photos are greater important. The photographs within the internet site ought to apply to the idea and the best of the photograph must be high. Sometimes, the pictures can speak greater than the contents.

Background Style

The heritage of the website should be simple and attractive. This heritage impact is used to decorate the presentation of the content within the web page. The color of the background should be highlighted in the text on the website.

Testing the website

After completing the improvement, the internet site has to be involved with diverse checking out techniques. These methods will assist to make sure of the standard method of the website. Verification and validation testing can be carried out to guide the powerful system of the site.

Language Support


The hypertext markup language is a successful internet structuring language. This allows the client to develop a domain efficiently. The standards on this language are easy to realize and terrific to make use of. No specific programming program is needed for the HTML execution.

Notebook and the program are the critical delivered substances for embedding an internet web site the utilization of Html. This language manages various principles for structuring the internet web site and the layout of substance cloth introduction. This furthermore adjusts the brand-new fashion refreshed as of now with easy modifications inside the advent design.


Falling template is utilized to make the creation in a compelling manner. This offers additionally styling impacts that decorate the substance and the topic appealingly.


After designing and growing the website, the established order of the web site is carried out. The domestic web page and other linking pages are displayed.

Prototype Website

Prototype Website

Prototype Website

This is the linking page show the development of projects in the world. This also shows the upcoming features in the energy.

This webpage is sued to detailly describe about the wind mill setup and describes it features in this.

This webpage explains the setup the solar panel and it also has wind plane and it has bioenergy plane. The features also used to edit the implement has both Bioenergy Plane.

This webpage is used to provide the installation tips for selecting and adapting solar energy system for the home. This is more useful for the user to understand the basic process before go with solar energy system.

 Features used in the Websites


Html provides enormous methods to develop the website in a more effective manner. Some methods are used for the development of this website.

Comment tag:

Remark tag is utilized to give a clarification to the pertinent records about the record. This may furthermore incorporate the author data or code related subtleties that are not mulled over through the program. For the most part, the net program avoids the remark tag in the coding record.

Reference Tag:

Reference Tag is normally sure with <!DOCTYPE> tag. This tag is utilized to give the reference data of the coding or the record.

Image tag:

The <img> tag characterizes a photograph in a HTML page. The <img> tag has required properties: src and alt. Note: Images are not actually embedded into a HTML website page; photographs are identified with HTML pages.

Meta Tag:

Meta tag is one kind of labels inside the html. This meta tag is utilized to offer the meta realities of the html report. This meta information factors are utilized to indicate the data of the site, fundamental expressions of the document and the essayist information, current update date of the record.


Falling Style Sheet is the powerful language that enhances the introduction fashion. Some CSS styles are utilized to accumulate this web site.

Drop-Down Menu:

A drop-down posting (contracted drop-down; furthermore known as a drop-down menu, drop menu, pull-down rundown, picklist) is a graphical control component, like a rundown field, that permits the buyer to pick one charge from a rundown.

Navigation Bar:

Route bar makes interface between one site to another site. Utilizing this route bar the individual can circle from one page to other page by methods for choosing the best possible menu in the menu bar.

Font Styles:

This text style designs are utilized to highlight the printed content in the site. Utilizing those examples, the substance is utilized to make intense, spotlight and Italic view.


Shading is the option transcendent components that get the client consideration and offer the adequacy of the substance material vehicle.



After implementing the website, testing is more important to ensure the quality of the website. Some evaluation tools are available in the internet. Using the tools, we can evaluate our webpage freely. I used w3 validator to make evaluation. This tool validates the coding and produces the report of errors in the coding.

This helps the developer to understand the careless mistakes of the coding. After correcting the errors, again the document is checked with this tool. Finally, all the indicated errors are cleared.

This validation is used to evaluate the coding of the website development.

Use of Background Analysis

The background observes of the websites helped to layout the powerful website that crates cognizance of climate exchange and decreases wastage. The existing web sites are either developing recognition or explain the power green products.

In this website, I produce the powerful result that the attention of reducing wastage and problems of weather alternate and the answer to choosing a renewable energy system.


Site optimization is the direction in the direction of the usage of managed check to enhance the web site’s capability to pressure commercial enterprise goals. To improve the creation of their website online, the website proprietor executes A/B testing to investigate various routes with the honor to minor takeoff from pages in their websites to make feel of which adjustments will in the end consequences in greater modifications.

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